Majestic Princess Cruise Ship Inaugural Ambassadors Revealed

The ambassadors for the newest addition to the Princess Cruises fleet have been revealed.

Royal Caribbean Releases Update on Symphony of the Seas

Royal Caribbean posted a new video on Symphony of the Seas which is entering service in Spring 2018.

Cruise Ship Crew Member Missing After Not Showing Up For Work

A crew member has gone missing after failing to show up for work on board an MSC cruise ship.

Cruise Ships Affected by Growing Storm in the Gulf of Mexico

An unnamed storm which is forming in the Gulf of Mexico is affecting cruise ships.

Royal Caribbean Launches One of a Kind Underwater Experience on Snapchat

Royal Caribbean invites the world to experience a first-of-its-kind underwater adventure through the lens of Snapchat Spectacles.

What to Wear When You Go On A Cruise

Here are a few tips to keep in mind and take note of on what clothes to pack and wear for your cruise

2 Men Rescued by Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship After Weeks Adrift at Sea

Two men have been rescued by a Royal Caribbean cruise ship after being adrift at sea for weeks.

Trumps New Policy Will Still Allow Carnival to Offer Cruises to Cuba

President Donald Trump recently announced a revised Cuba policy but don’t worry as Carnival and other cruise lines will still continue to offer cruises to Cuba.

First Block Lowered at Shipyard for Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship

The first block has been lowered at the shipyard for Celebrity Edge, a new generation cruise ship for Celebrity Cruises.