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First Time Cruisers

Do Kids Need a Passport to Go on a Cruise?

We're often asked, "Do kids need a passport to go on a cruise?" To make it easy, here's our guide to child passport requirements for cruises.

Do I Need a Passport to Go on a Cruise? – Full Guide

Many people ask us, "Do I need a passport to go on a cruise?" If you're unsure about your own passport needs, this guide has all the answers!

Christmas on a Cruise Ship: What To Expect

Here's what you can expect when spending Christmas on a cruise ship. We'll also explain if it's really worth it.

All-Inclusive Cruises: What You Need to Know

All-inclusive cruises can provide a more luxurious and carefree experience than a non-inclusive cruise. Learn why they're becoming the go-to option for cruisers.

Passport Book Vs Card – What Is Best For Cruises?

When planning a cruise vacation, understanding documentation requirements is key. This guide breaks down the passport book vs card debate for you!

Are Cruises All Inclusive? – What to Expect

If you are new to cruise vacations, you might wonder, are cruises all inclusive? We are here to explain what cruises have to offer you!

Large Passport Book vs Standard – Does it Matter?

If you are preparing for a cruise vacation, you might wonder about passports. Here's our guide to a large passport book vs standard passport!

Can You Fish off a Cruise Ship? (Or Take Fishing Gear)

Can you fish off a cruise ship? The answer can be a little bit confusing. Here is our straightforward guide to cruise fishing!

The Aft Deck – A Popular Spot on a Cruise Ship

The aft deck of a cruise ship is usually one of the ship's busiest areas. This guide explains why it is such a popular spot on most cruises!
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