Carnival Cruise Line Goes Behind the Scenes in New Ship Tour Video

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Carnival Cruise Line has invited guests behind-the-scenes to “sea” sustainability in action with a new video highlighting onboard environmental initiatives across the Fun Ship fleet.

Released ahead of Earth Day, April 22, the video offers insights about what one of the most popular and largest cruise lines in the world is doing to keep marine and port destination environments clean and healthy.

New Video Shows Onboard Environmental Practices

In a new “Sea Sustainability in Action” video tour, Carnival Cruise Line is showing guests firsthand different environmental measures taken onboard all the line’s 25 vessels.

The video showcases ships in different worldwide destinations, with behind-the-scenes footage aboard the cruise line’s flagship, Carnival Celebration. First up is the 24-hour Recycling Center onboard, where, fleetwide, 11 million pounds of recyclables are sorted and processed each year.

You can watch the video below:

“It’s everybody’s responsibility on the ship to make sure that waste is properly sorted so that we can maximize recycling,” said Richard Pruitt, vice president of Environmental Operations for Carnival Cruise Line.

The video goes on to showcase the biodigesters, machines that use beneficial bacteria to literally digest soft food scraps and break down. Biodigesters are located in every ship’s galley for efficient use. Compared to 2019, food waste has been reduced by 35% across the Carnival fleet.

The video also briefly mentions liquefied natural gas (LNG) as it relates to air emissions, as well as other technical aspects of ship operations – automation, upgraded hardware, and engine efficiency that are all part of the line’s sustainability practices.

Carnival Cruise Line Ship
Carnival Cruise Line Ship (Photo Credit: Darryl Brooks / Shutterstock)

Even guest behavior is related to sustainability, with asking guests to conserve water and electricity onboard.

“Our guests have to play their part,” said Pruitt. “When we ask them to save electricity, we ask them to not waste water, they respond very well. They want to play their part. They want to know that when it comes time for their next cruise vacation, they want to know that that place has been preserved so that they can go back and enjoy it.”

How Guests Can Practice Sustainability on a Cruise

There are many ways cruise guests can practice good sustainability onboard, whether they are sailing with Carnival or any other cruise line.

Reusing towels, whether bathroom towels or beach towels, can help reduce the need for laundry, saving water and electricity as well as minimizing soap and other chemicals. Guests could also ask their stateroom attendants for just their favorite towel animals or none at all, so extra towels do not need to be washed.

Turning off the water while brushing teeth or shaving can also lead to significant savings, as can taking shorter showers.

Being mindful of food choices can go a long way toward minimizing food waste, such as not taking extra at the buffet, asking for half servings in the main dining room, or splitting with a friend when guests may not be sure if they will enjoy a particular dish.

Mardi Gras at Port Canaveral
Mardi Gras at Port Canaveral

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Guests should always be sure nothing they use blows off the ship and into the ocean, whether it may be while dining on an open deck or relaxing on their balcony. Littering is strictly prohibited and is a violation of Carnival’s policies.

While on shore, guests can also help protect the environments of every destination they visit by following the adage “take only pictures, leave only footprints” and never littering or damaging local plants.

Minding “keep off” signs for delicate hillsides or garden beds, as well as not damaging reefs while snorkeling or scuba diving can also help protect amazing cruise destinations.

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