Carnival Cruise Ship, Galveston

Port of Galveston Issues Flash Flood Warning

Port of Galveston which is one of the most popular cruise homeports in the U.S. has issued a flash flood warning.
Grand Turk Cruise Beach

Seaweed Takes Over Popular Beach at the Grand Turk Cruise Center

Sargassum Seaweed has invaded the beach at the Grand Turk cruise center which is popular with cruise ship passengers.
Carnival Triumph Docked at Port of New Orleans

Two Cruise Ports Closing Due to Tropical Storm Gordon

The cruise ports in New Orleans and Mobile are closing in preparation for Tropical Storm Gordon which will make landfall on the north Gulf coast tonight.
Port Canaveral, Florida

Work Begins For New Modern Cruise Terminal 3 at Port Canaveral

Demolition work has started on the current cruise terminal 3 at Port Canaveral, Florida. The facility is being cleared to make way for a brand new hi-tech modern terminal building to expand and cater for large cruise ships.
Playa Del Carmen Ferry Blast

Ferry Blast Caught on Video at Playa del Carmen

Ferry blast in the popular cruise passenger destination of Playa Del Carmen injures 25 people. Just across from the cruise port of Cozumel, Mexico where many cruisers were coming from.
Margaritaville at The Pointe, Nassau, Bahamas

Margaritaville Resort Coming to the Cruise Destination of Nassau, Bahamas

A new Margaritaville Resort is coming to The Pointe in 2019, a new development in Nassau, Bahamas near the downtown area.
Fantastic Ferry Hits Viking Star Cruise Ship

Vessel Drifts Backward Into Docked Viking Cruise Ship

A ferry in Barcelona has hit a docked Viking cruise ship after apparently drifting backward.
Western Caribbean Earthquake

Powerful Earthquake Shakes Western Caribbean Cruise Destinations

An Earthquake hit the Western Caribbean on Tuesday night shaking the entire region including popular cruise destinations.
Cozumel, Mexico Cruise

Cruise Passengers Jump from Sinking Shore Excursion Boat in Cozumel

A small shore excursion boat carrying cruise ship passengers has sunk in Cozumel Mexico and forcing passengers to jump from the bow.