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New Renderings Released of First Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship

Virgin Voyages has released the first set of interior and exterior renderings of the very first cruise ship which will arrive in 2020. We don't get to see too much as the cruise line likes to tease what's to come on one of the most anticipated new future cruise ships.

Take A Sneak Peek at Virgin Voyages First Cruise Ship Under Construction

Virgin Voyages has released the very latest construction photos of the first cruise ship which will arrive in 2020. The new cruise line is set to change the industry and we have a first sneak peek of the ship which will begin to make that happen.

A First Look at the Coolest Cruise Line Headquarters!

Take a first look at the new Virgin Voayges headquarters based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. From there the new cruise line will make waves throughout the industry with new class ships from 2020.

Virgin Voyages to Open Headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Virgin Voyages to be headquartered in Plantation, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Employing hundreds of new staff ready for the first ever Virgin cruise ship in 2020.

Find out More About the Virgin Voyages Mermaid

Virgin Voyages has released a new short video which tells us a little more about the mermaid which will be featured on the cruise ship hull.

Insight on Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship Funnel

Virgin Voyages has posted a new video with an insight into the cruise ship funnel design.

Take a Look at the First Ever Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship

You probably already know by now that Virgin Voyages revealed details and renderings of its first ever cruise ship.

Official Rendering of First Ever Virgin Cruise Ship Revealed

Virgin Voyages has revealed the first official rendering of the first ever cruise ship during the ships keel laying ceremony.

Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship Construction Milestone, Watch Live

Virgin Voyages will today go live as its first ever cruise ship hits a major construction milestone.