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Cruise Ship Issues Mayday After Losing Propulsion and Adrift

A cruise ship that is operated by Carnival-owned P&O Cruises which is based in the UK issued a mayday after losing propulsion.

Passengers Remain in Port as Cruise Ship Tenders Halt Operations

Passengers from a P&O cruise ship were stranded in port as the large cruise ship could not get them back due to bad weather.

Two Blocks Connected to Become Giant Cruise Ship Owned by Carnival

Two large blocks of P&O Iona have come together to make another giant cruise ship owned by Carnival.

Giant Glass Roof Lowered on New Class P&O Mega Ship

A giant steel glass roof has been lowered onto the new class mega ship for P&O Cruises named P&O Iona.

Passengers Injured After Mass Brawl on Cruise Ship

A mass brawl broke out yesterday on the P&O Britannia cruise ship and as a result, passengers have been injured.

Largest Ever P&O Cruise Ship Reaches Construction Milestone

P&O Iona which will be the largest ever cruise ship built for the UK has reached a major construction milestone.

New Details Unveiled for Biggest Ever P&O Cruise Ship

Anything about the biggest ever P&O cruise ship is important news so here we are with some new exciting features unveiled by the British cruise line.

P&O Iona Will Be Largest Ever for the British Cruise Line

The largest ever cruise ship which is being built for P&O Cruises will be named as "Iona". It is the first of two new class vessels ordered by parent company Carnival. The ship name was just recently revealed which comes after the recent steel cutting event at the shipyard.

P&O Aurora to be Adult-Only Cruise Ship

P&O Aurora to become adult-only cruise ship after a major refit in 2019 adding new features not catered for the kids. The British cruise ship will join Arcadia and Orina as adults-only.