Costa Cruise Ship In Venice Bad Weather

Large Cruise Ship Almost Strikes Venice Dock in Bad Weather

A large Costa Cruise ship came very close to striking the dock in Venice, Italy during stormy weather conditions.
Costa Firenze Cruise Ship

Cruise Line Reveals Name of New Ship Coming in 2020

Costa Cruises has revealed the name of its new cruise ship coming in 2020 as Costa Firenze. The vessel is currently being purpose-built for the Chinese cruise market.
Costa Smeralda Under Construction

Huge Cruise Ship Evacuated During Construction Due to Fire

One of the world's largest cruise ships which is currently under construction was evacuated after a fire broke out on deck 15 and causing some injuries.
Costa Smeralda Cruise Ship Float Out

Huge 183,900-Ton Cruise Ship Floats Out

The largest ever cruise ship for Costa Cruises has floated out onto the water for the very first time. The Costa Smeralda will join the fleet in October 2019.
Costa Venezia at Sea

Major Cruise Line Retailer Unveils Stores on Newest Ship

Starboard Cruise Services which is one of the world's largest cruise line retailers has unveiled the stores of one of the newest cruise ships in the world so far.
Costa Venezia Rendering

Another Huge Cruise Ship Has Arrived!

It feels like all we're posting about these days are new cruise ships and now Costa Cruises has taken delivery of their newest cruise ship named Costa Venezia.
Costa Smeralda Under Construction

Iconic Funnel Installed on Upcoming LNG Mega Cruise Ship

The funnel has been installed on Costa Smeralda, one of the world's largest cruise ships which will join Costa Cruises in October 2019.
Costa Smeralda Rendering

Actual Construction Begins on Huge Carnival Owned Cruise Ship

Carnival-owned Costa Cruises has celebrated a major milestone for its largest-ever cruise ship named Costa Smeralda.
Costa Venezia Floats Out

Costa Cruise Ship Being Purpose Built for China Floats Out

Costa Cruises celebrates the float out of Costa Venezia at the Fincantieri shipyard in Italy. The ship is the first to be purpose-built for the Chinese market.