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Over 30 Crew Members Positive for COVID-19 on Cruise Ship in Japan

Over crew members on a Costa cruise ship docked in Nagasaki, Japan have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Costa Cruises Extends Suspension of Operations Until May 30

Just like many other cruise lines, Costa Cruises has decided to extend its suspension of cruises through May 30, 2020.

Costa Cruises Extends Suspension of Cruises Until End of April

Costa Cruises has decided to extend its voluntary suspension of operations until the end of April due to the COVID-19 outbreak around the world.

Costa Cruises Halts All Operations Globally

Carnival-owned Costa Cruises has announced a temporary shut down of cruise operations around the world.

Cruise Line Cancels All Calls to Italy As Coronavirus Takes Hold

Costa Cruises has announced it is stopping all calls to Italy until April 3 due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Cruise Ship Denied to Dock in Antigua Over Coronavirus Fears

The cruise port in Antigua has denied a cruise ship from entering due to fears of the coronavirus which is hitting the industry hard at the moment.

Transatlantic Cruise Cut Short Due to Coronavirus in Italy

Costa Cruise ship's transatlantic voyage is cut short with calls in Italy canceled and itinerary ending earlier due to coronavirus in Italy.

Cruise Ship With Sick Passengers Denied to Dock in the British Virgin Islands

Tortola in the British Virgin Islands has denied the Costa cruise ship from docking due to coronavirus fears with Italian guests onboard.

Giant Costa LNG Cruise Ship Owned by Carnival is Christened

The giant LNG Costa Smeralda cruise ship which is owned by Carnival has celebrated her naming ceremony with godmother Penélope Cruz.