MSC Meraviglia at Sea

Mega Cruise Ship Just Months Away from U.S. Arrival

One of the largest cruise ships in the world operated by MSC Cruises is just months away from arriving in the United States for the very first time.
MSC Cruise Ship in Port

Another Cruise Canceled After Ship Crashed in Venice

MSC Opera which crashed into a smaller river vessel and a dock in Venice, Italy last week still remains in port due to an investigation.
MSC Opera in Havana, Cuba

MSC Cruises Updates Itineraries Due to U.S. Cuba Travel Ban

MSC Cruises has detailed how the U.S. Cuba travel ban is impacting its operations and how guests are being compensated.
MSC Opera in Port

MSC Cruise Ship Remains in Port After Crashing Into Dock and Smaller Vessel

MSC Opera remains in port at Venice, Italy since crashing into the dock and a smaller river vessel on the morning of June 2.
Cruise Ship Crash in Venice

Cruise Ship Crashes Into River Vessel and Dock

An MSC cruise ship has crashed into a dock and a smaller vessel in Venice, Italy. There have been multiple injuries and damage.
Future George Town Harbor

Fourth Cruise Line Provides Funding for Grand Cayman Cruise Port

MSC Cruises has now become the fourth cruise line to offer support and funding for a new cruise port at Grand Cayman.
MSC Grandiosa Cruise Ship

Six Months Until the Largest MSC Cruise Ship to Date

There are just six months until the largest new cruise ship of 2019 arrives and her name is MSC Grandiosa, operated by MSC Cruises.
MSC Cruises Miami Terminal

First Look at Future MSC Cruises Miami Terminal

MSC Cruises has revealed a first look at the new cruise facility coming to PortMiami towards the end of 2022. It will feature two terminals!
MSC Cruise Ships in Port

Major Cruise Line Remains Committed to Antigua Future

MSC Cruises has stated that it is still very committed and looking forward to working towards Antigua's future following Carnival Cruise Line pulling out.