Carnival Breeze Passengers Fight While Waiting In-Line for Cheeseburgers

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Cruise Hive got informed of a video from one of our readers that shows cruise passengers from a Carnival ship fighting near the line for cheeseburgers.

It’s not clear exactly what happened but from looking at the video it seems the brawl was between some women while either waiting in line at Guy’s Burger Joint or near the line. Family members or friends do jump in to try and stop the fight including one man who carries one of the women away. We do like the t-shirt that one guest is seen wearing in the video, “Keep Calm and Cruise on”. This occurred on board the Carnival Breeze and you can watch the video below:

One of our sources who witnessed the fight told Cruise Hive the following:

“I was in that sailing, but was getting pizza when I heard about it.  Most people were getting back on the ship and the buffet had closed.  Only Guys Burger’s, the Deli and the Pizza  place were open.”

“The incident happened after the last port, Aruba.  I’m not sure if Security got involved, but at the Q&A on Saturday morning, the question was asked about the ship’s jail & if the two women were held there.  The response was no.”

This is not how guests should act during a cruise and is totally not acceptable. Carnival Breeze was sailing an 8-day Southern Caribbean cruise which departed Miami, Florida on September 26 when the fight broke out. Carnival Breeze is 130,000 gross tons and carries 3,646 passengers at double occupancy.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the video.

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