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The founder of Cruise Hive which was established in 2008 as one of the earliest cruise blogs in the industry. Emrys has been reporting on the latest cruise industry news since the site first launched. Expert insights and tips featured on a number of publications including The Express, Business Insider, and more. Worked for Carnival Cruise Line for 8 years and is well and truly dedicated to cruising! Has also been on a number of cruises so can offer an insight into the industry that many will not be able to do. What's even more impressive is that Emrys has traveled the world by visiting more than 34 countries, lived in China for 8 years, and cruised the Caribbean, Baltic, Mediterranean, Asia, and Europe. Find out more about us here.

First Engine Started on Massive New Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

The engines are turned on for the very first time on Royal Caribbean's first-ever Icon-class mega-ship at the shipyard.

Can I Bring A Steamer On A Cruise – The Rules

Can I bring a steamer on a cruise? Find out the rules for packing and using a steamer on board before embarking on your next cruise.

Cruise News Update: March 18, 2023

Here's the latest cruise news update on a week that Royal Caribbean would like to forget, along with coverage on Carnival and Celebrity Cruises.

6 Different Type Of Cruises You Must Experience

Discover the unique experiences offered by 6 different types of cruises, from adventure to luxury. Start planning your next voyage today!

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Can You Bring Food On a Cruise and How Much?

Can you bring food on a cruise? Learn what is and isn’t allowed on your cruise in this article.

Another Oops for Royal Caribbean Due to Excursion Glitch

Royal Caribbean sends out a second letter regarding another glitch with incorrect pricing for a popular shore excursion in the Bahamas.

How to Get a Job on a Cruise Ship – 10 Pro Tips

Have you ever wanted to travel the world while still making money? The cruise ship industry is a lucrative one. Here’s how to get a job on a cruise ship.

Celebrity Cruise Ship Rescues 35 Refugees From Drifting Boat

The Celebrity Millennium cruise ship rescues 35 refugees from a drifting boat during a week-long Caribbean cruise.
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