Emrys Thakkar


The founder of Cruise Hive which was established in 2008 as one of the earliest cruise blogs in the industry. Emrys has been reporting on the latest cruise industry news since the site first launched. Expert insights and tips featured on a number of publications including The Express, Business Insider, and more.

Worked for Carnival Cruise Line for 8 years and is well and truly dedicated to cruising! Has also been on a number of cruises so can offer an insight into the industry that many will not be able to do. What's even more impressive is that Emrys has traveled the world by visiting more than 34 countries, lived in China for 8 years, cruised the Caribbean, Baltic, Mediterranean, and Europe.

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MSC Cruises Extends Suspension in the U.S. Through June

MSC Cruises has extended its U.S. suspension through June 30, 2021, impacting three cruise ships across two Florida homeports.

CDC Still Recommends to Avoid All Cruise Travel in Updated Advice

The CDC has updated its cruise travel advice and still recommends avoiding all cruise ship travel with a very high level 4 still in place.

No Immediate Need for Carnival Cruise Ships in St. Vincent Evacuations

There is no longer an immediate need for the two Carnival cruise ships to help with evacuations after a volcano eruption in St. Vincent.

Senators Introduce New CRUISE Act to Overrule CDC Order

Senators introduce the CRUISE Act to overrule the CDC Conditional Sailing Order and allow cruises to resume from the U.S.

Alaska Might Sue the CDC if No Positive Dialogue This Week

Alaska could sue the CDC if no positive dialogue comes this week. A letter also sent to White House on the impact of no cruise ships.

UK Releases Framework for Resuming International Cruises

The UK releases a framework for reopening international travel including cruises. Plans set out a new traffic light system to protect the country.

Weekly Cruise News: April 10, 2021

Here we go with another full week of cruise news updates covering all the major cruise lines and even that massive news coming from Florida.

Cruise Lines Work Together to Help Evacuate St. Vincent Residents

Cruise lines work together to help evacuate residents in St. Vincent due to a volcano eruption.

Port of Galveston Calls for CDC to “Allow Phased Cruising Now”

Port of Galveston issues an open plea to "Allow Phased Cruising Now" and lift the CDC Conditional Sailing Order.