What NOT to Do When Choosing Your Cruise Cabins

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Going on a cruise means being far away from the comforts of your home for more than just a couple of days. It means heading to a new (but exciting!) destination, without the usual conveniences and familiarity offered by your favorite spot on the sofa, or that ‘just-right’ softness of the pillow you’ve had for years.

In short, you will be calling a strange place your home for the next stretch of days – are you ready for it? Be more than prepared by taking note of what NOT to do when choosing your cabin for your most-awaited cruise ahead:


Overestimate a cabin’s size

If you’re cruising with family, cabin size is of utmost importance. You wouldn’t want to enjoy the ‘vacation of the year’, and go ‘home’ to cramped quarters. You might get attracted to online descriptions saying how large, spacious, and full-featured a cabin is, but keep in mind that despite being described similarly, room sizes can vary.

Consider this: Anything from 150 to 200 square feet may seem enough for families with two little ones, but may not be as abundant when you also have teenagers sharing the space. Make it a rule of thumb to consider that standard-sized cabins dubbed double occupancy, are meant to comfortably accommodate just two adults – having two more may just be a squeeze.

Don’t forget to ask or research on specifics such as square footage, layout, number of beds, and similar specifics. This will help you decide on which cabin is truly the right size for you.

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Book a room for view’s sake

There are plenty of considerations to keep in mind when choosing your cabin, and for many who want to make the most of their grand vacay, a breathtaking view is deemed essential.

While this may help make choosing a cabin easier, don’t let it be your sole deciding factor. Remember, you have the entire duration of your cruise to enjoy all the views available on the ship. Your cabin is not the only vantage point for the lovely sights.

It is also worth noting that aside from a wondrous ocean view, cruise ships also have grand interiors – thanks to the brilliant architecture that most, if not all ships, have. And those are sights that are just as worthy to enjoy from your cabin. Know your priorities, and note that while good views are awesome, size, budget, and features must still be kept in mind.

Forget to consider a room’s location

Unlike booking a room in a sprawling, stationary hotel, you’re choosing your temporary home in a ‘moving space’ – and it will be moving for almost the entire duration of your stay.

If you get seasick or have companions who get queasy when the ship moves, choosing a room in an ideal location is a must. Although modern cruise ships are now equipped with means to make it as stable as possible, it may still be a pressing concern for those with motion sickness.

The front of the ship has the most movement, and the aft (back) of the ship has less, but still has some, that can be an issue for those who are sensitive to motion in transport.

If you want to truly enjoy relaxing naps and restful nights, choose a lower, inside cabin in the middle of the ship. This area guarantees more stability, thus, less seasick moments.

Location also relates to how close to onboard action you get. Cabins near the main pool area look attractive, but remember, it can get quite busy and noisy too. Other areas that can become problematic are those near the engine as well as major amenities.

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Fail to consider the ‘extras’ that go with it!

One can say that basic cruise ship cabins are created ‘equally’ – they may vary a bit in size, shape, and layout, but are still quite similar.

There are however, other ‘plus factors’ in certain cabins. For example, those that come with obstructed views may incur you a discount. Certain suite rooms are not just huge – they also come with desirable extras like special treats to certain restaurants, butler service, or exclusive access to lounge areas and the like.

These pluses may also be in the form o f cabin features, like your own jacuzzi, a living area, a dining space that seats more, and walk-in closets among others.

Don’t forget to invest a bit of research in finding out the perks of choosing a particular cabin. If it ends up being worth the extra cost, and you get to enjoy more living space too – you’re going to be in for a truly excellent time onboard!

Now that you know what to avoid or steer clear of, choosing the best cabin for your most anticipated cruise will be a breeze!

Christine Antoinette Guinto
Christine Antoinette Guinto
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