What Cruise Ship Butler Service Is All About

Butlers – what many of us may know about them come from portrayals we see on TV or in movies. We know them as stiff, formal house staff who wait on their ‘lords and ladies’ hand and foot. But then again, that’s too Victorian era.

And now that you’ve heard about butler service in cruise ships, this question arises – can you expect the same kind of treatment from them or would it be different? What exactly do butlers in cruise ships offer in terms of service? Here are a few ideas that should help set the right expectations:

They will make you feel very welcome upon boarding

Going on a cruise is already a luxury in itself, but with butler service, the posh experience starts the minute you board the ship. Your assigned butler will escort you to your cabin, help you with your bags, and can even unpack and organize your luggage for you! Not in the mood to hang the week’s clothing choices? Your butler can do that for you too.

And of course, the welcome routine is more comprehensive. Once you’re settled, your butler will present the suite’s features, verify any special requests from you (pillow preferences, dining arrangements, preferred food, etc.) that he will exert his best efforts for.

Instead of you ‘stressing out’ on unpacking and thinking about what to have for dinner, your butler is at the ready to make your boarding a calm and collected experience.

Silversea Cruises promises this kind of personalized butler service, and can also take care of other personal concerns like your laundry, ironing needs, and even scented baths. Their butlers are also trained by the Guild of Professional English Butlers, so you can expect thorough pampering, efficient, and high quality service.

Want a table in the most popular restaurant onboard? Let your butler take care of it – and more

There will always be that one restaurant on your cruise ship that everybody wants a table in. This means that if you weren’t able to make reservations prior to boarding, you have very, very slim chances of getting a table (much more tables) when you’re already on the ship. Let your butler take care of that.

If a table is absolutely no longer available, don’t despair! Butlers can work their magic and have your order served at your most preferred location – and yes, even in the comfort of your own cabin or balcony.

Booked on a Penthouse suite or similar onboard the Regent Seven Seas Cruises? Not only will you love their well-appointed cabins, you also get the benefit of having your personal butler, who can manage those special dining arrangements for you, and make sure that your cruise is made as enjoyable as possible.

They can help you put together your very own onboard party

If you’re cruising to celebrate a special event – a birthday, wedding anniversary, a reunion, or anything similar, you may want to have at least one night onboard to highlight that event. Your butler can help hook you up with the necessary points of contact (chef, events planner, etc.) and enable you to make arrangements to so the party can happen en-suite. Some can even provide menu suggestions if you are clueless on what best to serve your guests.

Best part of it? In addition to taking the stress out of the planning and logistics, they can also help you clean up after, and make sure that your cabin is back in spic and span condition before your next day starts.

Booked in a suite onboard a Silversea, Regent, or Celebrity cruise? You can definitely let your butler handle your special event for you. If you’re onboard a Crystal Cruise, a private party can also be especially crafted based on the menu you want, down to the decor details you need.

Traveling with business partners and need a quiet place for a meeting? Some cruise lines like Holland America also feature exclusive lounges (for those in the Neptune and Pinnacle suites) like the Neptune Lounge, which features luxurious sofas and chairs, worktables, a large screen television, and with specialty coffee provided the entire day.

Butler service also means waking up with coffee and more

While cruise buffets do beckon in the morning, it’s not really that easy to get up and moving when you’ve had such a fun night. You might wake up famished but not so ready to drag yourself to the buffet table either.

Enter – butler service. Your butler can have your breakfast orders served en-suite and replenish your bar contents with your preferred beverages for the day’s consumption. Nothing more luxurious than waking up to a spread of delicious eats right by your bedside!

Celebrity Cruises offers this particular service in all its suites, and their European-style butler service can also take care of your afternoon tea/coffee, complete with pastries and your preferred board game, especially arranged in the comfort of your own veranda.

Staying in a suite onboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship? You’re in for a treat as their warm and welcoming butlers will ensure that you experience in-room dining to the fullest, and that you are never left wanting for refreshments and other creature comforts.

Your butler can help put together your on-shore excursions too

Sometimes, in the midst of all the cruise planning excitement, you forget to plan your onshore excursions. If you avail butler service onboard though, you don’t even have to worry about this!

Your butler can reach out to their tour partners onshore, and can help plan an itinerary that you can enjoy throughout your time onshore. Dining reservations can also be arranged for you by your butler.

In addition to onshore trips, your butler will also be your means of making the most of activities on the ship. He can make spa reservations, gym trainer appointments, and other fun things your family can enjoy.

Most cruise ships with concierge service offer this, but the experience of providing your onshore excursion needs detail by detail to a butler who will personally attend to each requirement makes for exceptional outings.

Royal Caribbean takes this personalized service to a whole new level with their Royal Genie, who does not only arrange special onshore excursions, but also gives you priority access to pretty much everything onboard, does your personal shopping, and much more (available for Star Class guests)!

Make your cruise experience extra comfortable, memorable, and luxurious by making the most of butler service onboard. Not sure what else they can help you with? All you really have to do, is ASK. After all, a butler’s main goal is to ensure that your needs and wants are met, and that your cruise experience is top-notch.

Christine Antoinette Guinto
Christine Antoinette Guinto
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