Costa Rica Unveils Plans for New Cruise Terminal

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Costa Rica is preparing to unveil a new cruise terminal in Puerto Limón, promising visitors an experience they will never forget. Puerto Limón, situated on the Caribbean coastline of Costa Rica, has long been a favorite destination for cruise passengers, although facilities were somewhat lacking. 

The terminal’s exterior will undergo a significant redesign. At the same time, investments from the Costa Rica government and local stakeholders will improve the public and artisan areas and offer enhanced services for visitors. The project was announced during a presentation by President Alvarado, the president of Costa Rica, and local officials.

New Cruise Terminal for Puerto Limón

Cruise ship visitors to Puerto Limón can expect a new experience when they arrive at the Hernán Garrón Salazar port terminal in the future. During a press conference, stakeholders and government officials announced the redesign of the current facilities, which will receive a full makeover.

The upgrade of the Hernán Garrón Salazar port terminal’s infrastructure is set to increase the quality of services in line with international standards.

It will aim to highlight the culture and activities of the Limón region, ensuring that the first impression encourages cruise ship passengers to go out and get to know the Costa Rican Caribbean. 

Andrea Centeno, Executive President of the Port Administration and Economic Development Board of the Atlantic Coast (JAPDEVA), expressed her excitement for the project, saying:

“We want to take their breath away right from the first glance so that they will go on to fall in love with the flavor, natural surroundings, music, culture, and beauty of the cantons of this Caribbean province.”

The President of Costa Rica attended the press conference, stating that the makeover aims to promote the province and boost the local economy:

“Limón is capable of winning over tourists with its nature and its incredible people. Our objective is to promote stays in the province, which will not only reactivate the local and national economy but also position the province as a destination that can compete with other destinations, offering quality and a tourist experience steeped in Limón’s culture and tradition”, said President Alvarado.

New Costa Rica Cruise Terminal

Upgrades will include artisan areas, which will give local families a chance to sell their wares to visiting cruise ship passengers, providing a much-needed boost to the local economy. 

“This is a way of giving better service to the passengers who will stay in the region and consume local services, meaning that many of us can increase our sales and bring the benefits to our families,” said one local artisan. 

Cruise Ships Visiting Costa Rica

The new terminal will welcome approximately 193,000 cruise ship passengers each year to the Costa Rican Caribbean. Costa Rica has become an increasingly popular destination thanks to its rich cultural heritage, diverse ecosystems, and the country’s unique wildlife. 

The cruise industry has noticed a significant increase in ships visiting the six official ports across the country over the last few years, in particular since the end of the global pause in operations.

During the 2019-2020 season, 239,566 cruise ship guests visited Costa Rica, with 113 ships visiting ports in the Pacific and 84 vessels visiting ports in the Caribbean. 

The country is a popular destination for passengers due to its natural beauty, including tropical rainforests, beaches, and mountains, as well as its adventure activities such as white water rafting, hiking through the dense jungles, surfing on the Pacific Coast, visiting Poás Volcano National Park, or snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea. 

Between September 2022 and July 2023, more than 300 cruise ships are expected to visit the country, representing a 20% growth compared to 2019. The recent arrival of nine ships, which arrived simultaneously in five different ports across the country, marked a significant moment for the cruise industry in Costa Rica. 

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