Carnival Releases Latest Cruise Director Schedule

Carnival Cruise Line releases the latest cruise director schedule assignments across the fleet well into 2022.

In a social media post, Carnival Cruise Line Brand Ambassador John Heald has released the latest schedule for cruise director assignments. While the schedule is subject to change, knowing which cruise directors are leading which ships is a consideration for many experienced cruisers when choosing their next cruise vacation.

Carnival Cruise Director Schedule

In a Facebook post on January 7, John Heald announced the latest cruise director assignments across the Carnival fleet, covering some ships well into 2022. The complete assignment listing for all active Carnival ships is as follows:

  • Carnival Breeze: Jonathan “Cookie” Adams through May 19, 2022
  • Carnival Conquest: Eversen “Dr. E” Beville through May 16; Alex Siegler through November 7, 2022
  • Carnival Dream: Christian “Deon” Williams through February 20; Marq Anthony through July 7, 2022
  • Carnival Elation: William “Paulie” Munhollon through March 19, 2022
  • Carnival Freedom: TJ Partida through January 15; James Love through April 17, 2022
  • Carnival Glory: Leon Smith through January 23; Cam Chavis through March 27, 2022
  • Carnival Horizon: Erin Weigand through April 24; Chris “Donkey” Salazar through September 11, 2022
  • Carnival Legend: Leigh Xuerex through April 17, 2022
  • Carnival Liberty: Dustin Gabriel through July 7, 2022
  • Carnival Magic: Simon London through May 30, 2022
  • Carnival Mardi Gras: Mike Pack through January 22; Kyndall Fire through April 12; Chris “Donkey” Salazar through October 8, 2022
  • Carnival Miracle: Savannah Mitchell through January 14; Georgia Craig through July 7, 2022
  • Carnival Panorama: Lee Mason through January 8; Christian de la Rosa through July 7, 2022
  • Carnival Pride: Frankie Portera through March 20; Felipe Serrina do Couto through November 12, 2022
  • Carnival Radiance: Ryan Rose through April 15; Christian “Deon” Williams through May 23; Ryan Rose through November 21, 2022
  • Carnival Sunrise: Felipe Serrina do Couto through January 23; Adam Gilbert through April 23, 2022
  • Carnival Sunshine: Chris “Donkey” Salazar through January 13; Jake Miller through April 16; TJ Partida through December 15, 2022
  • Carnival Valor: Marty Andrew through May 2, 2022
  • Carnival Vista: Kyndall Fire through January 29, 2022

The assignment schedule is subject to change as the needs aboard different ships change. This is especially true at the beginning and end of many cruise directors’ assignments, when they may overlap with another cruise director on the same ship as they are introduced to the staff, become accustomed to a new ship, and learn what activities and entertainment are best on different itineraries.

Carnival Horizon Lido Deck
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With the possibility of cruise cancelations and deployment adjustments in these uncertain times, as well as additional ships in the fleet scheduled to reenter service in the coming months, it is also possible that cruise director assignments could shift even further.

Assignments may also change as assistant cruise directors are promoted, or if cruise directors request changes in their assignment.

Favorites Not Returning

In answering questions about this announcement, Heald also confirmed that several favorite cruise directors are not returning. This includes the popular Steven Schwartz and Matt Mitcham. Of their departures, Heald said “We wish them both all the very best. We have some really talented funny people and I hope you get to enjoy them soon.”

Several other popular cruise directors are not currently on the assignment schedule, but this only means they may currently be on vacation leave or haven’t finalized a contract commitment.

The schedule can change frequently, and if guests want to sail with a particular cruise director, they should check the schedule regularly to see where their favorite cruise directors may be assigned.


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