Carnival Cruise Line Warns Cruise Passengers to Behave

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Carnival Cruise Line has proactively sent out a comprehensive letter to its passengers outlining a stringent code of conduct for the spring break season.

Conduct Guidelines Issued to Passengers

In a comprehensive, two-page letter to passengers scheduled to sail on a Carnival cruise in March and April, Carnival Cruise Line emphasized respectful and considerate behavior for the upcoming Spring Break season, essentially reminding passengers to behave or face consequences

“We want you to have a fun vacation but please remember a cruise ship is a shared space,” the letter from Colleen Oliverio, Carnival Cruise Line’s VP Guest – Services, began.

Our experience has taught us that everyone has a better time when children are supervised, noise in the hallways is kept to a minimum, guests follow queues, and that a spirit of community and neighborliness is shown by all.”

The letter instructed passengers to acknowledge Carnival’s Code of Conduct during the check-in process and to become familiar with the guidelines before embarking on a voyage.

“If you are sailing as a group or family, please make sure you have a conversation so that everyone understands how they can support the shipboard leaders in creating a fun and safe environment,” continued Oliverio.

This isn’t the first time Carnival has sent a warning, having sent a similar letter to passengers in 2023, ahead of the Spring Break season.

Strict Policies on Board

The directive detailed specific conduct requirements passengers, including the banning of all speakers and radios to prevent interference with essential public announcements. Any speakers, including Bluetooth, wireless and portable, brought aboard during a cruise will be confiscated.

“Public announcements must be heard by all guests and crew,” Oliverio wrote of the ban.

Passengers will also not be able to reserve sun loungers or seats using towels or other personal belongings. Available on a first-come, first-served basis, Carnival staff will remove unattended towels and belongings “if it is clear that guests are not actively using the pool or surrounding area.”

Carnival Cruise Line Lido Deck
Carnival Cruise Line Lido Deck (Photo Copyright: Cruise Hive)

Addressing concerns commonly associated with Spring Break festivities, Carnival underlined policies on alcohol, beverages, tobacco, and marijuana.

No hard liquor or beer is permitted to be brought aboard, and guests may only bring a maximum of 12 sealed, unopened cans or cartons of 12-ounces (354 ml) each or less of non-alcoholic beverages.

Passengers 21 years of age or older could also bring one bottle (750 ml) of wine or champagne. Violations of the beverage policy will result in confiscation without compensation to the passenger.

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Carnival also called to attention that smoking in undesignated areas, including staterooms and balconies, is prohibited. Anyone throwing butts and other items overboard will be charged a $500 fine per violation.

Although some U.S. states have legalized marijuana, cruise lines are required to follow U.S. federal law, which states marijuana is illegal. Carnival advised passengers not to bring marijuana onboard, and not to purchase items while at port.

Spring Break in the United States typically occurs between early March and mid-April, with varying dates across regions and educational institutions. Colleges and universities often schedule their spring breaks earlier in March, while schools for younger students may have theirs later in March or in early April.

Carnival Cruise Line
Carnival Cruise Line Ship (Photo Credit: Melissa Mayntz)

Spring breakers tend to flock to destinations that offer a mix of beach relaxation, cultural experiences, and vibrant nightlife, making cruises an ideal choice for a getaway.

Carnival’s March and April cruise itineraries that are popular for spring breakers include its 3- to 7-day voyages to the Caribbean from Miami, Tampa, New Orleans, Orlando (Port Canaveral) and Baltimore, as well as Bahamas’ cruises from Baltimore and Charleston, South Carolina.

Amidst Carnival’s advisory, popular spring break destinations are sending similar notices. In Florida, for example, Miami has instituted curfews, checkpoints, and patrols to manage the crowds; Volusia County, home to Daytona Beach, has warned of drug-related dangers; and Governor Ron DeSantis reminded visitors that Florida is a “law and order state.”

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