Carnival Cruise Line Advisory Reminds Guests to Behave

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Carnival Cruise Line has begun sending pre-cruise reminders of various onboard policies to booked guests, focusing on various safety and guest behavior guidelines. This has generated great speculation among guests, and concern about the need for these reminders.

Carnival Advising Guests About Behavior Policies

Carnival Cruise Line has begun sending “Guest Advisory” guidelines to booked passengers ahead of their upcoming cruises, with detailed reminders about behavior guidelines and safety policies onboard every Fun Ship.

“We are looking forward to welcoming you on board!” the email begins. “As part of our commitment to create the best environment to provide you with a fun and memorable vacation, we want to remind you of our Safety First! guidelines.”

The email proceeds to detail a variety of behavior and conduct policies and their consequences, such as smoking policies, bringing alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages onboard, and general disruptive behavior.

While the policies covered in the email have always been available on the cruise line’s website, this new outreach ensures that all guests have multiple reminders of the code of conduct, and offers additional explanation where necessary.

Carnival Cruise Line Ship
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For example, the discussion of marijuana smoking explains that “cruise lines are required to follow U.S. federal law, which strictly prohibits possession and use of marijuana and other illegal substances.” This means that even medical marijuana is prohibited on Carnival ships, regardless of the policies of the state where guests embark.

Similarly, the details on the beverage policies are carefully outlined, explaining what types of beverages guests may or may not bring onboard at embarkation, how the beverages must be packaged, and what overall quantities are permitted. Guests in violation of the beverage policy will have drinks “confiscated and discarded, and no compensation will be provided.”

Other onboard policies discussed are the use of speakers and radios, which are prohibited onboard in public spaces unless using earphones. This includes any music, shows, or movies listened to or watched on cell phones, tablets, or laptops.

Finally, the email also reminds guests that saving seats, whether sun loungers by the pools or seats in the various onboard lounges and other venues, is not permitted at any time, as all seating is on a first come, first served basis.

Respectful Conduct Emphasized

In addition to outlining policies, the email goes on to emphasize “Carnival Values.” “Our experience has taught us that everyone has a better time when children are supervised, noise in the hallways is kept to a minimum, guests follow queues, and that a spirit of community and neighborliness is shown by all,” the email explains.

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Carnival Cruise Ship Deck
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The email clearly outlines consequences for unruly or disruptive behavior, which can include a fine of $500 and additional expenses related to confining or disembarking guests if necessary.

“Any guest whose conduct affects the comfort, enjoyment, safety or well-being of other guests or crew will be disembarked at their own expense and banned from sailing on Carnival in the future,” the email warns.

Enforcing Policies Onboard

While the “Guest Advisory” outlines various consequences such as fines and confiscation for different policy violations, it also emphasizes that the ship’s officers are the ultimate authorities onboard.

“The captain and our officers have the authority to enforce our policies and make decisions in order to provide for a fun and safe environment for all,” the email reads.

Guests are urged to contact Guest Services onboard with concerns, so any violations of policies or confusion about guidelines can be addressed and clarified as necessary.

Why the Email?

These new emails have sparked a great deal of speculation on discussion boards, online forums, and social media about why Carnival Cruise Line finds it necessary to “remind” guests about proper behavior and onboard policies.

Carnival Cruise Line Ship
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Some guests have noted an increase in disturbances onboard Carnival ships in recent months, and while not every incident makes news headlines, even a small altercation can create an uncomfortable and unpleasant atmosphere for other passengers. This can lead to fewer return cruisers, as travelers may prefer to sail with other cruise lines rather than have such incidents mar their vacations.

The email may also simply be another step to ensure that all guests are fully informed about policies before setting sail, so enforcement of said policies is not interpreted as a surprise or unjust application of the guidelines.

It must be noted that the vast majority of Carnival cruisers follow onboard policies and enjoy their cruise vacations without incident. By ensuring everyone is aware of policies and consequences, the cruise line is carefully establishing expectations for appropriate behavior, and helping keep all cruisers safe and having a good time on their oceangoing getaways.

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