Carnival Cruise Line Gets Strict With New Message for Passengers

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Carnival Cruise Line shared a new video message from its President, Christine Duffy, addressing the issue of inappropriate behavior on board its ships, just in time before Spring Break and the Summer Holidays. 

The video highlights the steps the cruise line takes to ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation for guests, including updated security procedures, additional crew training, and enhanced guest communications.

Enforcing Security Measures

Carnival Cruise Line will not accept any unruly behavior anymore. After the cruise line implemented several measures last year and reminded guests again earlier this month through email communication.

The company released a video on February 16 where President Christine Duffy clarifies that illegal and disturbing behavior will be met with swift and severe consequences.

You can watch the full video message in the video below:

Carnival Cruise Line has added more security personnel and introduced narcotics sniffing dogs at home ports to screen luggage on both a routine and random basis. Guests may even see dogs on board at home and destination ports to do random searches.

The use of illegal drugs, including marijuana, on cruise ships and in cruise terminals is prohibited. For guests using medical marijuana, it is advised to consult with a physician about an alternative therapy during the cruise. 

Christine Duffy, Carnival Cruise Line President: “Illegal drugs, including marijuana, on cruise ships and in the cruise terminals, is prohibited, and in case there’s any confusion, let me remind guests that while marijuana and cannabis products may be legal in some states, we are required to follow federal law irrespective of the law.”

Carnival Cruise Line Getting Strict

Guests must acknowledge and commit to the code of conduct during the check-in process, which includes consequences for non-compliance, such as fines, confinement to cabins, or removal from the ship and being banned from future sailings. 

In addition, Carnival has implemented a youth curfew to ensure the safety and security of all passengers.

Carnival Asks for Mutual Respect and Responsibility

In addition to new signage that has been placed in the terminals and on the ship, Shaquille O’Neal, the Chief Fun Officer, also appears in a series of video messages on stateroom TVs to remind guests of Carnival’s policies and guests’ collective responsibility to have fun and respect each other and the ocean.

Carnival Cruise Line Getting Strict

Duffy emphasized the importance of mutual respect and responsibility in ensuring the guests’ vacation is safe, fun, and memorable. Carnival Cruise Line prides itself on providing a great cruise experience for its guests and has successfully maintained its reputation as a family-friendly cruise line.

“We know how to show our guests a great cruise experience, and our ships are full of fun-loving guests. That’s why we’re so successful and why guests keep coming back. So please help us make sure your carnival vacation is safe, fun, and memorable by respecting each other, our crew, and the ocean.”

Video Message Does Not Surprise

Today’s video message by Christine Duffy will come as no surprise to many guests. The cruise line has begun sending “Guest Advisory” guidelines to booked passengers ahead of their upcoming cruises, with detailed reminders about behavior guidelines and safety policies onboard every Fun Ship. This after multiple altercations onboard Carnival’s cruise ships last year.

Carnival Cruise Line Getting Strict

The email explains and reminds guests of the code of conduct, including policies such as smoking, bringing alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages onboard, and general disruptive behavior.

The email clearly outlines the consequences of unruly or disruptive behavior, including fines of up to $500, additional expenses related to confining or disembarking guests, and even being banned from sailing with Carnival in the future.

The video message and email message serve as a reminder that inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated on board Carnival’s ships. 

As the world slowly returns to normal, it is important to have a fun and memorable vacation without any incidents. Guests can relax and enjoy their vacation onboard Carnival Cruise Line’s ships by following the rules and regulations.

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