50 Things to Do in Miami, Florida for Cruise Passengers

Here's a list of things to do in Miami, Florida which is the cruise capital of the world. Catered towards cruise ship passengers.

As a cruiser when you think of Miami, Florida one thing probably comes to mind and that is the starting or ending point of your cruise adventures. And while you probably love this cruise capital of the world you might have not discovered every fun and interesting things to do.

Miami is not only the largest cruise port in the world but an enticing holiday destination that everyone should explore and experience at least once or many times in their lives.

What to Do in Miami, Florida?

Think about the culture, the food, the people, the party atmosphere, the shopping, the beach, the music, and the outdoor adventures and you’ll see why Miami is an important first or last port of call. As such we have gone ahead to list 50 things to do in Miami, Florida for cruise visitors to help you discover or plan for your next Miami adventure on your upcoming cruise.

Port of Miami

The port of Miami Officially known as Dante B. Fascell is located on Dodge Island just across downtown Miami. It’s the largest passenger port in the world and docks over 22 cruise brands. It’s where most Caribbean cruises start and end at giving rise to the name Cruise Capital of the World.

As such the port of Miami is a busy port. So, to kick your cruise vacation off smoothly knowing how to navigate this port destination is crucial. Luckily, despite Miami’s size, it has an incredibly well laid out transport system that includes buses, taxis, rails even monorails.

So, getting from one place to another is easy. It’s however important to give yourself one or two-hour head starts especially when coming in from the Fort Lauderdale or Miami International Airports.

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If you plan to spend a few days in Miami before or after your cruise get a hotel that is near the cruise port or Downtown Miami. A hotel with cruise parking services for while you are gone and complimentary shuttle transfers to the port. These factors are crucial to saving you massive logistics headaches.

What to Know About Miami Cruise Port Car Rental
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Though parking at the port is rather expensive it’s much safer and more convenient. However, if you want to park on a budget you can look for nearby parking lots such as Safe Cruise Parking and Premier Cruise Parking. Let’s explore what you can do in Miami:

1. Shop at Bayside Mall

To jump-start, your Miami Experience, take a stroll in the nearby Bayside Marketplace. This lovely waterfront market features over 150 shopping outlets. It has some of the best restaurants in Miami and is the perfect introduction to the Magic City.

Here is where you can shop for souvenirs, trendy vacation clothing, and accessories. Bayside Market is also a great place to just relax, get lunch and sip on a refreshing drink while you people watch. Watching the boats coming in and out of the harbor is also a great past time at this place.

You can purchase all your Miami souvenirs right here.

2. Enjoy the Bayside Nightlife

Miami is a party destination like no other. The magic city never sleeps. One of the best ways to experience Miami is at night. Start by admiring the beautiful skyline which is even more magical when it’s lit at night.

Go on a night city tour aboard the hop-on-hop-off tour bus. Go night fishing. Grab dinner and a drink at one of the high-end rooftop restaurants in the area. Or enjoy a late-night movie.

3. Relax at Miami Beach

You can’t say you have been to Miami without visiting the Iconic Miami Beach. This world-famous beach is actually an island off the main city that is connected to the city by bridges.

It’s where you find the iconic Art deco district and some of Miami’s high-end resorts and neighborhoods. The beach itself is a long wide stretch of soft white sand that is perfect for a day in the sun and sand.

4. Experience Cuban Culture at Little Havana

Miami is said to have the largest Cuban Expat Community. Cubans have a very rich cultural heritage that can be explored in the vibrant Cuban neighborhood of Calle Ocho or 8th street.

There is a lot to do in this neighborhood but nothing beats sampling Cuban cuisine. Enjoy Cuban specials such as toasted Cuban Sandwich or hot Cuban coffee and mouth-watering pastries.

You can also go on a stroll through the neighborhood and learn some Cuban, check out their art, dance to the tune of salsa and rhumba. Or spectate a zealous game of Dominos at the park.  If you are into cigars, then this is the place to get quality Cuban cigars. To wrap up, cool off with a Cuban ice-cream at Azucar.

All in all, a trip to Little Havana is bound to live you with a rich appreciation of Cuban culture not soon to be forgotten.

5. Get some Cuban Inspiration at Versailles

You can’t visit Little Havana and miss checking out Versailles. It’s known as the most famous Cuban restaurant in the world. Established over 40 years ago, Versailles became a local gathering zone of the Cuban expat community in Miami.

The ornately designed restaurant embodies the family-oriented Cuban culture and is a great place to visit with the family and enjoy the best dishes Cuba has to offer. The café Cubano served at the bakery is a great caffeine fix for your vacation.

6. Cruise Along Ocean Drive

There is no better way to take in Miami Beach’s fashionable Art Deco district and its majestic business front than cruising along Ocean Drive.

Ocean Drive is a 1.3mile long boulevard that starts at South Pointe on the southern side of Miami Beach to 15th street on the North. This iconic street features high-end restaurants, eye-popping art museums, and big-name shopping outlets.

Ocean Drive

Take a stroll or bike along the palm-lined boulevard exploring the StreetSide cafes, unusual art sculptures, big-name fashion outlets and all manner of retail stores. Rest your feet at one of the eateries and enjoy people watching while you sip on a refreshing cold drink.

7. Get it All Covered on the Bus Tour

Don’t know where you are going? But want to go anyway? Why don’t you try a Bus Tour? Bus tours are the best and fastest way to become acquainted with a town. Luckily, Miami has several of those. Take a hop on hop off tour of the town and visit the town’s most popular districts and their attractions.

Hit the beach, Coconut Grove, Little Havana, and Art deco street all in one tour. These are guided tours that take place in air-conditioned, open-air double-decker buses. Enjoy learning the town’s history while you hop from one part of the town to the next.

8. Millionaire’s Row

Get on a luxurious yacht and explore the spectacular row of celebrity houses on Millionaire’s Row. Apart from catching a glimpse of celebrity living this tour also cruises along the bay and takes you around the city. This gives you a beautiful view of the Miami Skyline, the port, Fishers Island, and the iconic Miami Beach.

9. Bayfront Park

Swing by Bayfront Park located just downtown off of Bayside Drive. This is a nice 32acre park dotted with lush swaying palm trees perfect for taking shelter away from the heat and bustle of town. It has benches to sit on, a beautiful fountain and amphitheater.

Bayfront Park

If you are lucky enough you can catch a play or music performance at the place. Enjoy the scenic waterfront as you watch the cruise ships movements and Miami Skyline on the other side. In the right season, you might even get a special sighting of Dolphins and Manatees offshore.

10. Experience Miami Seaquarium

Enjoy a couple of hours at the Miami Seaquarium, a 38-acre Oceanarium right in Downtown Miami. Miami Seaquarium is an amazing place to take the kids to meet Miami’s famous aquatic friends. There are dolphins, sea lions, whales and manatee show that will wow you and teach you a ton about these adorable marine animals.

Apart from marine life, there is a variety of fish life on display as well, including sharks. Interact with birds at the aviary and learn a thing or two about them too.

Pro tip: Get as many discount coupons as you can to reduce the price of accessing the Seaquarium. The prices are a bit high.

Pro Tip 2: Carry lunch/snacks to avoid eating overpriced junk food served at the place.

11. South Beach

South Beach is Miami’s Florida’s best beach. It’s the wide swath of pristine soft sands and clear waters south of Miami Beach. Here is where you find the glitzy oceanfront resorts and condos frequented by the rich and famous.

South Beach, Miami

South beach otherwise known as the American Riviera is that beautiful beach you see in every movie or TV show set in Miami. It’s home to the famous art deco district and the iconic ocean drive.

Travel sunscreen is essential if you’re going here.

Here is where you want to go and enjoy a day in the sun, sand, and sea with a decent amount of people watching or hanging out. This is a party beach, where the atmosphere is ever vibrant. There are plenty of restaurants and high end dining scenes nearby where you can indulge in the delectable Miami cuisine.

South beach is everything you dream about a beach and more. However, being the prettiest beach in the country means that it gets crowded. But that-to-many is the charm of the beach.

12. Relax at Lummus Park

Still on South Beach is the beautiful Lummus Park.  A green grassy area covered with swaying palm trees which also features a kid’s playground.  This shaded beach area at Lummus Park is perfect for a family picnic and offers much-needed respite from the sun’s scorching heat.

13. Explore Vizcaya Museum

One of Miami’s most popular attractions, a national treasure, in fact, is Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. This sprawling ornate mansion from the Italian Renaissance era takes you back to the affluent living of the wealthy from the period of 15th to 19th centuries.

The grand mansion on site features the best of Mediterranean architecture, furniture, décor, and stunning artwork. Surrounding the mansion are perfectly manicured gardens featuring hundreds of orchid and tree species. Enjoy the beautiful courtyard with its ornate water fountains and statues.

14. Embrace Modern Art at Perez Art Museum Miami

Perez Art Museum Miami or PAMM for short is a modern museum showcasing contemporary Artworks of the 20th and 21st century. This intriguing museum is located near the American Airlines Arena downtown Miami. The museum building itself is a piece of artwork that features stunning hanging garden decorations at the building’s façade.

Go learn and observe thought-provoking art in a 45minute guided tour of the museum. Then enjoy the breath-taking views of Biscayne Bay’s waterfront from the raised seating area at the Verde hotel.

15. Open Air Art Exhibit at Wynwood Walls

Feast your eyes on the evolutionary art scene at the colorful Wynwood Walls. North of downtown Miami is a rehabilitated warehouse district whose walls are now large scale canvases for local and international artists such as Shepard Fairey, Kenny Scharf, and other great artists.

Air Art Exhibit at Wynwood Walls

A vision of the late Tony Goldman, the Wynwood Walls features different artists every year from 2009. Visit this popular and important art museum featuring over 80,000 square feet of painted murals and enjoy some eye-pleasing visual displays of talent.

16. Enjoy Extraordinary Shows at Jungle Island

Extraordinary performances are what you are promised at the 18-acre park in the heart of Miami. Located on Watson Island between downtown Miami and south beach.

Jungle Island is an animal park featuring some of the rarest animals in the world. It is set in a picturesque tropical set up where everything looks like paradise from waterfalls, streams, to the thick canopy of the tropical forest.

The main draw to Jungle Island is, however, the sail covered arena that houses the park’s shows. Here you can enjoy entertaining bird and wild cat shows like in no other place.

The private beach on the park housing a waterpark with water slides is another draw to the park. Jungle Island is easy to get to via southbound bus or taxi which charge anywhere between $2 and $30 fare.

17. Go on a Space Exploration at Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

Spark your wonder at the Philip and Patricia Frost museum of science located in the museum park. This Planetarium is set in an architecturally gorgeous building overlooking the Miami skyline in the museum park.

Frost Museum features one of the best planetariums in the world and a spectacular multilevel aquarium. The museum’s 500,000-gallon aquarium is a hit with the kids and adults alike. It has all manner of marine life representing the aquatic life of the Gulf of South Florida.

Peer into the glass of the aquarium as you learn the ways of sharks and other interesting marine life. Learn new information about corals, mangroves and the entire ocean ecosystem.

Or gaze at the stars in the observatory level of the museum using a powerful telescope. And don’t miss the 3D 8k visual system in a tilted 250 seater auditorium that creates a real like space experience.

18. Be Young Again at the Miami Children’s Museum

Tap into your inner child in an interactive play learning experience at the Miami Children’s Museum. The Children’s Museum is a two-story brightly colored and playfully designed building in the middle of Watson Island. It has 17 galleries parted into sections that offer interactive and entertaining fun learning.

Aimed at enriching your kids with a zeal to learn using a playful environment. This museum is a hit with the little ones especially the pirate fun, animal pet farm, and play areas. There is even a picnic area outside the museum and a subway place for lunch.

19. Cool Down at Venetian Pools

Take a refreshing dip in the Venetian pools of Coral Gables. Experience a century-old outdoor freshwater natural pool formed out of an abandoned coral quarry.

The pool is surrounded by lush exotic tropical vegetation, with mesmerizing waterfalls and wondrous caves. Lay your towel on a piece of rock, explore the area, take a plunge into the pool and enjoy a drink or snack from the café.

20. Design District

Step into the creative district of Miami located on South Beach and experience an avant-garde mix of innovative architecture, fashion, art, and culinary experiences. Most people go for the art and stay for the shopping.

Take a walk through this artsy district bearing intriguing new age art that is both thought-provoking and relaxing at the same time. Dine at the sophisticated street side restaurants. Or go designer shopping at the shopping hub of high-end brand names such as YSL, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Louboutin and many more. Hours fly by in this area of Miami.

21. Picnic at South Pointe Park Pier

Take a stroll at South Pointe Park Pier. The 17-acre park located at the southern tip of South Beach is a huge attraction in Miami. It features perfectly manicured green spaces, plenty of shade from an abundance of palm trees and is surrounded by a walkway perfect for jogging, biking, roller-skating or just strolling.

South Pointe Park Pier

Relax on the park’s benches and watch as the cruise ships come and go. Bring a picnic basket and enjoy a picnic on the grounds or grill up some steak.

Or just try the Smith and Wollensky restaurant famous for its great dishes and aesthetic dining with a rooftop seating area offering great vistas of the ocean. The kids will surely love the splash pad in the place.

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22. Go an Adventure at the Everglades National Park

You haven’t been to Florida until you’ve set foot on its crown jewel, the Everglades National Park. These protected swamplands sit on a whopping 1.5 million acres. This is the home to some of the world’s largest crocodiles, alligators, snakes, birds, and other animal species. You can also check this half-day trip here.

Hop on an exciting airboat tour of the marshland, to catch a glimpse of sunning alligators, fish, birds and wetlands creatures of all shapes and sizes. There are trails and boardwalks for visitors to explore the park and observe its animal inhabitants in their daily lives.

23. Catch a Game or a Concert at the American Airlines Arena

Feel the heat, sing along or dance to the tune, whichever the event, you can expect to have loads of fun at the American Airlines Arena. Home to the NBA Miami Heat, this Arena is the place to catch incredible basketball games, concerts, plays, and theatre performances.

24. Coral Castle Museum

Visit the mysterious Coral Castle found in Homestead district of Miami. Explore the beautiful coral formations that were created almost a century ago.

The coral formations at the place are quite interesting. But the mystery of how a 100pound 5foot tall man single-handedly excavated, moved, shaped and created 1100tons of coral without the help of any man or machinery– is perhaps the biggest draw to the place.

Marvel at a 9ton coral gate that moves with just a single push of the hand. Visit and explore all this mystery at a cost of $8, $15 and $18 for children, seniors, and adults respectively.

25. Admire the Freedom Tower

Stop by the iconic freedom tower on Biscayne Boulevard. This was the first real skyscraper in Miami and the South East United States. The Freedom Tower is hard to miss! It’s the beautiful brightly painted tall building amongst the sea of glass-window skyscrapers in downtown Miami just opposite American Airlines Arena.

The tower has a long history but is best known for its role as a refuge center for Cubans that were escaping Castro’s communism in the 1960s. Today it houses the MOAD museum and showcases the history, culture, and arts of Miami.

26. Family Getaway at Matheson Hammock Park

While still in the Coral Gables region head on over to Matheson Hammock Park located south of Coral Gable. Matheson is a beautiful urban park in a tropical setting with a mangrove, marina, and a manmade atoll.

Matheson Hammock Park

These natural features make Matheson the absolute family getaway while in Miami. The park has something for the entire family. You and the kids can enjoy a dip in the shallow atoll which is constantly replenished by the waters of Biscayne Bay or go kayaking, paddle boarding and canoeing. You can also take one of the nature trails to explore the park, the mangrove, and the entire wetlands.

Another interesting attraction in the park is the scenic restaurant set in an old coral building that serves up delicious meals. It’s definitely worth a visit especially for a romantic dinner in the evening to enjoy the Miami skyline visible across the Bay.

27. Explore Bill Baggs Cape Florida

For a relaxing day away from it all, try Bill Baggs Cape, Florida Park. Bill Baggs is the tranquil tropical park located at the tip of Key Biscayne that covers a third of the entire key.

At this park is where you can beach bum on one of Florida’s most beautiful beaches. Or go hiking and biking along twisted nature trails. You can also get active in the water by kayaking, sailing, fishing, and swimming. The historic Cape Florida Lighthouse built in 1825 is also found in the park.

When you get hungry there is the lighthouse café and boaters grill at the lagoon to serve you scrumptious seafood dishes.

28. Relax at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Fairchild Botanic Gardens is a tranquil 83-acre botanic garden surrounded by the Matheson Hammock Park in Coral Gables. This tropical paradise doubles as a plant research center and has the largest collection of palms and cycads. Fairchild is home to fragrant flowers, orchids and exotic plants from all over the world.

The garden itself is exquisitely designed and set in a picturesque landscape bearing lakes, perfectly manicured green grounds and large areas covered by palm trees. Take guided tours of the garden and stop by the butterfly sanctuary for a wonderful experience.

29. Explore Lincoln Road Like a Local

This busy pedestrian road running from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to Biscayne Bay on the west is a popular tourist attraction. This is where you want to go to for all your shopping needs. Or to sample mouth-watering dishes at eateries found along the entire road.

30. Pay Your Respect at the Holocaust Memorial

Take time to reflect at the Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach. This sacred place is marked by a 40feet tall hand sculpture stretching towards the sky which is called the Love and Anguish statue.

It portrays great suffering yet even greater love of people helping one another up to the last moment. Walking through the site you can pay tribute to the 6million Jews that died in the Holocaust.

The site also bears black plaques on the wall that narrate the history of the Holocaust in moving black and white images. It’s a great way to learn about the Holocaust and remember why we need to love one another.

31. Study Jewish History at the Jewish Museum

Catch up on Jewish history at the Jewish Museum in Miami. History buffs and lovers of stained glass will enjoy a tour of the museum. The museum is hosted in two renovated Jewish synagogues.

They showcase the life and times of the Jewish immigration into Miami. Their cultures, beliefs, and history. There are plenty of interesting artifacts displayed.  A tour by Howard a voluntary guide is a must.

He goes beyond the expected and takes you on a town tour presenting photographs and showing you places which connect the pieces of the puzzle to give you an in-depth and richer understanding of the Jewish history.

32. Step Back in Time at Arch Creek Park

One of the free things to do in Northern Miami is visit Arch Creek Park and Museum. The park is small but has an interesting history of Tequesta and Seminole Indians who were the native inhabitants of the place.

The park itself adorns tall hardwood trees and a myriad of tropical flora. It had an iconic limestone bridge believed to have been used as a nature trail by the native Indian tribes. Today it’s collapsed but still a sight.

There are picnic areas in the park with tables and benches great for a family outing. One of the highlights of the park is the small museum in the area. The museum displays an interesting history of the place and its inhabitants with 500BC artifacts.

33. Visit Zoo Miami

A day out in the wild at Zoo Miami could be the highlight of your Miami vacation. Zoo Miami is the largest and oldest zoological park in all of Florida. Seated on a 750acre land, this cageless zoo is like a mini wildlife park and requires a good amount of time to explore.

It features over 3000 animals from 500 different species. The animal’s habitats are created to resemble their exact natural habitats.

At Zoo Miami you get to see and feed giraffes, hang out with the birds at the aviary. Or check out tigers, jaguars, elephants, lions, rhinos and many other kinds of animals. Zoo Miami is a great place to spend a day and a good learning opportunity for the entire family. Bus, train or taxi can take you to the park. Buses on route 137 make regular stops at the park.

34. Beach Getaway at Crandon Park

Visit Crandon Park on the northern tip of Key Biscayne. This 800-acre park is just what you need for a beach escape. The park offers great nature trails through mangroves, sand dunes, and forest. It features a tennis and golf course. But the most popular draw is the 2mile long white sandy beach on the Atlantic side.

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy your day at Crandon Park. You can lie on the beach, play tennis or go golfing. You can also go hiking, have a picnic, the possibilities are endless.

35. More Art Deco at the Wolfsonian

The Wolfsonian is a museum in the middle of the art district that showcases interesting and thought-provoking art deco pieces of the period between 1850 to now. The museum’s objective is to show innovative art from the past and how it has formed or shaped modern day’s art deco.

It’s a unique museum that bears stunning architecture and more interesting art deco pieces collected from all over Europe and America. The Wolfsonian is a nice place to escape to from the throngs of people on South Beach.

36. Kayak or Paddle Board at Oleta Park

Take a break from the noise in the city at the Oleta State Park. This is the largest urban park in South Florida. The 1000-acre park located about 30 minutes north of downtown Miami is a good place to go biking, kayaking, canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding.

The park’s nature trails that wind and twist through the forest, along the mangroves, and over the sand dunes make hiking and biking a thrilling challenge.

The calm waters of the Oleta river inspire tranquil explorations on paddle boards, kayaks, and canoes. The beautiful grounds are perfect for picnicking and camping. You can also catch dinner fishing at the pier or sun and tan at the beach. In short, Oleta has everything you need for an unforgettable outdoor adventure.

37. Unwind at the Ancient Spanish Monastery

One of Miami’s most beloved landmark is the Ancient Spanish Monastery located 15 minutes from Aventura mall, north of Miami. This is believed to be the oldest building in the Americas built from 1133.

Ancient Spanish Monastery

The Ancient Spanish Monastery has a long and intriguing history. It was originally built in Segovia Spain and was home to monks for over 700 years before it was bought by Media magnate William Randolph Hearst in 1925. Who then transported the monastery back to the US, brick by brick and was later reassembled in Miami.

Today the monastery is a church with beautiful grounds for weddings, picnics, and photography. The building itself has been maintained in its original beauty with its spectacular architecture featuring detailed cloisters, pillars, columns, and sculptures.

The Spanish Monastery is a must visit while in Miami. It’s open from 10 a.m to 4 p.m but always inquire ahead because it is usually closed when there are private functions and or filming events.

38. Catch a Late Night Movie

Miami never sleeps and has over a dozen cinemas where you can catch a late night movie. Most of these movies are foreign independent films that are very educational and plain right entertaining.

When you can’t sleep and want to do something at night besides admiring Miami’s beautifully lit skyline then pop into one of the late night cinema’s and enjoy a classic movie or two.

39. Homestead Bayfront Park and Marina

If you are looking for a private and secluded beach, then you can find it at the homestead Bayfront park. This beautiful, tranquil park located south of Biscayne Bay in Homestead is the gateway to the Florida Keys. Here is where tours to the keys start. The park has a peaceful and well-organized marina known as Herbert Hoover Marina.

Apart from that, it’s a great place to go with your family for picnics and a day at the beach. There are picnic benches by the water and a restaurant on site which serves delicious food. The restaurant also has an elevated deck where you can enjoy the scenic water vistas before you.

40. Deering Estate

Visit this important piece of history in Miami. Deering estate is an over 400acre estate located at the edge of Biscayne Bay. Here you can take a tour of the lovely mansion called the stone house or of the Richmond cottage right next to it.

The guided tours teach a lot of history about Charles Deering and the history of the place. The manicured grounds are excellent for picnics, weddings, and beautiful outdoor events.

Nature trails in the adjacent forest park are insightful into the history of the original Indian inhabitants and bear an archaeological site where 10,000-year-old fossilized human remains were retrieved.

The beautiful estate is graced by a beautiful waterfront that is the perfect launching place of a canoe or kayak adventure to the nearby mangroves. The estate charges $15 adults and $7 kids access fee. Parking is free.

41. Best Cinnamon rolls at Knaus Berry

On your way to the Keys is a stop you shouldn’t miss. The Knaus Berry Farm Bakery found in Homestead. This farm-fresh dessert and confectionaries café is a must visit for one delicious reason, their Cinnamon rolls.

It’s not surprising to find a mile long queue waiting to sample the sweet cinnamon rolls baked fresh at the café.  Jump in line or go at an off-peak hour during the weekday and sample this mouth-watering treat. You will probably go back for more.

42. Go on Food Tour of Miami

Miami is not only a world art destination but also serves up some of the most exquisite and varied cuisines in the world. Starting with the delicious Cuban sandwich served almost everywhere in little Havana. Check this Miami food tour.

To the popular Floridian dessert Key Lime Pie, Joe’s Stone Crabs, Ceviche, Churrasco, Fish Sandwiches and fried fish or grilled lobster are other popular mouth-watering specials in Miami. All these choices can be had at almost any other restaurant in Miami.

43. Enjoy Cocktails and an Even Better View at Sugar

Sugar is an Asian rooftop bar and restaurant found at the top of the east Miami hotel. It’s known for its venue which has a remarkable view of the Miami skyline and delectable menu. Go for the drinks stay for the views. You will love the atmosphere in this gorgeous tropical roof bar setting. However, note that, since it’s a trendy place its best to visit on days it would be less crowded like on a weekday.

44. Go Skydiving

Cross sky diving of your bucket list by going sky diving in Miami. The skydive Miami operators are located in Homestead. This is a thrilling adventure that you should try at least once in your lifetime.

Jump out of an airplane thousands of feet above the ground and enjoy amazing aerial views of Miami. The heart will be pumping and adrenaline rushing. Creating a high you are not soon to forget. The instructors are professional regard your safety as a top priority.

45. Try Miami Fishing

Miami is an angler’s paradise. It’s a hotspot for flat and deep sea fishing on Biscayne Bay and the Gulf Stream respectively. There are plenty of fishing charters available and experienced captains who know where the fish are gathering.

Charter a fishing trip and head out to the deep blue sea for big fish such as swordfish, Mahi Mahi, grouper, amberjack, cobia, and tuna. In the shallow waters of the flats, you are likely to hook tarpons, bonefish, snooks, and redfish.

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46. Get a Milkshake at Robert is Here Grocery Store

While in Homestead stop by the popular Whole Foods Market Robert is Here. And sample the legendary Robert is Here smoothies made from fresh fruit. Explore, sample and purchase a wide array of fresh vegetables, tropical fruits, salsas, sauces, and honey that is on display at the place.

Then go out back and check out the amazing pet farm featuring goats, ducks, donkeys, ostriches, and turtles.

47. Snorkeling at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

John Pennekamp coral reef state park has one of the only two living coral reefs in the continental United States. It’s located on Key Largo and features 70 nautical miles of Marine Park designated as a national historic place.

One of the most popular activities in the park is snorkeling. The healthy reef at the place is teeming with marine life and is a paradise for snorkelers and divers alike.

48. Secluded Beach Getaway at Homestead Bayfront Park and Marina

Homestead Bayfront Park and Marina, otherwise known as the gateway to the keys is a lovely urban park in Homestead. It’s located on South Biscayne Bay near the Coral reef of the Florida Keys. Homestead Bayfront Park is an ideal beach park to get away to.

The Park features the Herbert Hoover Marina, a launching pad for Florida Key’s Boat tours. The small beach lagoon is perfect for swimming and shallow enough for the little ones to enjoy.

You can go kayaking, picnicking and hiking in this park.  Or spend your day on the sun, sand, and sea admiring the comings and goings at the Marina. It’s a nice way to kill some hours while in Miami.

49. Catch a Movie or Concert at the Olympia Theatre

Olympia theatre is a hidden gem in downtown Miami that you should visit while in town. The theatre hosts films, plays, concerts, and movies in an architecturally gorgeous building. That further enhances the experiences had there. This theatre is of historical importance having been built in 1926 and maintained in the same historic setting to date.

50. Railroad Museum

Another hidden or forgotten Miami treasure is the Gold Coast Railroad Museum. A museum dedicated to the Railroad history of America. That houses over 40 historic rail cars and memorabilia including the Ferdinand Magellan presidential railcar that was ridden by Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Truman, and Reagan.

Gold Coast Rail Museum also houses a model train and the Thomson link train for children. Located right next to Miami zoo this Museum is worth a visit to explore the railroad history. Besides the old and rusting railcars make for excellent rustic photo backgrounds.

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Endless Things to Do in Miami!

As you can see Miami has plenty of things to consider setting aside a few days before and after your cruise to explore it all.

The magic city is ever-evolving and this list is bound to change always so be on the lookout for even more things to do in Miami. That’s it from us, have a lovely cruise vacation. Happy cruising !!

Haiyan Ma
Haiyan Ma
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