Miami Airport to Cruise Port: What You Need to Know

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If you’re not lucky enough to be a Florida resident, you will probably fly into Miami Airport before joining a cruise from Miami. The Port of Miami leads the way as the “Cruise Capital of the World” and the busy airport in Miami has regular domestic and international flights from most major cities.

Once your cruise and flights are booked, you’ll need to know the best way to transfer from Miami Airport to cruise port, and that’s where we can help.

We provide the definitive guide to the best transportation between Miami Airport and cruise port. We have detailed below 10 different transport options from private shuttle to public bus and MetroMover.

Whether you are traveling solo, as a group, or perhaps with a disabled family member, we offer helpful tips on all the options so that you can choose the most suitable transport for you. We include prices and journey times as well as links and full information on how to book.

Whether you are looking for a cheap airport shuttle service to the Miami cruise terminal or prefer the convenience of private transportation, we provide all the information you need to help you make an informed choice.

Rest assured, with over 5 million passengers regularly arriving and departing on 55 cruise ships, you can be sure that you will not be alone when heading to the port.

Shuttle buses, taxis, private transportation and ride-sharing services all provide direct transportation between the airport and Port of Miami. Just scroll down to find all the cruise transportation options before you book.

Where is Miami Cruise Port?

Miami Cruise Port is located on Dodge Island in the sheltered waters of the Intracoastal Waterway. The port is just 8 miles east of Miami International (MIA) Airport, within sight of the high-rise architecture of downtown Miami and Miami Beach/South Beach.

The address of Miami Cruise Port is 1015 N. America Way, Miami, Florida 33132.

Best Route from Miami Airport to Cruise Port

Miami Cruise Port is connected to Miami International Airport by the busy Dolphin Expressway (SR 836), which is a toll road.

Route from Miami Airport to Cruise Port
Route SR 836 (Google Maps)

It leads directly from the airport to the Port Miami Tunnel – take the exit marked “Miami Beach/MacArthur Causeway” and then follow signs for Port Miami Tunnel and N. Cruise Blvd.

The journey takes about 12 minutes if traffic is flowing well. However, at peak times, it can take double that length of time!

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Toll-Free Option

To avoid tolls, from the airport take NW17th St to NW 27th Ave then head east on NW North River Drive. Exit at NW8th St, turn south on Miami Ave then east on NE5th St which becomes Port Blvd. You can then follow signs to your cruise terminal.

This toll-free route typically takes at least 30 minutes, and much longer in busy periods. If time is tight, it’s well worth paying the small toll (around $2) on the Dolphin Expressway to make sure you arrive in plenty of time for your cruise check-in and sailing.

What’s the Best Way to Get From Miami Airport to Cruise Port?

Most people taking a cruise from Miami opt to fly into Miami International Airport (MIA). It is by far the closest and most convenient airport to the Port of Miami. So what are your options for transportation to the cruise port from Miami Airport?

Miami Road
Photo Credit: Julian Prizont-Cado /

Check out the brief summary below to compare prices for a one-way trip. Remember some options are priced per person while others are per vehicle. If you’re traveling as a family or group, that makes a big difference to the total cost!

  • Cruise Shuttle – around $17 per person
  • Private Airport Shuttle – $20-40 per vehicle
  • Taxi – $27 per vehicle fixed rate
  • Uber/Lyft – $20 per vehicle
  • Private Car – From $100 for a luxury sedan
  • Private Van – Around $125 per vehicle
  • Luxury Limo – Around $150 for a private limousine
  • Miami Train/Metromover/Taxi – $16 per person
  • Bus – N/A
  • Hotel Shuttle – Free with a night’s stay at many Miami hotels

Cruise Shuttle from Miami Airport to Cruise Port

All the major cruise companies provide the option to book a seat on a shuttle bus from the airport to the ship, organized and operated by the cruise line.

You should be able to reserve a place on the cruise shuttle when booking your cruise, either through your agent or directly on the cruise website.

Miami Shuttle Bus
Miami Shuttle Bus (Photo Credit: Felix Mizioznikov /

During your cruise, you will also be able to book a return shuttle to Miami Airport from the cruise port at the onboard Excursion Desk.

Pros and Cons of Cruise Shuttles

On the plus side, the shuttle will transfer you and your luggage directly from Miami Airport Arrivals to the ship. Once you have booked your seat on the cruise shuttle, you can relax and start looking forward to your cruise. If there are any delays, the cruise won’t sail without you!

At the end of your cruise, the advantage of using the cruise shuttle is that the cruise line will take care of everything.

You will be grouped together in the lounge, your luggage will be waiting for you in a special area, and you will get priority disembarkation.

Using the cruise shuttle is definitely the easiest option for transferring between Miami airport and the cruise port.

However, you may have to sit and wait for other passengers to arrive before the shuttle bus departs for the cruise terminal.

Carnival Cruise Ships Docked in Miami
Photo Credit: pisaphotography /

The other downside to these cruise line shuttles is that they only operate on the day of your cruise. They are therefore not suitable if you are planning to fly into Miami a day or so ahead of your cruise (which is recommended to avoid any problems with bad weather or flight cancelations).

Cruise line transfers can be a pricey option, particularly if you are traveling as a family or group. Unlike a taxi or ride share, cruise shuttle transfers are priced per person, not per vehicle.

Carnival Cruise Line charges around $17 per person each way to transfer between the airport and the Port of Miami and other cruise lines charge a similar rate. For a couple, that adds $68 to your cruise!

If you are cruising as a family or group, it can be much more economical to book your own shared transport, such as a private taxi, Uber, or van.

There are some ways to get a free cruise shuttle. If you book your flight with the cruise company, a courtesy shuttle will usually be provided as part of the additional fee.

Also, if you book a post-cruise shore excursion to see more of the Miami sights, the tour will drop you and your luggage at the airport upon request. That’s a hassle-free way to fill the day at the end of the cruise and get to the airport.

Cheap Miami Airport Shuttles to the Cruise Port

As an alternative to the official cruise line shuttles, there are independent shuttles that offer pre-booked transportation between Miami Airport and the cruise port.

They tend to be cheaper than cruise lines and use minibusses to transport groups of passengers as part of a private or shared van service.

Companies offering private and shared shuttle transfers include Jayride, GoAirportShuttle, AirportShuttles, and AmericanShuttle.

It’s well worth shopping around to get the best rates for cheap transport from Miami Airport to the cruise port. Expect to pay $20-$40 for a private vehicle, depending on the size you need. Remember to book in advance!

Taxi Miami Airport to Cruise Port

Taxis are a very smooth and easy option if you have not pre-booked transport from the airport to PortMiami. Staff will direct you to the next available taxi.

Taxi at PortMiami, Florida
Taxi at PortMiami, Florida (Photo Credit: pisaphotography /

Drivers will help with luggage and provide a comfortable air-conditioned journey to the cruise terminal in about 12 minutes if traffic is flowing smoothly.

There is a fixed rate, currently $27, and that’s for the vehicle. It’s particularly economical if you are traveling as a family or group of up to 4 passengers.


Uber and Lyft offer comfortable ride-share transfers from Miami Airport to the cruise port. They generally work out a little cheaper than a taxi (about $20 per vehicle) and provide a more personal service.

Private Car/Limo Transport

If you’re looking forward to the cruise of a lifetime, why not arrive at the cruise terminal in luxury?

You can book a private Town Car or Limousine with a driver to pick you up from the airport then sit back and enjoy the ride.

The journey takes at least 12 minutes and costs vary from $100 for a luxury sedan to around $125 for a van and $150 for a private limousine.

BlackLane, LimoMIA, and 515Miami are just some of the companies offering private transportation between Miami Airport and the cruise port terminals.

Port of Miami Cruise Parking
Photo Credit: pisaphotography /

Depending on the size of your party, you can book a private car, van or stretch limousine. Vehicle upgrades are available along with minibusses so you can book exactly the service you need for your Miami Airport to cruise port transportation.

If you have time to spare, book the car and driver on an hourly rate and ask them to give you a tour of the sights before arriving at the port.

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Prices are usually per vehicle, for up to 3 passengers and their luggage making it a very efficient and affordable option for families. It’s a great way to start your Miami cruise in style!

Public Transport Options from Miami Airport to Cruise Port

Miami Train/Metromover

It is possible to travel by train/tram from Miami airport to the waterfront but you will need to take a taxi for the final distance.

Trains run every 20 minutes from Miami International Airport Station to Government Center Station. The journey takes 15 minutes and costs $2. You then need to board the MetroMover (every 5 minutes) to reach Bayfront Park Station. It takes 6 minutes and costs a further $2.

Miami MetroMover
Miami MetroMover (photo Credit: Jean’s World /

This option is cheap and misses the notorious traffic problems around the city, but it drops you and your luggage 1.8 miles from the cruise terminal. A taxi will cost a further $12.


Buses runs from the airport station to MacArthur Causeway/Fountain Street. However, you will then need to take a taxi into the port itself on Dodge Island so it’s not a recommended option.

Hotel Shuttles Serving Port of Miami

If you are planning to fly into Miami Airport ahead of your cruise and stay a night or two in a hotel, you can avoid paying for transport to the cruise port.

Choose a hotel in Miami that offers a courtesy pick-up from the airport and/or a shuttle service to the cruise port. Many hotels offer a complimentary shuttle service or charge a nominal fee.

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Miami Airport to Cruise Port FAQs

How far is Miami airport to cruise port?

Miami cruise port is just 8 miles east of Miami International (MIA) Airport. The journey by car takes about 12 minutes, and even longer in heavy traffic.

How much is a taxi from Miami airport to cruise port?

Taxis fares from Miami Airport to the cruise port are fixed at $27. This is per vehicle, not per passenger.

Is there a shuttle from Miami airport to cruise port?

There are private shuttles running from Miami Airport to PortMiami. Companies offering shared shuttle transfers include Jayride, GoAirportShuttle, AirportShuttles and AmericanShuttle. The trip costs $20-$40 per vehicle and you need to book ahead.

Main Photo Credit: Den Miami /

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