Cruise Passenger Criticized After Casually Arriving Late to Ship

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As seasoned cruisers are all too aware, there are times when the excitement of visiting a port of call can make you lose track of time, a lesson brought home in a recent event aboard Carnival Vista.

In a video shared on TikTok, which has captured the attention of millions, a late-arriving guest managed to turn a simple departure from Cozumel into a spectacle of epic proportions.

While those that arrive late are typically called pier-runners, nothing would hint at a sense of urgency from the guest in question, something that fellow passengers did not appreciate. 

One Lady Gets All The Attention Due to Late Arrival

A seven-day Western Caribbean cruise sailing from Galveston, Texas, on May 27 was just another routine voyage aboard the Vista-class vessel until a late guest turned the tide during the vessel’s call to Cozumel.

While the late arrival to a ship would typically be cause for a sense of urgency, the opposite was true in this case as an ‘entitled’ guest casually strolled up to the dock 45 minutes past the scheduled boarding time on June 1. You can watch the footage below:

Footage of the late arrival was shared on TikTok by @designsbyd1, capturing the attention of over 8.4 million viewers so far. The video depicts the woman strolling towards the ship, holding her bags with no apparent urgency. 

Her apparent indifference to the departure time did not sit well with her fellow passengers onboard the 133,596 gross tons, 3,934-passenger Carnival Vista, who jeered and sarcastically applauded her arrival from their cabin balconies.

Late Carnival Cruise Passenger
Late Carnival Cruise Passenger (Credit: @designsbyd1)

It remains unclear why the guest arrived so late for the departure of Carnival Vista. Online speculation is rife with ideas, ranging from a shopping spree, a snooze on the beach, to returning from a tour. The last option seems unlikely as the guest was the only one to arrive late. Whatever the reason, it pays to keep an eye on the scheduled departure time of your cruise ship, as you could land yourself in a lot of trouble.

Rules of the Sea

Cruise lines typically follow strict departure times at all ports of call.  While exceptions may be made for passengers participating in excursions organized by the cruise line, the cruise ship generally does not wait for late passengers. 

Various factors, such as the number of missing guests and planned arrival times at the next destination, are considered before the difficult decision to leave a passenger behind is made.

Cozumel Cruise Pier
Photo Credit: Yingna Cai / Shutterstock

In cruise industry jargon, guests who arrive late and find their ship has already left the port are known as ‘pier runners.’ Should this unfortunate event occur, the guest is responsible for catching up with the ship at the next port or arranging their return home. The guest bears the costs of such arrangements, including accommodation and transportation.

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On rare occasions, local port authorities may establish communication with the ship, but this does not guarantee the vessel’s return due to the high associated costs and potential itinerary delays. 

Furthermore, stranded guests must possess the required travel documents, including passports and potential visas, necessary for onward travel or re-entry into certain countries.

Carnival Vista Cruise Ship
Carnival Vista Cruise Ship (Photo Copyright: Cruise Hive)

As for Carnival Vista, the vessel continues its Western Caribbean cruises from Galveston until November. Afterward, it will reposition to Port Canaveral, offering three, five, six, and eight-night cruises to the Bahamas and the Eastern Caribbean.

In the meantime, this saga serves as a stark reminder to all future cruise guests about the importance of punctuality and respecting the schedules of the ship and their fellow travelers.

A cruise is a shared experience; one person’s delay can negatively affect everyone involved. Here’s hoping the lesson has been learned, at least for this one guest.

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