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Marella Cruise Ship Experiences Engine Fire, Cancels Next Sailing

A smell engine fire has happened on Marella Discovery, cutting short the current sailing and cancelling the next cruise.

Marella Cruises to Visit Caribbean Port for First Time in Years

Marella Cruises will visit the Dominican Republic for the first time since 2017, offering unique Caribbean itineraries in 2024-2025.

Marella Cruises Deploys Ship to Port Canaveral

Marella Discovery has set sail from Port Canaveral for the first time, beginning a varied series of Caribbean sailings for the season.

Two Crew Members Chosen as Godmothers for New Cruise Ship

UK cruise line Marella Cruises announces its newest cruise ship, Marella Voyager, will have two godmothers.

One Cruise Line From Port Canaveral US Cruisers Can’t Take

US travelers cannot easily book on Marella Cruises, even on sailings departing from Port Canaveral. Why not?

UK Cruise Line to Remove Requirements on Sailings From May

UK-based Marella Cruises will remove the remaining measures left over from the pandemic starting in May 2023.

Cruise Cancelled Due to Food and Beverage Issues

Marella Cruises is cancelling a week-long sailing due to food and beverage issues, but what might that mean?

Marella Cruises to Offer New U.S. Itineraries and Fifth Ship to Join the Fleet

Marella Cruises offers new U.S. itineraries for 2023 and announces that a fifth cruise ship will join the fleet, named Marella Voyager.

Cruise Line Details UK Coastal Sailings for This Summer

Marella Cruises details UK coastal sailings starting in June. Ships will be sailings from either Southampton or Newcastle. Bookings open April 16 2021.
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