Annual Cruise Hive Awards Open for Best Ships, Cruise Lines and Ports

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The annual Cruise Hive Awards are now open for votes – these are the awards chosen by cruisers to note the best ships, best features, and more for the year, and what they are most looking forward to for 2024. Voting will close on Friday, December 22, 2023, so be sure to get your votes in!

Voting opened on Monday, October 2, 2023. Each person can cast one vote in each of the eight categories, but each individual does not have to vote in every category for their choices to count.

Changes for 2023

Cruise Hive has run reader-driven annual awards since 2014 with the “Great Cruise Vote 2014.” In different years, new categories have come and gone as cruise lines have changed to meet cruisers’ changing preferences, but always the awards have been led by what readers – real cruise travelers – love most about cruising.

For 2023, the awards have been renamed from the Cruise Ship Awards to the Cruise Hive Awards to better represent all the voting categories, which include individual ship features, crew service, private islands, homeports, and more.

Cruise Hive Awards
Cruise Hive Awards

Two new voting categories are debuting for 2023: “Best Cruise Line Booking Experience” and “Best Cruise Line for Service and Crew” as both those experiences are very critical for cruise travelers. How will you cast your votes for each category?

Best Overall Cruise Ship of 2023

This can be a brand new ship that debuted in 2023 or an old favorite from any cruise line. Which ship has all the features you love? Which vessel offers the best oceangoing vacation? This is a broad category and you can type in the name of any ship from any fleet.

Be sure to use the ship’s complete name – if you just put “Magic” do you mean Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Magic or Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Magic? Would “Radiance” mean Carnival Radiance or Royal Caribbean International’s Radiance of the Seas? Wonder, Dream, Fantasy… These are all names that might refer to different ships, so be careful with the names!

Cruise Ships in Miami
Cruise Ships in Miami (Photo Credit: VIAVAL TOURS / Shutterstock)

One restriction – only ships currently sailing in 2023 are eligible for this vote; no upcoming new-for-2024-not-yet-sailing vessels or former cruise ships now retired or scrapped are eligible.

Best Cruise Line Booking Experience

Did you book a cruise this year? Whether or not you’ve already sailed, how was the booking experience? Was the website easy to use, were terms and conditions clear, could you easily find the ship, itinerary, and sailing dates you wanted? Have you been able to plan add-ons, and has the cruise line kept you updated as your cruise approaches?

Best Cruise Ship Feature

So many cruise lines have amazing and distinctive features on their individual ships, something that set the line apart from the competition. Whether high-flying thrills, a need for speed, transformative spaces, or incredible views, which feature do you find to be the very best? Carnival Cruise Line’s BOLT Roller Coaster won in 2022, but will it be displaced by another great feature on another cruise line?

Best Cruise Line for Service and Crew

A ship’s crew is the heart and soul of any cruise vacation, not only providing excellent service but often going above and beyond with extra details and memorable touches. Did a particular crew do something extraordinary to really make your vacation? Was there a unique situation that was dealt with in an amazing way? Did you find overall service to be more than you expected?

Best Cruise Line Private Island/Destination

Private islands are growing in popularity as they offer cruisers exclusive experiences and memorable moments. Which island or destination offers the features you enjoy the most, or has something every cruiser can enjoy? Which one would you happily visit over and over again on every cruise vacation? Perfect Cay at CocoCay won in 2022; will it dominate again this year?

Best US Cruise Homeport

Which US homeport is the tops to set sail from? Maybe it’s close to home and convenient, or a great experience no matter how far you have to travel to reach it. Where is the smoothest embarkation, the best features, the easiest parking, the best waiting area? Which homeport would you happily set sail from over and over? Port Canaveral has already won a three-peat; will it be the best homeport four years in a row?

Most Anticipated New Cruise Ship for 2024

Which upcoming ship are you most eager to see? It doesn’t have to be a ship you’re planning to set sail on or already booked for, just a vessel that gets you excited about cruising next year. Maybe you want to go big with Icon of the Seas, get the royal treatment on Sun Princess, feel classically nautical aboard Queen Anne, experience the richness of Disney Treasure, or vote for any of the other upcoming ships.

Best New Cruise Ship of 2023

So many amazing ships have debuted this year, this is your chance to vote for your favorite. Whether you’ve sailed on the vessel, are currently booked for a cruise, or are just a fan, cast your vote for the best new vessel that first welcomed guests in 2023! In 2022, Carnival Celebration won the vote; will Carnival Jubilee keep the streak alive or will a different ship take the title?

Voting in all categories will close on Friday, December 22, 2023, and the results will be revealed before the end of the year.

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