4 Ways An Expedition Cruise Can Change Your Next Vacation

What do you have in mind when you go on a cruise? To have an unforgettable vacation? Yes! To meet amazing new people? Of course! Or maybe – just maybe, to learn and experience something truly unique? Absolutely!

You see, cruising doesn’t always have to translate to just huge ships, onboard parties, extravagant buffets, and fun beach excursions. It can also be about discovering exotic destinations, taking on exciting adventures, and doing things you probably didn’t imagine you would do in a lifetime.

Transform your next cruise vacation into the trip that matches no other – an expedition cruise. How is it any different from your usual cruise ship escape?

An expedition cruise adds to your knowledge bank in a way no book can

They say reading a book ‘takes you places’ – well, going on a cruise to the place you’ve been reading about would be an entirely different experience too! Imagine seeing the actual sights of Antartica, or hearing the sounds of Madagascar in person – nothing really compares.

On expedition cruises, your vacation becomes extra enriching with the presence of proven experts. These are professionals who have certifications and in-depth knowledge in their related fields – think marine biologists, anthropologists, historians, naturalists, and the like. They would be providing you helpful details about the area you’re cruising to.

While you won’t be seeing much of the grand and colorful productions you usually have on cruise ships, you’d be having more educational talks and interesting demonstrations from the experts themselves. These are meant to give you complementary information to what you would be seeing throughout the cruise, and in your port of call.

An expedition cruise lets you see glaciers and other ice formations in their full glory, watch whales and dolphins frolicking in their natural environment, hear and smell the many wonders of the jungle, touch and feel ancient rock formations, and so much more. 

An expedition cruise dares to venture to hard-to-reach areas

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One of the biggest advantages of being on an expedition cruise is its small size – which means it can get into tight waterways to give you the best views, it can get into smaller harbors with lively fishing villages, and it can get you to remote islands outside of the main port.

What does this mean for a traveler like you? Well, a whole lot! It means you won’t just see the usual ‘touristy’ areas – you’d be getting a deeper immersion into the experience. This is especially exciting for places like Indonesia, Mexico, and Australia – popular destinations with more remote (but value-rich) attractions that not all tourists and cruisers can get to.

An expedition cruise is more casual and spontaneous

If you’ve already been on a regular cruise before, you most likely enjoyed your share of formal nights – those sparkly events that require you to at least wear a coat or a cocktail dress. While these parties are exciting for some, there are others who can do without them on their cruise vacations – and this is where an expedition cruise effortlessly fits the bill.

Expedition cruises require mostly casual wear, if not clothes that are a best fit for extreme weather conditions. For some, hooded parkas, in other areas light but long-sleeved shirts, and in certain places – hiking boots would come in handy.

Routes are also known to change up a bit on expedition cruises as their itineraries are more flexible. This can be due to weather conditions, or positive natural occurrences that the expedition team deem of good value for everyone.

An expedition cruise can give you an intimate but luxurious experience


One of the big differences between regular cruise ships and expedition cruise ships is the number of passengers they can accommodate. Large cruise ships can take in thousands, an expedition cruise ship can only accommodate hundreds.

This smaller number of passengers enable you to make new connections, and get real opportunities to further enrich them as you are most likely to still be able to interact with them throughout the cruise. A smaller ship doesn’t mean shabby facilities either – expedition cruise ships such as that of Silversea Cruises offer well-appointed cabins, massage rooms, fitness centers, restaurants, and even explorer lounges!

You’d have all the creature comforts you need (and more) so you can truly enjoy your one-of-a-kind adventure.

Want to change up your next holiday destination? Maybe an expedition cruise is in order.

Christine Antoinette Guinto
Christine Antoinette Guinto
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