4 Unique Cruise Destinations You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

When you hear the word ‘cruise’, you automatically think sandy beaches, lots of sunshine, and that it’s time to bring out your best swimwear and some tanning lotion. While this picture paints quite a lovely sight, there’s actually more places to cruise to than just the usual summer destination.

The Caribbean, the Cayman Islands, and the beautiful Bahamas – who doesn’t want to experience these slices of paradise? But if you’ve gone on the ‘been there, done that’ route with these places, then you might want to sign up and pack up for a cruise to these interesting destinations and get that one-of-a-kind experience:


Antarctic Cruise
Photo By: Roderick Eime (Creative Commons)

Veer off the usual tropical escape and get suited up for a chilly (and we mean really chilly) adventure on a mesmerizing cruise to Antarctica. Considered to be the least inhabited land mass on the planet, this unique destination offers up an equally rare kind of adventure!

If the jungles of the Amazon enchants with its abundance of flora and fauna, the snow-carpeted grounds and the icy mountains of Antarctica are just as awe-inspiring. The Antarctic wildlife of seabird flocks, sea lions, and walruses will regale you as you sit on that very special cruise deck, especially engineered to break through the ice. Who knows, you just might spot a polar bear or an Orca whale!

Cruise down the Lemaire Channel, see more of the magnificent sights at Hope Bay, and watch chinstrap penguins lounging about at Deception Island – there’s so much to enjoy in Antarctica!


Ushuaia Cruise
Photo By: davidkn1 (Creative Commons)

Haven’t heard of a cruise to this country? Consider that a good thing! It simply means you could be heading to one unforgettable trip not so many have been to.

Ushuaia offers sights and adventures like no other cruise destination, as it is located in a point so aptly called the “End of the World”, the southernmost Argentinian archipelago called Tierra del Fuego. It is also the city closest to Antarctica.

Here you will find yourself surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of glaciers, snow-capped peaks, clear lakes, and lush forests. A cruise to Ushuaia promises the chance to hike on the Martial Glacier, ride a catamaran along the picturesque Beagle Channel, or simply go around sampling local food fare.

Nile River

River Nile Cruise
Photo By: Nikki Buitendijk (Creative Commons)

Now if you’re in for a cruise that’s educational, mysterious, and one hundred percent exciting, the Nile River is one cruise destination you must head to.

This infamous river and its location may not have your usual sun and sand, but it definitely offers you a bevy of interesting experiences to enjoy. A cruise down the Nile will give you the majestic view of Luxor and Aswan, where ancient wonders like the Valley of the Queens and Valley of the Kings can be found. You can even get the chance to actually be up close and personal with the Sphinx!

The vibrant city of Cairo also awaits you. Here you can just sit back and savor a steaming hot cup of coffee. And perhaps smoke the sheesha while you marvel at the views that can only be offered by a modern oasis with a very ancient backdrop of pyramids, temples, and tombs.


Borneo Cruise
Photo By: Caroline Grubb (Creative Commons)

The third largest island in the world provides cruise enthusiasts with numerous reasons to keep coming back.

This Asian destination may be just a stone’s throw away from the idyllic beaches of nearby Penang but it delivers much more than just waves and white sand. Borneo is home to a spellbinding landscape of jungles teeming with exceptional wildlife, flora, and fauna. Pay a visit to the Sepilok Orangutan, which houses and nurtures the island’s most famous native inhabitants, the intelligent orangutans.

If you want to chill and soak up the tropical sunshine, then you’d definitely want to drop by the Mount Kinabalu mountain garden. Forest lodges like those in Danum Valley offer a means for you to experience, albeit shortly, a refreshing life off the beaten track.

Four destinations that are little bits of paradise in their own unique way – make one (or all) of them part of your #cruisegoals!

Christine Antoinette Guinto
Christine Antoinette Guinto
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