4 Royal Caribbean Features You Should Pre-Book

Here are 4 Royal Caribbean cruise features worth pre-booking which can help first-time cruisers for that cruise vacation.

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You’ve booked the cruise. You’re so excited that your bags are already packed and ready to go weeks before boarding date. You feel you’re ready to go anytime!

But wait, there’s more! And by more, we mean there’s more to going on a Royal Caribbean cruise than just paying for the basics.

Sure, that fare pretty much covers all bases – save for a few ‘specials’ that could really make your Royal Caribbean experience one for the books.

What are those features that you’d want to sign up for even before you board? Here are four to take note of:

Shore Excursions

One facet of cruising that you’re probably most looking forward to is doing your port visits. Whether you’re headed to a beach paradise, a historical city, or an exotic destination, shore excursions are a must!

While you can definitely find excursions being offered at port, you’re never really sure if they’re legitimate, worth your money, or would jive with your schedule.

Royal Caribbean offers shore excursion packages that can cater to various interests and activity level preferences. You can go with walking/sightseeing tours, or you can go with the more adventurous ones that may involve water sports, hiking, and other similar activities.

Slots for those shore excursions are often filled fast, since they’re almost always the ‘safest’ and most convenient choice, especially for first-time cruisers. If you don’t want to miss out on what those excursions have to offer, you may pre-book as early as 12 months prior to your cruise.

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Beverage Packages

Drinking to your heart’s delight is definitely one of the ways to fully enjoy your cruise. And really, wouldn’t that be the perfect partner to the daily buffets?

But wait, before you ‘drink to that’ – here’s what you need to know – cruise drinks that are included in your fare are mostly limited to brewed coffee, tea, house water (not bottled), and some juices. Soda, specialty coffee, and especially alcoholic drinks, are not part of what your cruise fare covers.

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If you simply cannot do without your regular dose of soda, a daily helping of beers and cocktails, or your specialty brew, then save yourself from the hassle of a huge bill at the end of the cruise – pre-book a beverage package that fits your needs!

Spa services

The Royal Caribbean’s Vitality Spa is a true haven of relaxation – and you just might want to have first dibs at a relaxing massage after your initial round of cruise activities.

Why should you pre-book your spa indulgence? Well for one, you never really know when the demand for massages, treatments, salon, and sauna services will spike – and it just might happen when you decide to come in for one.

Of course, there’s also the convenience of it being one less extra expense to worry about when you’re done with your cruise. If you’re really aiming to give yourself that pampering treat onboard the Royal Caribbean, plan your days and make sure to pencil in a spa date (or two).

Specialty dining

Food is always a big deal when you go on a cruise. You’ll be spending most of your journey on the ship after all, and it’s not like you can ‘drive’ out of town to find a new dining stop to try.

Here are 4 Royal Caribbean cruise features worth pre-booking which can help first-time cruisers for that cruise vacation.
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While the options included in Royal Caribbean’s basic fare are just as delectable, there will be days when your taste buds will crave for something else. And of course, the gourmet dishes that specialty restaurants offer onboard are simply not to be missed. Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine and Chops Grille are just two of the must-tries!

Avoid not clinching your preferred table, or not having enough seats for your party, by prebooking a meal (or more) at your chosen specialty restaurants. If you’re celebrating a special occasion, and need to make arrangements to make it even more memorable, then making reservations is definitely a must.

Now, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting all dressed up for a fancy dinner, then having nowhere to go.

Want to stay organized in pre-booking your Royal Caribbean services? Use their Cruise Planner! This feature enables you to see your bookings and the ship’s itineraries in calendar form, so you can keep your schedule fun and stress-free.

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