30 Things to Know About Perfect Day at CocoCay Bahamas (2023)

Absolutely everything you can do at Perfect Day at CocoCay, Bahamas which is a private island destination by Royal Caribbean.

Imagine your perfect day. The sun is shining, you’re in a beautiful location (probably the Bahamas!) and you’re looking forward to spending time doing your favorite activities with family and friends.  That’s exactly what Royal Caribbean had in mind when they revamped their private island experience for cruisers as “Perfect Day at CocoCay Bahamas”.

This amazing cruise experience combines a beautiful sandy beach with theme park rides, water slides and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities such as floating high above the island on a helium balloon ride. Here’s just some of the unique record-breaking experiences that Perfect Day at CocoCay has in store for its lucky cruisers:

  • 3 beaches to choose from including a new VIP beach
  • Daredevil’s Peak™ at 135 feet high it’s the tallest waterslide in North America
  • Oasis Lagoon – the largest freshwater pool in the whole of the Bahamas
  • The biggest wave pool in the Caribbean
  • New Coco Beach Club with private over-water cabanas
  • A 1600-foot-long zip line
  • Up, Up and Away  – the highest viewpoint in the Bahamas from your helium balloon ride rising 450 feet above CocoCay
  • 13 Waterslides – the most anywhere in the Caribbean
  • Underwater soundtrack at Oasis Lagoon

For an island overview, check out CocoCay map for Perfect Day at the CocoCay attractions.

1. What’s New at RCI’s CocoCay?

After a mega $250 million revamp, CocoCay opened for Royal Caribbean cruisers in 2019. It has since completed its second phase of upgrades to welcome guests back after restrictions lifted.

These new updates include the opening of South Beach. It’s designed for sports-loving cruisers to enjoy activities such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, stand-up paddleboarding, sea kayaking, and zorbing in bumper bubbles! For a more laid-back experience in the sun, there are private bungalows, daybeds, and teepees (cone-shaped tents) available for rent.

Another welcome new addition is the VIP Coco Beach Club with its over-water cabanas reached along private boardwalks. The good news is that you don’t have to be a suite passenger to book this premium island experience. The complex has its own freshwater infinity pool, full bar and an exclusive restaurant serving delicious Mediterranean cuisine specialties.

Opt for a Floating Cabana for 8 and make use of an over-water hammock, small waterslide right into the sea, an L-shaped sofa for an afternoon nap, minibar, dining table, lounge chairs, towels, power outlets, USB ports, storage locker, drinks cooler (unlimited bottled water) and dedicated Cabana Butler Concierge. You might be tempted to stay and let the ship depart without you!

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2. What is Perfect Day at CocoCay Bahamas?

RCI’s Perfect Day at CocoCay is the chance for cruisers to enjoy unforgettable experiences in a safe private island environment as part of their cruise. This private island has been an exclusive beach escape for RCI cruisers since the 1980s, but the luxury Perfect Day at CocoCay Bahamas amenities and facilities puts it in a league of its own.

RCI expects over two million visitors a year to experience Perfect Day at CocoCay once it is fully operational. It is designed to provide ample amenities for up to 6,000 cruisers a day with plenty of space and more than enough lounge chairs for everyone to feel they are in their own peaceful island hideaway.

A View of Perfect Day at CocoCay Private Island
A View of Perfect Day at CocoCay Private Island

Visitors can choose what they want to do at CocoCay. Watersports, thrilling rides and one-of-a-kind experiences can all be experienced along with three huge beach areas for just chilling out and enjoying the sand and sea. You can even get married at one of the island wedding sites during your Perfect Day at CocoCay!

While some activities are included in the cruise price, others attract an additional fee. We’ve included a guideline to prices, which vary depending on the season. The most popular winter months from January to Easter are likely to be the most expensive.

Things to Do at Perfect Day at CocoCay Bahamas for a Fee

Check out the full list of Perfect Day CocoCay Bahamas activities below.

3. Thrill Waterpark

Royal Caribbean’s Thrill Waterpark is a mega watersports paradise with 13 waterslides, a record-breaking Wave Pool, Adventure Pool and Snack Shack serving complimentary food and snacks. Guests under 42 inches in height are required to wear a swim vest to use the Adventure Pool and Wave Pool.

 Thrill Waterpark
Thrill Waterpark (Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean)

Sit back and relax in the sun or head to the record-breaking pools and slides for an unforgettable day. You’ll find stomach-churning drops, zig-zag bends and scary water rides to suit all levels and ages.

The Thrill Waterpark admission fee includes beach chairs and unlimited use of the wet and wild experiences. Private cabanas can be rented and prices vary by season and location. Those around the beach and pool areas are between $299 and $569 and include Waterpark admission and slides for up to 6 guests.

You can pay an add-on fee for the Zip Line and Helium Balloon ride or buy upgraded packages to include the Thrill Waterpark and Zip Line.

Pre-book your Waterpark admission onboard and then swipe your SeaPass card to enter. A wristband system allows you to re-enter as often as you like.

  • Full day Thrill Waterpark Admission $44-$99 per person depending upon the season
  • Half day admission $39-$74 also available
  • Ages 0-3 go free
  • Thrill Waterpark and Zip Line $99-$179

4. Adventure Pool

Part of the Thrill Waterpark, you can bounce, climb and swing you way around the Adventure Pool, mastering a series of obstacles and challenges as you go. Test your balancing skills by navigating across a path of floating lily pads.

Adventure Pool
Adventure Pool (Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean)
  • Included in Thrill Waterpark admission

5. Wave Pool

Within the Thrill Waterpark, the incredible Wave Pool is the biggest in the Caribbean. When the countdown clock hits zero, the simulated waves create turbulent surf to buffet and thrill swimmers of all ages.

  • Included in Thrill Waterpark admission

6. Zip Line

Find yourself soaring high above the harbor on a thrilling ride speeding you over the Waterpark and Harbor Beach. The Zip Line is 1600 feet in length, with 3 segments lasting around 20 seconds each.

Riders must wear closed toe shoes or training shoes to participate. Only riders weighing between 50 and 300 pounds are permitted to try this fabulous ride.

  • Zip Line $79-$139

7. Up, Up and Away Helium Balloon

This amazing experience allows cruisers to get a bird’s eye view of the island, its attractions and the surrounding beautiful blue ocean and golden sandy beaches. It gently rises 450 feet in the air and carries 30 passengers at a time.

Up, Up and Away Helium Ballooon
Up, Up and Away Helium Ballooon (Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean)

No pre-reservation is available as it only runs when wind conditions are favorable. Just buy your ticket when you arrive on the island for your Perfect Day at CocoCay.

  • Up, Up and Away Balloon $39-$99 for ages 13+
  • $24-$64 for children aged 4-12

8. Daredevil’s Peak Waterslide

With a height platform of 135 feet. Daredevil’s Peak is the highest waterslide in North America – 10 feet taller than Universal’s Volcano Bay in Orlando and 15 feet taller than neighboring Disney World’s Blizzard Beach.

This is definitely one for the adrenalin-junkie’s bucket list as you climb 200 steps to the launch pad and then descend to a watery landing. It’s the ultimate white-knuckle ride with an amazing rush designed for the most daredevil riders.

  • Included in Waterpark admission
  • Restrictions: 48 inches minimum height
  • Maximum weight 300 pounds

9. Splash Summit

Within the Thrill Waterpark, Splash Summit offers six trilling waterslides with a variety of descents. Watch riders enjoying these awesome water flumes before heading off to try them for yourself.

First Look at Perfect Day at CocoCay

These phenomenal six water slides include The Twister, The Slingshot and four Splash Speedway Racers.

10. The Twister

Try the Twister, a winding tube slide navigated on a two-person raft. The Twister Waterslide launches from a 60-foot high platform which twists and turns as it descends.

  • Restrictions: 48 inches minimum height or 40 inches wearing a swim vest
  • Maximum weight 300 pounds per person or 550 pounds total raft weight

11. The Slingshot Waterslide

Dropping from a 60-foot high platform, The Slingshot delivers the experience of zero-gravity as you catapult down

  • Restrictions: 48 inches minimum height or 40 inches wearing a swim vest
  • Maximum weight 300 pounds per person or 550 pounds total raft weight

12. Splash Speedway Racers

Challenge family and friends to a competitive descent on the 4-lane Splash Speedway Racers. Launch yourself from the 40-foot-high platform for the fastest decent!

  • Restrictions: 42 inches minimum height
  • Maximum weight 300 pounds

Other Waterslides within Thrill Waterpark

First Look at Perfect Day at CocoCay

13. Dueling Demons Waterslides

Slide from 75 feet in the air on the Dueling Demons, these twin drop slides start by releasing riders through a trap door. The next thing you know, you’re hurtling down an almost vertical flume to a big splash at the bottom.

  • Restrictions: 48 inches minimum height
  • Maximum weight 300 pounds

14. Screeching Serpent Waterslide

The 50-foot high Screeching Serpent Waterslide will live up to its name!

  • Restrictions: 48 inches minimum height
  • Maximum weight 300 pounds

15. Green Mamba Waterslide

Another 50-foot-high slide, the Green Mamba is one to work up to.

  • Restrictions: 48 inches minimum height
  • Maximum weight 300 pounds

16. Manta Raycers Waterslides

For juniors and the more intrepid, Manta Raycers start from a 25-foot high platform

  • Restrictions: 40 inches minimum height
  • Maximum weight 300 pounds

17. Coco Beach Club

Newly opened in 2021, Coco Beach Club is on the far side of CocoCay from the Arrivals Plaza. A dedicated tram carries visitors and their beach gear directly to this sandy Chill Zone haven.

CocoCay Beach Club
CocoCay Beach Club (Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean)

There’s an admission charge of $54-99 per adult to access the exclusive Coco Beach Club and enjoy the beautiful sandy beach, club house and infinity pool.

Beach chairs and umbrellas are included in the Day Pass admission price along with complimentary dining at the upscale Coco Beach Club Restaurant.

Cabanas at Coco Beach Club
Cabanas at Coco Beach Club (Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean)

For your own private area, over-water cabanas can be rented for up to 8 guests to share. They include an over-water hammock, shower and slide into the sea. Rentals start at $999 to $1599 including Beach Club admission.

  • Coco Beach Club Admission $54-$99 per adult
  • Beach Club Admission $34-$69 for children aged 4-12
  • Children 0-3 free

Free Things to Do at Perfect Day at CocoCay Bahamas

Like many things on a luxury cruise, your cruise price includes some complimentary experiences at Perfect Day at CocoCay while other optional activities attract an additional fee.

If you don’t want to pay Waterpark admission fees simply relax on complimentary beach chairs on the white sandy, swim in the warm Bahamian waters right off the beach and enjoy the following free activities:

18. Splashaway Bay

Located just outside Thrill Waterpark, Splashaway Bay is a complimentary play area for children with five waterslides, two drench buckets and many more ways to get soaked. Pools, fountains and water cannons provide endless fun for kids.

CocoCay, Splashaway Bay
CocoCay, Splashaway Bay
  • Free
  • Restrictions: 42 inches minimum height
  • Maximum weight 200 pounds

19. Captain Jill’s Galleon

Right by the Arrivals Plaza, this free fun play area includes a realistic life-size galleon with a few modifications including a tunnel slide and scramble net. There are fun water cannons both onboard and on an island pool for returning fire back to the ship.

20. Oasis Lagoon

Welcome to the largest freshwater pool in the whole of the Bahamas at Oasis Lagoon. Located in the heart of CocoCay, there’s room for everyone in this record-breaking pool, which covers 33,175 square feet.

To get some idea of just how large that is, you could drop a 737 airplane in there and still have room to play. It holds 800,000 gallons of freshwater and took 8 days to fill!

Oasis Lagoon
Oasis Lagoon (Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean)

The lagoon is designed with a series of smaller coves and some shallow entry areas for tots to paddle and play. The pool has an official capacity of 1,750 people, but even with 6,000 cruisers on the island, there are so many different zones it’s unlikely to ever feel overcrowded.

The pool is surrounded by beach chairs and shady palm trees making it perfect for families. Swim between the islands, float around and watch children having fun. One of the surprises awaiting swimmers is the underwater music when you put your head under the surface. How cool is that!

Relax and stay cool in the pristine waters or head to the swim-up bar for some cool refreshments including the Coco Loco island specialty. If you have an all-inclusive drinks package, you can use it here too. There are 23 seats around the swim-up bar or you can enjoy your fruity cocktail on one of the swim-up islands.

Oasis Lagoon
Oasis Lagoon (Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean)

Relax on a beach chair by the pool or rent a cabana for the ultimate relaxation complete with attendant service.

  • Free admission
  • Complimentary beach chairs
  • Complimentary snacks, burgers and hot dogs at the Snack Shack

21. Chill Island

Accessed along a green path, Chill Island Beach is another new complimentary area to enjoy on your Perfect Day at CocoCay. It has its own watersports marina, private cabanas and day bed rentals and is intended to be a quiet area.

Rental and Tour Shack at CocoCay
Rental and Tour Shack at CocoCay (Photo Credit: Joe Hendrickson / Shutterstock.com)

Rent snorkel and diving equipment from the Snorkel Shack, or bring your own equipment and view the underwater world in the crystal clear water. If you prefer, rent a jet ski and go wave-running over the calm surface of this ocean paradise or try your hand at stand-up paddleboarding in the sun. It’s the perfect choice for family fun on a budget.

Chill Island Welcome Sign
Chill Island Welcome Sign (Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean)

The Chill Grill offers complementary barbecued chicken and Caribbean-style food with a spicy tang. Enjoy the beachside barbecue with a cold beer from the self-serve beer station. After lunch, snooze the afternoon away in your own private cabana, daybed or clamshell chair (all rentals) complete with personal attendant.

  • Free admission
  • Complimentary beach chairs
  • Beach Lounger rentals for two $45
  • Floating beach mat $18
  • Watersports rentals available

22. South Beach

Right next to Coco Beach Club, South Beach is another gorgeous new area for cruisers to relax and chill on the beach. It has traditional beach sports zone including volleyball courts and basketball. Fabulous beach rentals include glass bottom kayaking, zorbing on water and stand-up paddleboarding.

  • Free admission
  • Complimentary beach chairs
  • Sports courts
  • Fitness classes (some are free)

23. Organized Activities

Free organized beach activities include some fitness classes (others have a fee), Sand Volcano competitions, Spike Ball and a Coco Beach Party.

24. Straw Market

No Perfect Day in the Bahamas would be complete without a visit to a Straw Market to pick up some Bahamian clothing and souvenirs. Of course, CocoCay has a Straw Market of its own. Bring cash as SeaPass is not accepted here.

25. Perfect Day at CocoCay Amenities

Towels, freshwater showers, restrooms and beach access wheelchairs are all included as part of a Perfect Day at CocoCay. There is a nominal fee for security lockers. A free tram service transports guests around the island. It runs every 15 minutes and stops at:

  • Arrivals Plaza near Thrill Waterpark
  • Chill Island
  • Oasis Lagoon
  • South Beach
  • Coco Beach Club, which also has a dedicated tram at peak times

You’ll find plenty of day beds and cabanas around CocoCay available for rental from $299, depending on the season and location. Beach equipment such as kayaks and snorkels can also be rented.

Perfect Day at CocoCay includes lifeguards at every pool and beach, but parents should keep a watchful eye on children.

26. Perfect Day CocoCay Dining and Beverages

If you have purchased a drinks package as part of your RCI cruise, you can use it for free drinks at all the bars on the island. Where better to enjoy an authentic Bahama Mama than at the swim-up bar at Oasis Lagoon?

Skipper’s Grill at Perfect Day at CocoCay
Skipper’s Grill

The nautically-themed Skipper’s Grill, Chill Grill and the Snack Shacks dotted around CocoCay island all offer complimentary food and snacks including burgers, hot dogs, salads and more. The Grille at Coco Beach Club is included in your Beach Club admission and serves Mediterranean cuisine with ocean views.

If you prefer somewhere quieter and more exclusive, head to Captain Jack’s and enjoy the à la carte menu at additional cost. Their signature mango-habanero wings are $8 for 10 with a choice of sauce, or how about some steak fries for $3? Grab a drink at the Rowboat Bar or perch on a rope swing sea and enjoy live music and waterfront views.

27. Which RCI Cruise Ships Include a Perfect Day at CocoCay?

  • Adventure of the Seas was the first ship to enjoy the new enhancements at CocoCay from June 2021. They will continue to offer cruises from Nassau to this fun-filled private island.
  • Based in Fort Lauderdale, Liberty of the Seas is offering 3 night Perfect Day Cruises.
  • Freedom of the Seas offers 3 and 4-night Bahamas and Perfect Day Cruises from Miami.
  • 2-night Getaway cruises from Port Canaveral aboard the Independence of the Seas include a full day at CocoCay.
  • The all-new Odyssey of the Seas begins sailing from Fort Lauderdale in 2021. Longer voyages will include Perfect Day at CocoCay as a port of call.
Freedom of the Seas During Test Cruise
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean

All these dates are provisional and may change to comply with  U.S. Centers for Disease Control travel advisories and warnings.

28. Tips for Enjoying a Perfect Day at CocoCay

  • You’ll find almost everything you need when you step ashore at CocoCay. Don’t forget to take your SeaPass card to pay for drinks, optional upgrades and experiences.
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats and swimwear are essentials. You might also want books/magazines, your cell phone and snorkel gear, if you have it.
  • There is internet connectivity for those who purchase the onboard Voom internet package.
  • Bring your beach towels from your cabin; you must also take then back to hand in at the end of your cruise. While ashore, you can swap wet towels for dry ones.
  • You’ll need cash (US dollars) to shop at the local Straw Market.
  • Download the pdf map from the Royal Caribbean website for getting around CocoCay.
  • And don’t forget to get off early to secure the best lounge chairs. There are plenty of chairs and umbrellas for everyone,but the best locations are quickly bagged. You will also find the shortest lines early and late in the day.
Pier at CocoCay
Pier at CocoCay (Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean)

29. Where is CocoCay Bahamas?

Part of the Berry Islands in the center of the Bahamas archipelago, CocoCay was previously known as Little Stirrup Cay. It is less than a mile wide and about 200 yards long covering a total 125 acres. It is located about 55 miles northwest of Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, 140 miles east of Miami/Fort Lauderdale and 240 miles from Port Canaveral.

However, you can’t just pop over in a private boat and enjoy the amenities. CocoCay is leased by Royal Caribbean International for use exclusively by its visiting cruise ships. The island has no cars and no hotels, so best not get left behind when your cruise ships departs!

30. CocoCay Bahamas Weather

CocoCay Bahamas is a great choice for RCI’s beach day experience, thanks to its natural beauty, proximity to several major cruise ports, and its sunny year-round climate.

Temperatures at Perfect Day at CocoCay range from average highs of 74°F in January and February to 88°F in July and August. Cool sea breezes keep temperatures pleasant and overnight lows rarely drop below 70°F. Water temperatures are equally balmy, ranging from 73-82°F depending on the season.

First Look at Perfect Day at CocoCay

Rainfall at CocoCay Bahamas is equally attractive with 2-3 inches falling per month from November through April (the main cruising season in the Caribbean/Bahamas). Rainfall is heavier in the summer months.

Expect 6-7 inches per month from May through July, falling as short but heavy afternoon showers. Rainfall is slightly higher in August and September, particularly if a tropical storm affects the area.

Hurricanes rarely affect the Bahamas and are unlikely to spoil your Perfect Day at CocoCay Bahamas. The official hurricane season runs from June through November. In the unlikely event that your Perfect Day may be affected, there is plenty of time for cruise ships to adjust their itinerary accordingly.

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Is CocoCay a man-made island?

CocoCay is a natural sandy island in the Bahamas which was discovered by explorers over 500 years ago. It has since been developed into an amazing private cruise resort. Man-made enhancements include the docking pier and an artificial reef fish habitat.

Is CocoCay open?

CocoCay is now open for cruise visitors (June 2021) so visiting cruisers can enjoy all the features and attractions.

How much does CocoCay cost?

Access to Perfect Day at CocoCay is free for guests on RCI cruises that includes this private island on their itinerary. Food, beach chairs and many of the activities are free but some optional adventure activities attract an extra fee. Prices for optional extras vary according to seasonal demand and the ship you are sailing on.


Everyone’s Perfect Day at CocoCay Bahamas is different. You can choose exactly what you want to do and plan your visit to suit your budget and requirements. Admission to CocoCay and many of the beach attractions and amenities is free with your cruise, as are snacks and drinks at various Snack Shacks around the island.

However, if you want to enjoy some of the more unique experiences and thrilling rides, you can charge it to your Stateroom Sea Pass.

Go on – why not plan your own tailor-made Perfect Day at CocoCay Bahamas as part of your next RCI Caribbean cruise?

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