Who Owns Oceania Cruises and How It’s Operated

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Oceania Cruises is a Miami, Florida-based cruise line that runs six ships to international destinations, including South America, the South Pacific, New Zealand, the Middle East, and more. Here, you will find out who owns and operates this cruise line, its history, staff, and more to inform your selection of a voyage of a lifetime.

Oceania Cruises Belongs to…

Dating to September 2014, Oceania Cruises has been a Norwegian Cruise Line Holding subsidiary. This company also owns and operates Norwegian Cruise Line and Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

Howard Sherman has been Oceania Cruises’ President and CEO since January 2022. He took over the role from Bob Binder, who stepped down after serving in that position for six years.

Oceania Cruises History

Oceania Cruises possess a small fleet of small ships that lack nothing in luxury. Founded in 2002, its first cruise ship was the Insignia. By the end of 2003, Oceania Cruises operated two ships, and, in 2005, added a new one to the fleet. 

In February 2007, most of Oceania Cruises’ stock went to the New York-based Apollo Management. Oceania kept building ships. The most recent two are hot off the press and are valued at $650 million each. The first four having undergone major renovations, each luxury cruise ship can now hold 1,200 passengers.

Riviera Cruise Ship
Riviera Cruise Ship (Photo Credit: Nandani Bridglal / Shutterstock)

The names of each of Oceania Cruises’ ships are Marina and Riviera (the two larger vessels) and the Nautica, Regatta, Sirena and Insignia (half the size of the Marina and Riviera). It is also building a new ship called the Vista. 

The Marina is designed for the epicureans. It holds 1,238 guests and offers a whole host of dining experiences, from a wine bar in partnership with Wine Spectator to multiple open-seating high-end restaurants. It will be refurbished in 2023. 

The Riviera – Marina’s sister ship – is also situated in the lap of luxury. Also holding 1,238 guests, it features the same wine bar (La Reserve) and staterooms designed with Ralph Lauren Home. 

The Nautica fits 656 guests. It has plenty of lounges, suites, staterooms, four restaurants, bars, and offers elegant spa treatment at the Aquamar Spa + Vitality Center. Seventy percent of its staterooms and suites feature private verandas. 

Oceania Insignia
Photo Credit: Ovidiu Curic / Shutterstock

The Regatta also fits 656 guests and is Oceania Cruises’ flagship vessel. All the suites and staterooms are brand new. There’s a casino onboard, in addition to its numerous restaurant and bar offerings. It exudes modernity with sleek designs and novel teak, custom stone and tile work. 

The Sirena fits 648 guests. It has a chic Italian restaurant called Tuscan Steak, unique to this ship. In addition to its numerous bars and restaurants, it also has a spa and vitality center, and 70% of its staterooms and suites feature private verandas. 

The Insignia is very similar to the Sirena in terms of bar, restaurant, and stateroom/suite offerings, and it also fits 648 guests. Its public spaces feature soft sea and sky palette fabrics, testaments to its designer appeal. 

Oceania Vista Cruise Ship
Render Courtesy: Oceania Cruises

The Vista launches in April 2023, and is a marvel in the making. While similar to the other members of Oceania’s fleet, it is so new that lights are practically jumping off the floor and ceilings. Its sterling qualities are reflected in luxurious public spaces and elegant staterooms and suites. As of its launch, it will offer visits to 24 countries, from Asia to the USA.

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings is a holding company. With its permanent home in Bermuda but its base in the United States, it also owns and operates Norwegian Cruise Line and Regent Seven Seas Cruises. Incorporated in 2011, it became publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange and belonged to other parent companies until 2018.

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Office
Photo Credit: JHVEPhoto / Shutterstock

NCLH’s CEO is Frank Del Rio (co-founder of Oceania Cruises). Some of its other chief executives from its inception have been: Kevin Sheehan, Frank Del Rio, Walter Revell, and most recently Russell Galbut as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

NCLH is also the third-largest cruise line operator in the world. As a holdings company, it owns 29 best-in-class ships; has eight more ships on the way, to be delivered by 2027; and visits around 500 destinations annually.

History of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings

Over half a century ago, Norway’s oldest shipping company founded Norwegian Caribbean Line. That line set sail for the first time in 1966 with a total of 550 passengers onboard the Sunward vessel. It helped cement in cultural consciousness the notion of a resort-at-sea, an alternative to traditional resorts on land.

NCLH kept adding new majestic ships to its fleet throughout the latter half of the century, and in the 1980s, Norwegian Caribbean Line purchased the Royal Viking Line and became Norwegian Cruise Line. The ‘90s were a very seminal month for NCL as it focused on expansion and growth efforts, adding elements like Wi-Fi and cell service to its ships.

Cruise ship Sunward at Pier A in 1970
Cruise ship Sunward at Pier A in 1970 (Photo Credit: by Raymond L. Blazevic)

In 2000, Genting Hong Kong Limited acquired NCL for approximately $1.8 billion. NCL then sold half of its equity to private equity groups like Apollo Management in 2007. In 2013, NCL became NCLH as it went public on the stock market under the ticker symbol “NCLH.” 

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In 2014, NCLH purchased Prestige Cruises International, which owned Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Sea Cruises at the time. This $30 billion purchase reinforced NCLH’s status on the global cruise line market as one of notoriety, quality, and brand power. 

Frank Del Rio

Del Rio has been CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings since 2015. During his tenure, he has provided innovative experiences and world-class ships for his company. His leadership has produced an expansive fleet, added a destination in Belize, and bolstered its global footprint while reducing its carbon footprint. 

NCHL in Present-Day

Presently, NCLH owns Oceania Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line. It has a total of 28 ships cruising around the world to over 490 destinations.

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