Who Owns Celebrity Cruises?

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Celebrity Cruises is one the most famous and innovative cruise lines around. Celebrity Cruises draws in all types of people, from young adults to families, to enjoy a relaxed luxury cruise without luxury prices. But who owns Celebrity Cruises?

In this article, you’ll learn who owns Celebrity Cruises, the history of this popular cruise line, and what to expect if you choose to take one of their luxury cruises.

The Owner of Celebrity Cruises Is…

Let’s jump right into who owns Celebrity Cruises.

Celebrity Cruises is owned by Royal Caribbean Group – the second biggest cruise company after Carnival Corporation. The CEO & President of Celebrity Cruises was Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, but in May 2023, she was promoted to Vice Chair, External Affairs for Royal Caribbean Group.

Currently, Laura Hodges Bethge holds the helm at the cruise line after being promoted from her previous role of executive vice president of shared services operations. The President & CEO of Royal Caribbean Group is Jason Liberty.

Celebrity is one of the three cruise brands the global cruise company owns, the other two being Royal Caribbean International and Silversea Cruises. When a cruise company operates more than one cruise line, people often wonder what makes them different. In this case, what makes the Celebrity Cruises line different?

Celebrity Cruises President & CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo
Celebrity Cruises President & CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo

What sets Celebrity Cruises apart from Royal Caribbean Group’s other offerings is it offers a more premium experience. While Celebrity Cruises may be a little more expensive on average, the experience will also be more elevated.

Celebrity Cruises has its headquarters in Miami, along with Royal Caribbean Group’s other brands.

The History of Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises was founded in 1988 by Chandris Group, a former Greece-based cruise line. Chandris Group initially operated cruises to Bermuda and characterized themselves as an option for the lower-end cruise passenger market.

Here’s how Chandris Group created Celebrity Cruises. In 1988, another large cruise line that operated in Bermuda, Home Lines, was bought out by another large cruise line.

They had a contract for two ships with Bermuda. But the company who bought them decided to withdraw their ships from this service.

Chandris Group was interested in these two new contracts up for grabs, but Bermuda would only award these contracts to upmarket cruise lines, which, as mentioned, Chandris Group was not.

SS Meridian
SS Meridian (Photo Credit: Svend Raether)

So they created Celebrity Cruises and negotiated with the Government of Bermuda until they were awarded the contract. Once won, Chandris Group marketed the Celebrity Cruises line as a luxury cruise. 

Celebrity Cruises started with one cruise ship, the Meridian, until a second cruise ship, the Horizon, entered service in 1990.

Chandris Group operated six cruise ships under Celebrity Cruises by the end of their run. In 1997, Chandris Group sold Celebrity Cruises to Royal Caribbean Group, which has been operating the cruise line ever since. However, you’ll still see hints of the cruise line’s Greek roots, as the logo contains the Greek letter “chi” for Chandris.

Cruises Offered By Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises offers cruises all over the world – to all seven continents. This means that there are no limits to where you can go.

Celebrity Beyond Cruise Ship
Photo Courtesy: Celebrity Cruises

You can visit up to eight destinations on one cruise, with over 300 possible destinations. Here are some of the top destinations that Celebrity Cruises offers:

  • The Caribbean
  • Europe
  • Western Mediterranean
  • Alaska

Regarding cruise types, Celebrity Cruises also has various packages to choose from, such as all-inclusive cruises and “bucket-list” cruises that include shore excursions with adventures that are on your bucket list.

What Can You Do on a Celebrity Cruise?

Celebrity Cruises is known for its cruise line’s wide range of activities. They operate 15 ships, including the Celebrity Beyond, Celebrity Apex, Celebrity Edge, and Celebrity Summit, each offering unique experiences. Depending on which cruise and destination you’re on, there are a variety of different activities guests can choose from, including: 

  • Onboard casino
  • Shows and live music
  • Bingo
  • Parties and nightclubs

You’ll also find a variety of outdoor spaces to relax and various bars, lounges, and restaurants to dine at every day

One activity unique to Celebrity Cruises is its customizable onboard camp – Camp at Sea. This is a great educational activity if you’re traveling with children.

Celebrity Beyond Cruise Ship
Photo Credit: Melissa Mayntz

The activities range from art to culinary and STEM. This is sure to be a memorable experience for your little ones and also allows you to enjoy some alone time enjoying the cruise yourself!

Final Thoughts

Who owns Celebrity Cruises? Royal Caribbean Group, a trusted cruise line company that offers many cruises. That said, Celebrity Cruises offers guests a unique experience you won’t find on any other line.

If you’re looking for relaxed luxury, interesting activities, and over 300 possible destinations, Celebrity Cruises is worth considering.

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