42 IDEAL Things to Do in Cozumel, Mexico

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When most of us think of Mexico, we’re quick to think of popular destinations like Cancun or Cabo San Lucas. However, this country is packed full of amazing destinations, and gorgeous places to visit. 

One of those destinations is Cozumel, Mexico. Cozumel is a stunning island located in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula. It’s the third-largest island in Mexico and is full of stunning flora and fauna.

If you’re planning on visiting this gem of the Caribbean, then you need to know what the best things to do in Cozumel are! Keep reading and let’s dive into this guide on 42 of the best things to do in Mexico while visiting this gorgeous island.

1. Take a Submarine Adventure

Have you ever heard of the legend of the lost city of Atlantis? This spooky story tells the tale of an underwater kingdom where mermaids and mermen swim and treasure lies.

While we’re not promising you’ll get to see mermaids, you’ll certainly be able to see the stunning fish, coral reefs, and other aquatic life when you take a submarine expedition where you dive beneath the ocean’s surface and have the chance to find treasures of your own!

Atlantis Submarine
Atlantis Submarine (Photo Credit: Jeff Whyte / Shutterstock.com_

On this unique adventure, you’ll go beneath the waves and see what the aquatic life and plants of Cozumel are like. Keep your eyes peeled for coral and brightly colored fish while you cruise beneath the waves.

2. Visit the Beach

There are so many things to do in Cozumel, but you wouldn’t really be getting the island experience if you didn’t visit at least one of the amazing beaches! There are tons of gorgeous, white sand and rocky beaches that you can enjoy while in Cozumel. 

A few popular beaches to visit include: 

  • Paradise Beach
  • Playa Mia
  • Mr Sanchos Beach
  • Sunset Beach
  • Playa Palancar
  • Passion Beach
  • Punta Sur Eco Beach
  • Playa Del San Martin
  • Playa Bonita
  • Playa Chen Rio
  • Punta Morena
  • El Mirador

These are just a few of the many amazing beaches that you can visit. Be sure to check out all the different views from each beach so that you can plan your visit so that you can enjoy a day of relaxation in your favorite spot.

3. Be a Pirate for a Day

If you’re wanting to find unique things to do in Cozumel, then you can’t miss a visit to the Jean Laffite. This is a Spanish Galleon that has been turned into a venue for a night of fun.

The evening starts by welcoming you aboard and serving you up tasty seafood, steak, chicken, or vegetarian dinner. From there, the pirate show gets started and you’re in for a night of live music, entertainment, dancing, and games.

Cozumel Pirate Ship
Cozumel Pirate Ship (Photo Credit: Ramunas Bruzas / Shutterstock)

All alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as the entertainment, are included in this excursion, making it a great activity for the whole family to enjoy. Plus, you could take home one of the grand prizes from the raffles or other fun games!

4. Visit a Sunken Ship

One of the best things to do in Cozumel is to visit the island’s sunken shipwreck. The wreck is a popular dive spot for people who enjoy scuba diving. 

However, you can also visit the wreck with a simple snorkeling day trip! That way, you’ll get a chance to see the wreck without having to dive too far beneath the surface.

Sunken Ship in Cozumel
Sunken Ship in Cozumel (Photo Credit: Chris Carte / Shutterstock)

No matter how you choose to explore this area, be sure to set aside enough time to visit the wreck. Most guides recommend setting aside a full day for this activity.

5. Charter Boat and Snorkel Trip

There’s nothing quite like snorkeling in the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean. If you’re interested in taking a snorkeling trip, be sure to check out a day trip to explore some of Cozumel’s reefs!

This amazing excursion lasts a full day and takes you out on a private boat to a couple of the different coral reefs on Cozumel. If you prefer, you can always relax and unwind on the gorgeous white sands of the El Cielo sandbar while your companions get adventurous.

6. Ride an ATV to Jade Cavern

If you’re not afraid of getting a little dirty, then you won’t want to miss a chance to go on an ATV adventure out to Jade Cavern. This excursion takes you bumping across Mexico’s landscape out to one of Cozumel’s unique caves.

ATV on Beach in Mexico
ATV on Beach in Mexico (Photo Credit: Nathan Kresge / Shutterstock)

As part of your ATV ride, you’ll be swamps, jungle paths, and unique forest groves. This adventure isn’t for the faint of heart so be prepared to see some unique wildlife on your trip into the rainforest! 

7. Chankanaab Park

If dolphins are your favorite animal then you’ll fall in love with the wildlife at Chankanaab Park. This is an amazing opportunity to visit a dolphin center where you can get a chance to snorkel with marine life in a controlled environment. 

In addition to dolphins, you’ll get to see sea lions and crocodiles. Plus, tropical fish are abundant in the park that you’ll want to stop and take photos of.

Aerial view of Chankanaab Park
Aerial view of Chankanaab Park (Photo Credit: EDGAR PHOTOSAPIENS / Shutterstock)

Part of this adventure is a delicious lunch inside the park. The lunch is made up of Mexican foods that allow you to try some different cuisine than you’re used to. 

8. Taste the Flavors of Mexico

Speaking of the different cuisine in Mexico, if you enjoy food tours and exploring the gastronomy of new locations, there are adventures for you too. Cozumel offers a chocolate, tequila, and taco tour

On this excursion, you’ll get to try different types of Mexican food and drink. Taste several different styles of tacos and wash it down with a swig of pure Mexican tequila. 

You might think you’ve had good Mexican food before, but nothing beats the real deal. This four-hour excursion is sure to get you the flavors you’re looking for in a unique location!

9. Private Buggy Tour

Another fun activity you can check out in Cozumel is to go on a private buggy tour of the island. This is a great way to take a joy ride and check out what the island’s sights and sounds are like.

One of the most exciting aspects of this tour is that not only do you get to visit hidden island locations but you also get to go on a snorkeling adventure. As part of your buggy tour, you’ll stop by one of the island’s beautiful beaches to dive under the water. 

Plus, lunch is included on this trip. That means that you don’t have to worry about packing your own meals while you’re out and about.

10. Glass Bottom Boat Tour

While you’re always welcome to take a submarine tour, that’s not for everyone. Some people prefer to view the ocean from above! In this case, a glass-bottom boat tour is a great option.

Cozumel Glass Bottom Boat
Cozumel Glass Bottom Boat (Photo Credit: Roger W / Creative Commons)

During your glass-bottom boat adventure, you’ll be taken out to the middle of the ocean and given a chance to look at wildlife under the water. Enjoy your cruise around the Caribbean while rainbow fish swim beneath your feet!

Plus, you’ll get a chance to jump overboard and swim with the fish yourself as part of your tour! At one of the three reefs that the boat visits, you can get out and snorkel around the water, getting a chance to reach out and tough the schools of gorgeous fish beneath you.

11. Go for an E-Bike Ride

Do you love biking but want an easier way to do it? Good call. If so, you’ll love this e-bike tour of Cozumel Mexico! On an e-bike ride, you’ll get around the island without having to put in as much effort. 

On top of that, you’re able to go great distances so that you can enjoy seeing all corners of Cozumel. As part of your adventure, your tour guide will stop off at snorkel sites where you can get in the water.

E-Bike Tour
E-Bike Tour (Photo Credit: Ralf Geithe / Shutterstock)

Be sure to pack your bathing suit and some exercise clothes so that you can go biking around the island on this amazing adventure. Plus, with lunch included you don’t have to worry about bringing food along and can simply enjoy making your way around Cozumel.

12. Take a Jeep Tour of Cozumel

Another fun way to see the island is to take a private jeep tour of Cozumel. This amazing adventure gives a whole new meaning to the term “road trip”.

Get ready to roll down the roof, blast some music, and speed around the island taking in the unique sights and sounds of the area. As part of your trip, you’ll ride along the coast and watch the waves rolling into the beautiful white-sand beaches.

Then, at one of the beaches, you’ll get a chance to climb out of the jeep and spend some time on the beach. Dip your toes into the water or get adventurous and try your hand at snorkeling!

After a long day of driving and snorkeling, your guide will bring you to an authentic Mexican restaurant. There, you’ll be treated to a tasty lunch of classic cuisine like you’ve never tasted before.

13. Scuba Diving Adventure

One of the things that Cozumel is famous for is its amazing dive spots. That’s because the waters are teeming with colorful reefs and beautiful, unique fish. Plus, you might be lucky enough to spot a ship or plane wreck depending on where you dive!

So, it wouldn’t really be a trip to Cozumel if you didn’t try snorkeling, right? Even if you’ve never been before, you can book a snorkeling tour while you’re on the island. You’ll be guided through the basics of snorkeling so that you can learn to dive beneath the surface like a pro.

This Cozumel dive boat
This Cozumel dive boat (Photo Credit: Dennis Sabo / Shutterstock)

From there, it’ll be time to put on your air tank and pull up your wetsuit. Then, it’s all systems go, and time to dive beneath the waves. Get ready to be amazed as you see the incredible beauty that lies beneath the surface of Cozumel’s magical beaches.

On top of that, this opportunity includes your entrance fee to Chankanaab Park. That means that once the scuba fun is over, you can keep the party going by exploring the waves with VIP access to this fun marine park.

14. Take the X-Rail Through the Jungle

There are so many ways to explore the jungles of Cozumel, and one of those ways is by taking the X-rail through the jungle. What you’ll do is climb aboard an ATX-rail buggy that lets you bring the whole family along for the fun. 

During your adventure, you’ll bounce along jungle trails and through marshy swamps. You’ll be treated to a real taste of the wild side of Cozumel and will get to see unique orchids and wildlife as you cruise through the jungle. 

At the end of your tour, you’ll come to Jade Cavern, where you’ll be able to explore one of Cozumel’s coolest caves. At the end of your tour, you’ll be ready to relax and unwind with refreshments back onboard your cruise ship.

15. Snorkel With Stingrays

Did you know that you can go swimming with stingrays? That’s right! These creatures are actually harmless as long as you know how to swim with them the right way.

On a private stingray swimming adventure, your guide will help you glide through the water the way these beautiful sea creatures do. You can either choose to simply swim through the crystalline Caribbean waters, or you can put on your mask and go snorkeling.

Eagle Ray Stingray Spotted Near the island
Eagle Ray Stingray Spotted Near the island (Photo Credit: sergemi / Shutterstock)

Either way, this is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Reach out and touch the backs of one of these silky sea creatures as they slide past you.

At the end of the day, you’ll be brought to private shower facilities that you can use to clean up in. You’ll be ready to call it a day after the excitement of this amazing opportunity. 

16. Enjoy a Massage on a Private Beach

There’s nothing that says vacation like treating yourself to a massage. A massage works out the kinks in your body and loosens your muscles so that you can truly relax and unwind. 

With this VIP beach access package, you get to enjoy an open bar on one of Cozumel’s beautiful beaches. And, as part of the deal, you can treat yourself to a 30-minute massage. 

Your beach pass also includes exclusive access to several unique amenities. Enjoy showers, cabanas, lounge chairs, and more. 

With a VIP package, you don’t need to worry about bringing anything. Instead, you can simply rest and relax the way that you deserve on your amazing Cozumel Mexico vacation.

17. Try Your Hand at Paddleboarding

Have you ever gone paddleboarding? If not, the perfect time to try it is while you’re visiting Cozumel Mexico! 

One of the fun excursions you can do during your time in Cozumel is to take a paddleboarding tour. The best part about this tour is that you can take it fairly close to the port, making it easy to get to and from your cruise ship.

Paddleboarding in Cozumel
Paddleboarding in Cozumel (Photo Credit: Avaniks / Shutterstock.com)

Your paddleboarding experience will include your paddle and your board so that you don’t have to worry about extra rentals. On top of that, this adventure takes place on stingray beach so you might catch a glimpse of one of these amazing sea creatures. 

Plus, after your paddleboarding time is up, you can dive into the water and go snorkeling! This gives you a chance to get a closer look at the marine life you spotted on your paddleboarding adventure. Once again, all the gear is included so you don’t need to worry about extra rentals.

18. Make Margaritas from Scratch

One of the most popular cocktails is the margarita. And, while you may know how to order one to suit your taste, do you know how to make one by yourself? We didn’t think so!

While you’re in Cozumel, be sure to visit this amazing margarita workshop. The workshop shows you how to mix a basic margarita and how to measure your ingredients and pour your alcohol. 

Plus, with this recipe, you get a unique twist on the classic margarita flavors. Rather than enjoying the typical lime beverage, you’ll get to learn how to make a chocolate margarita. This recipe uses Mayan chocolate and unique ingredients from Mexico. 

If you’re ready to learn how to craft a cocktail that will wow the crowd at your next part, you simply have to check out this workshop. You won’t regret it when you take the first sip of your newly created chocolate margarita!

19. Learn About the History of Cozumel

You can get out and explore Cozumel’s historic side if that’s what you enjoy while traveling. A great way to do that is to take a historic buggy tour of Cozumel!

This buggy tour ferries you around the island and takes you to all the top historic spots in Cozumel. You’ll get a chance to check out different ancient sites and swing by the first town in Cozumel, El Catedral. 

Cozumel Island
Cozumel Island (Photo Credit: Bogdan Dyiakonovych / Shutterstock)

From there, you’ll have a chance to eat a tasty lunch at one of the local restaurants. Experience the authentic flavors of Mexico in one of the city’s oldest eateries. 

After you’ve had your fill, you’ll hop back in your buggy and get ready to ride out to one of the beaches. There, you’ll get the chance to go snorkeling and see what lies beneath the waves on the coast of Cozumel.

As you wrap up your day, your authentic Mayan guide will tell you about the history of the area. You’ll get to enjoy local snacks and refreshments as you make your way back to the cruise port.

20. Make Mayan Chocolate

If you have a sweet tooth then you need to head out to Cozumel’s amazing chocolate workshop. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to create your own chocolate masterpiece and to learn the ancient Mayan technique of chocolate creation.

You’ll start this adventure by learning about ancient Mayan culture. You’ll discover how chocolate was such a big part of these ancient people’s lifestyles and what role it played for them.

Traditional Chocolate Making Methods
Traditional Chocolate Making Methods (Photo Credit: mirjana simeunovich / Shutterstock.com)

Discover how chocolate was used in rituals and how it was considered the food of the Gods. And, you’ll learn about how this drink was initially discovered and why it became so critical to Mayan culture.

Next, you’ll be taught how the Mayans used to craft their own chocolate. You’ll get to see a master chocolatier turn cacao seeds into tasty chocolate. Then, it’s your turn! You’ll try your hand at making your own chocolate bar in the same style as your guide. 

Finally, you’ll finish up your tour by tasting thirteen different types of chocolate. Each type of chocolate is created a little bit differently and you’ll notice the subtle differences between each piece.

21. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

For visitors who are traveling with family, a great activity is to go on a scavenger hunt of Cozumel. This allows you to join in the famous “amazing race” around the streets of San Miguel. 

The scavenger hunt is available for a full 24 hours which means there’s no rush to get it completed. You can enjoy taking as many breaks or photo stops as you want. And, it lets you uniquely explore the town.

Downtown San Miguel
Downtown San Miguel (Photo Credit: Fotos593 / Shutterstock.com)

As part of your scavenger hunt, you’ll be directed to hidden clues and mysteries around the town. Each of the clues are hidden in special, local gems that you wouldn’t otherwise think to visit. 

Get the whole family involved and rally teams to compete against. No matter how you choose to organize this scavenger hunt, you’re sure to have a full day of fun as you enjoy this outstanding, unique activity!

22. View Cozumel by Foot

There are so many different ways to see Cozumel. One of the best ways to do so is to take a walking tour of the island! This lets you get into places that bigger vehicles can’t fit and allows you to get out and explore the city for yourself. 

You can choose from either historic walking tours or walking tours that highlight the city’s top attractions. No matter which you choose, you’re in for a day of fun. 

Your own dedicated guide will lead you through the streets of Cozumel and explain the history of the island to you. They’ll point out unique structures and tell you all about the back story of each of them. 

Walking In Downtown
Walking In Downtown (Photo Credit: Just dance / Shutterstock.com)

On top of that, you’ll have the chance to visit some of the city’s museums. These give you a chance to admire ancient Mayan artifacts and see some of the incredible archeological finds of the island.

Lastly, your tour also allows you an opportunity to meet local people and learn about the culture of Cozumel. You’ll discover what a special place this is and how different it is from any other part of the country.

23. Taste Some Honey at the Mayan Bee Sanctuary

It’s not just Pooh Bear that loves a drop of honey. Sometimes people do, too! And, there’s no honey quite like the honey fresh out of Cozumel’s Mayan Bee sanctuary.

When you visit this spot, you’ll be guided down beautiful paths through the jungle. Lining the walkways are special limestone sculptures crafted by hand by a local artist. 

At the end of the pathway, you’ll arrive at the bee sanctuary. There, you’ll learn all about how the honey is made and how the bees live and make their homes. You’ll get the opportunity to peek inside beehives to see them at work.

Not only that, but you’ll get to learn about the unique history and relationship that the Mayan people share with bees. And, you’ll get a deeper understanding of stingless bees and how they differ from other types of honey bees.

At the end of your tour, you’ll get to treat yourself to samples of honey fresh from the hive. Enjoy the unique blends of honey created from local, indigenous flowers and feel the warm honey slide down your throat. Plus, if you love it, you can take a jar of honey back to your boat with you!

24. Learn to Cook Authentic Mexican Food

If learning to cook up tasty treats in the kitchen is your thing then you’ll want to learn to cook authentic Mexican food at this fun experience. During this unique tour, you’ll be taken to a kitchen where you’ll learn to whip up tasty Mexican meals. 

The cooking class leaves nothing off the menu, teaching you to cook a full three-course meal. You’ll learn to make specialties that you can pair with one of the free cocktails or beers from the full open bar. 

After you’ve enjoyed your new creation, you’re ready to hit the beach or enjoy one of the other many amenities available to you at the private Playa Mia Beach Park. With over 20 different activities to choose from, you won’t want to leave!

Treat yourself to a bubble massage, sip on a cocktail in the private dining canopies, try parasailing, borrow a jet ski, or go snorkel in the beautiful blue water. No matter what you choose to do, you’re sure to find an activity that you love when you join this Mexican cooking experience at Playa Mia Beach Park.

25. Go Salsa Dancing

Do you love dancing? Then get ready! This Cozumel salsa dancing adventure is the perfect opportunity for you to don your dancing shoes and get ready to party the night away. 

To start the experience, you’ll sit down with a Mexican chef who will teach you the art of making authentic salsas. You’ll get to taste your different creations and experiment with spice until you’ve whipped up the perfect recipe!

From there, you’re ready to hit the dance floor. Your salsa instructor will walk you through the basic salsa dancing steps. He or she will show you how to dance solo or with a partner so that you can enjoy this fun Latino dance style. 

At the end of the day, your guide will take you back to your cruise ship where you’ll be able to show off your fancy new footwork. Bring the whole family along to this fun adventure since it’s perfect for all ages!

26. Ride Horses on the Beach

Calling all animal lovers! If you want a way to enjoy more than just the beach while visiting Cozumel, it might be time to plan a horse riding adventure

This horseback tour takes you through the jungle of Cozumel and right down to the beach. You’ll have a chance to see all different types of wildlife as you bounce along on the back of your trusty steed.

Horse Riding in Cozumel
Horse Riding in Cozumel (Photo Credit: m_boldrin / Shutterstock.com)

As part of your tour, your guide will point out Mayan ruins and beautiful caverns that line the trails. You’ll get a chance to learn about the history of the island and the people who lived here thousands of years ago.

After an hour and forty-five minutes on horseback, you’ll finish up at Cozumel’s Eco Beach. This is where you’ll have the opportunity to see all the different types of wildlife up close and enjoy this beachy nature preserve.

27. Go On a Jet Boat Adventure

For those with a need for speed, Cozumel’s thriller jet boat tour is the perfect activity. This high-speed boat will take you out on the water and get up to speeds as high as 72km per hour. 

Enjoy crashing through the waves of the Caribbean and feeling the spray of the ocean hit your face as you bounce through the bays of Cozumel. This bumpy ride is great for thrill-seekers who want to get their adrenaline pumping

Your jet boat adventure also includes transportation to and from your cruise ship. That means that you can get conveniently picked up and dropped off for this adventure without having to worry about finding your own way out there. 

Be sure to follow the captain’s safety advice so that you can enjoy the 360 degree turns and high-speed maneuvers that the boat performs. Then, get ready for the trill of a lifetime!

28. Shop Your Heart Out

Do you love shopping? If so, you have to check out Cozumel’s 5th avenue shopping tour at Playa Del Carmen. This spot is famous for providing you with all the amazing chocolates, souvenirs, textiles, jewelry, and other souvenirs that Cozumel has to offer. 

Your dedicated guide will meet you at your cruise port and will take you down to Playa Del Carmen via ferry. Next, you’ll be guided to a specialty jewelry store where you can check out some of the stunning gems and jewels that Cozumel has to offer. 

After you’re done at the jewelry store, your guide will lead you to an artisan tequila store and a Mexican coffee roastery. Choose your favorite beverage to take back to your loved ones after this amazing trip.

From there, you’ll have free time to browse the many stalls and check out all the goods at the market. You can roam 5th avenue and pick up all the treats and trinkets that your heart desires before heading back on the ferry to your cruise port.

29. Visit the Nearby Mayan Ruins

One of the main reasons why people visit Mexico, whether it’s Cancun or Cozumel, is to check out amazing Mayan ruins. With so much incredible ancient history in the area, this country is home to some incredible ancient temples, homes, and other artifacts. 

The city of Cozumel itself doesn’t have any ruins but that doesn’t mean that you can’t see any while you’re in the area! With an express tour to Tulum, you can check out Mayan ruins and satisfy your craving for this piece of history.

Tulum (Photo Credit: Daniel Waters / Shutterstock.com)

You’ll be able to see incredible frescoes and beautiful statues carved into stone that rise above the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. And, you’ll have a dedicated guide explaining the ruins to you and walking you through the unique history of this site. 

At the end of the day, your tour guide will take you back to Cozumel via a ferry and a bus. With this magical experience, you’re sure to have one of the best days ever while visiting Cozumel!

30. Take a Trolley Tour

Sometimes what you need to really enjoy yourself on vacation is to have someone escort you around town without a care in the world. One great way to do this is to take a historic trolley tour.

On this unique tour, you’ll climb aboard a historic trolley that carries you to the town of Cozumel. During your ride, you’ll learn all about the rich religious history of the city and how the town came to be. 

You’ll get a chance to climb down from the trolley and explore a few of the city’s gorgeous churches. Admire stained glass windows and learn about the saints that adorn them as you stroll through these beautiful historic buildings. 

In addition to the churches, you’ll be able to climb down from the trolley for several photo opportunities along the way. Don’t miss out on a chance to experience the beauty of Cozumel on this fantastic trolley ride!

31. Mr Sanchos

Last but not least, it wouldn’t really be a trip to Cozumel if you didn’t head to Mr Sanchos. This private beach is a place where you can book all-inclusive day passes that let you enjoy every activity under the sun!

Revel in the beauty of your surroundings as you sip on one of the drinks from the open bar. Or, get your adventurous side on and try your hand at one of the many water activities available to you!

You can enjoy jet ski rides, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and so much more. At Mr Sanchos, you won’t have a moment of boredom thanks to the abundance of activities here.

32. Eat Italian at Guido’s

Want to hang out with some of the crew members? Then Guido’s is the place to grab a bite or hang around while in port. Go for the delicious food, stay for the beautiful atmosphere. Break the norm and try Italian in the middle of Mexico.

Guido's Entrance
Guido’s Entrance (Photo Credit: Guido’s)

You will have it like you never have before. Guido’s is one of the most authentic Italian restaurants that you will ever eat at. Enjoy mouth-watering dishes like their lasagna, octopus appetizer, garlic bread, and pizza of course.

33. Drink at the Three Amigos

As the name suggests, you and your amigos are in for a fun time at the Three Amigos. Located on the right side of the cruise dock, this is the perfect place to grab a drink, relax and enjoy the views of the beautiful ocean and the cruise vessels.

The colorful and artistic décor of the bar provides excellent photos ops. Enjoy a cold drink with some great beef/chicken tacos while enjoying the view of the place.

34. Shop for Supplies at Mega

The shops onboard a cruise ship can be limited and expensive when it comes to essential supplies including snacks, medication, and accessories. The best place to go during a port visit at Cozumel is the Mega Supermarket. It’s just like going to Walmart where you can get everything you need.

Mega Supermarket
Mega Supermarket (Photo Credit: Kokoulina / Shutterstock.com)

35. Shop at Los Cinco de Soles

You can easily spend a day at Los Cinco de Soles.  A market for authentic Mayan craft and souvenirs. Los Cinco soles meaning five suns features a collection of a myriad of Mayan, Aztec and Mexican handcrafts.

Designed with intricate patterns and decorations to represent their heritage. Silver, jewelry, clothing, spices, tequila, and chocolates are just some of the items you will find in this store. It is located at the waterfront a few blocks from downtown San Miguel. The store itself is picturesque imitating an old Hacienda look.

36. Live it Up at Fat Tuesdays

The only fat you are getting from Fat Tuesdays is the good kind of Fat.  Fatten your heart with laughter, good vibes, and great food. Located conveniently just off the cruise ship pier at Puerto Maya.

Fat Tuesday, Cozumel
Fat Tuesday, Cozumel (Photo Credit: Staroverova / Shutterstock.com)

The atmosphere here is always fun and is a nice place to jumpstart or finalize your port day on the right notch. The food, music, and service are fantastic, and you are sure to enjoy yourself.

37. Isla Passion

Isla Passion or Passion Island to Englishmen is another beautiful beach found on an island on the north coast of Cozumel. Isla Passion is an embodiment of a perfect tropical island, featuring a tiki bar with palapas, plenty of lounge chairs, and umbrellas.

Enjoy the picture-perfect pristinely soft white sandy beach as you lay in a hammock beneath swaying palm trees. The water is crystal clear and calm enough for kids to swim in. You can only access this beach via boat. It’s offered as an excursion by cruise lines and local tour operators.

38. Park Royal

Relax at an infinity-edged pool with stunning views of the cruise ships in the horizon at Park Royal. Get a day pass to the grand resort located only a short walkable distance from the cruise ship terminal in Cozumel.

Enjoy drinks and great snacks from the swim-up bar or go to the beach and lay on the perfect soft sandy beach. Mix it up by going snorkel which can commence right off the beach. The kid park in the area makes it perfect for the kids too.

39. Playa Chen Rio

If you are looking for an off-the-beaten-path beach, then Playa Chen Rio is the place to be. Chen Rio is located on the east coast, far from the busy touristy west side of the island. Where the cruise ports are found.

It has a nice white sandy beach but what is notable about this beach are the two huge rock formations that break the surf and create a nice swimming area on the beach. The well-lighted shallow waters are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Chen Rio is out of the way which makes it a perfectly secluded beach. There is a little restaurant there called El Pescador that is famous for its drinks and great seafood.

40. Punta Sur

Punta Sur is a different kind of beach altogether. It’s a unique mixture of nature, history and the sea makes it a one of a kind beach in Cozumel.

This ecological reserve is found at the southern tip of the island. It combines a nature reserve with a mangrove ecosystem, a wetland, Mayan ruins, and a beach.

Punta Sur Welcome Sign
Punta Sur Welcome Sign (Photo Credit: phortun / Shutterstock.com)

Visit Punta Sur for a full day itinerary of bird watching, snorkeling, nature exploring, beach bumming, crocodile watching and Mayan exploration. Learn, eat, drink and snap away at this fantastic park.

And lastly, climb up the Faro Celerian lighthouse to enjoy panoramic views of the park and the Caribbean Sea. There is an entry fee of $14 for adults and $8 for children.

41. Paradise Beach

Paradise beach is the most popular family beach. It’s also found on the western coast of the island. Paradise beach is one of those touristy beach clubs that cruisers love so much. Complete with an aqua park and a long stretch of well-manicured, white sandy beach. You’ve got to love this place.

Paradise Beach
Paradise Beach (Photo Credit: IDEA LAB Production / Shutterstock)

The prices are affordable too, charging $18 for a fun pass at the aqua park for both adults and kids. This price also covers snorkeling gear, kayak rentals, stand-up paddleboards, and floaters.

Lay in the sun with a refreshing Pina Colada enjoying the gentle Caribbean breeze. A minimum of $10 is charged for food and $3 for a sun lounger. Don’t forget you can also chill out in their Vegas-style heated pool.

42. Playa El Cielo

Talk about heaven on earth. El Cielo is a secluded sandbar in the middle of the ocean which also acts as a starfish sanctuary. The waters are so amazingly crystal-clear turquoise blue, you have to see it, to believe. This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you will be glad you partook in.

The place is only accessible via boat, and you need to book an excursion to get there. Most of the excursion there offer snorkeling as well. The water depth varies, with some places being shallow enough to reach only waist high, and others at least a few feet deep for you to swim into.

One of the most recommended tour operators for this place is Fishing with Pedro. Though you can search for other tour operators online.

Cozumel Extras

Just before we let you decide on what’s the most ideal things to do in Cozumel, Mexico, lets take a look at some details that can help if your visiting via a cruise ship. Also, it’s worth spending some time downtown and get some nice views while in the main plaza.

Cruise Port Areas

When cruising to Cozumel, you are likely to dock in one of its three ports. These ports are Punta Langosta, International Port, and Puerto Maya. The port you arrive at will depend on your cruise line.

60 Things to Do in Cozumel, Mexico for Cruise Passengers
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Punta Langosta is located in downtown San Miguel and is the closest to the main hub of the town. The international pier, on the other hand, is located about 10 minutes (by car) south of the town and involves a bit of walking to get to downtown San Miguel. Puerto Maya is the furthest cruise port and is designated for Carnival ships and its sister cruise lines only.

Downtown San Miguel and Plaza

Cozumel’s capital is a laid-back, charming town called San Miguel. Discover the way of life of Cozumelians, eat, drink, and party like they do in this beautiful town. A walk or bicycle tour of the town will take you to charming, unpretentious, authentic Mexican shops and eateries.

Downtown Plaza
Downtown Plaza (Photo Credit: Sven Hansche / Shutterstock)

One of the greatest attractions of the town is the wide Malecon that fronts the seaside. A favorite pastime here is to walk along the wide Malecon early morning or late evening. Enjoy the spectacular view of the ocean on one side and pop in and out of waterfront shops and restaurants on the other side.

Relax at El Zocalo or The Plaza as you admire and take in the beauty of the town.  Or go Shopping, one of the town’s major activities. Lots of shops to explore, plenty of Mayan craft to buy… you only need to put your negotiating cap on.

Plaza at San Miguel
Plaza at San Miguel (Photo Credit: Marco Bicci / Shutterstock.com)

Mexican towns are popular for having town squares, where locals meet, relax and hold events. Cozumel has one too. Catch your breath as you people watch or admire the town at El Zocalo, San Miguel’s town square. A beautiful botanic garden in the square offers a space to enjoy a few moments of peace and tranquility.

This place also serves as a perfect spot for a photo op. If you are lucky enough to be in town on a Sunday, then you are in for a treat with the ever-present Sunday night town’s public events like dances, shows, and cultural events.

FAQs About Things to Do in Cozumel

Before we wrap up, let’s answer a few common questions about things to do in Cozumel Mexico, and the area in general. Here are the answers to a few questions you’re dying to know.

How Much Do Activities Cost?

The cost of your activity will vary depending on the length of the adventure, whether you have meals included, and what gear and equipment is involved. However, prices in Mexico tend to be much lower than we’re used to in the United States making it an affordable vacation.

Are All Activities Full-Day Activities?

The good news about activities in Cozumel Mexico is that they can be half-day activities or full-day activities. You can choose whichever works best for you! If you’re only visiting the Cozumel cruise port for a few hours, you can choose shorter activities that fit your schedule.

Do I Book Excursions Through My Cruise Line?

Many people have a misconception that they must book through the cruise line. While you can certainly book Cozumel excursions directly through your cruise line, you can also use external companies. Doing so can sometimes get you better rates and bigger discounts on your chosen activity.

Is Cozumel Mexico Safe?

Just like with anywhere new, you need to make sure you use your street smarts when visiting Cozumel. However, in general, Cozumel, Mexico is a safe place to visit. Plus, you’ll always be accompanied by a professional tour guide.

Do Activities on the Island Include Lunch?

While some activities include lunch, not all Cozumel excursions do. Be sure to check your individual tour or activity before leaving your lunch behind. After all, you want to make sure you’re nourished and ready for the excitement of these activities!

That’s What to Do in Cozumel, Mexico!

We hope this list will help have the best time during your visit to the island. With all these amazing activities available to you, it’s time to book a trip to Cozumel Mexico! Don’t miss out on these top things to do in Cozumel and make sure to plan your trip with plenty of time to enjoy all the activities on your list.

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Haiyan Ma
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