The Best Ways to Enjoy Royal Caribbean’s Labadee, Haiti

Here are the best ways to make sure you have the perfect day in Labadee, Haiti which is a private port resort by Royal Caribbean. Follow this guide with tips and things you can do at the Caribbean cruise destination.

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One of the most popular Caribbean destinations is Labadee, Haiti. We’re going to delight you with this guide on ways to experience Royal Caribbean’s private resort which is a popular port of call for cruise ship itineraries.

The 260-acre private Royal Caribbean resort found on the northern peninsula of Haiti features plenty of natural and man-made facilities. That create fun and thrilling adventures, for you to enjoy. As such you won’t have a shortage of fun in this place, if anything, time itself is the only limited commodity here.

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So, if you were wondering about what to expect from this place, then check out the best ways to enjoy Royal Caribbean’s private destination on this list of things to do in Labadee, Haiti:

1. Dragon’s Breath Zipline

Once you get to Labadee you will understand why it’s famed for its Zipline excursion and hopefully get to ride it. Soaring 500 feet above ground, it is the longest over the water zip line course world over. The Zipline starts from a high point on top of a hill and runs at least half a mile over the water.

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This ride is not only a once in a lifetime adventure but also an advantageous way to get the best views of the entire area. Enjoy an incredible view of the island’s scenic coastline with the lush forest and mountainside backdrop. Soar hundreds of feet in the air, capturing the whole experience with a GoPro camera, in whichever pause you choose and enjoy the thrill of it.

Labadee Zipline
Photo By: Royal Caribbean

2. Engage in Water Sports

Labadee offers plenty of water sports opportunities. Enjoy a plethora of fun water sports. Like a guided excursion on a wild and wet Jet Wave tour. Or a kayaking tour to explore the coastlines of the peninsula. Rent paddle boards, water canoes and glide smoothly on the calm waters, basking in the golden sun. Go on a snorkeling or even a deep-sea fishing adventure and if you don’t want to exert yourself, just take a beach mat and float idly in the ocean.

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3. Dragon’s Splash Waterslide

Still, on water sports, try the daring 300-feet-long waterslide. Twist and wind through 10 twists as you enjoy the adrenaline packed fun activity. End it with a big splash in the splash zone at Columbus Cove.

4. Arawak Aqua Park

RCL is also famous for the largest aqua parks. Enjoy your day at the aqua park, which offers plenty of water toys for a fun, yet challenging obstacle-like water theme park. Enjoy wall climbing on iceberg inflated structures, sliding, jumping on water trampolines and floating on water mats at this water park. Which is located only a few yards into the water.

Make sure you have a waterproof case for your phone and valuables.

5. Dragon’s Tail Roller Coaster

While on adrenaline packed fun activities. Go coasting through the forested mountainside at 30miles per hour. On a wild ride of curves, dips and swerves, with each turn bringing a new discovery with it. Enjoy the beautiful view of the forest and the surrounding area up close. This fun thrilling ride which starts from a 680-foot-high point above the ground will create an adrenaline rush within you, that will last for days.

6. Parasail Ride

Or enjoy a thrill of a lifetime flying 400 feet above the ground, enjoying a bird’s eye view of the beautiful island on a parasailing adventure.

7. Kayak Tour of Labadee Bay

Take a guided kayak tour of Labadee bay, which brings you closer to the plant and animal life in the uninhabited, beautifully preserved island.

8. Escape to Paradise Cove

However, if you are only looking to enjoy the scenery and relaxing on the island then take a guided boat trip to a private beach of Paradise Cove. Enjoy the scenic views of the coastline and learn about the culture of the quaint Haitian villages you pass along the way. Once you get to the cove, plop yourself on a sun lounger in the soft white sandy beach or take a beach mat and float idly in the sparkling clear blue ocean waters. Soaking in the sun and enjoying the gentle Caribbean breeze and island aroma.

Labadee, Royal Caribbean

Later on, embrace Haitian culture in a cultural presentation that offers a feel of its modern day and past cultural practices.

9. Explore Labadee on Fun Boat Tours

Get on a luxury catamaran and explore the coastlines of Haiti, cruising past some of the historic landmarks like the bay of Acul, where Cristopher Columbus visited the new world. Catch a glimpse of the citadel one of Haiti’s most famous landmarks which is a city sitting on top of a 3000-foot-long mountain and the Amiga islands. Learn the culture of the Arawak Indians who were the first settlers of the place, and have a picturesque view of the mountains and forested area of the region

Another fun ride, for those of you who are into adrenaline, is the speedy boat ride excursion on the RIB which is a custom made-motorized inflatable boat ride that speeds through the waters at 50miles per hour, taking you around the coastlines of Labadee. Enjoy this ride for only $49.75.

This small yet powerful boat also takes you on a snorkeling adventure priced from $69.75 an adult. The guided snorkel tour takes you to some of Haiti’s northern coral reefs, for an enjoyable snorkeling adventure.

10. Beach Break

Labadee offers a perfect complimentary beach day, for all you lovers of the beach. If you don’t want to engage in any sweat breaking stuff, a beach day is also a very fun way to enjoy your port day at Labadee.

The port has a beach right off the pier, known as Nellie’s beach, the beach though beautiful, is quite rocky, so wear good water shoes.

To access the better part of the beach which is soft and less rocky, go to the end of the peninsula at Columbus Cove. Get there by hopping onto a water taxi immediately you get off the ship which will drop you off near the cove? Or take the free tram available at the port that will transfer you to the cove.

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Get there early to grab the best chairs under the shaded areas. Rent a floating mat and float on the calm ocean waters all day long. Enjoy a cold Labadoozie while at it.  The best thing about the place is that there is a buffet area and bars right on the beach. So, you never have to go far, to get food.

The Arawak aqua park is also very near the place. So, you can enjoy some water sports within a walking distance in the adjacent adrenaline beach. Which features all the adrenaline packed activities like the water slide, Arawak water park and even the kid’s Adventure Ocean Oasis.

Labadee Water

The adventure oasis park is where you take your kids (who are able to swim) to enjoy fun water activities. The park has similar but smaller scale aqua park water toys, like the inflatable iceberg, water trampolines, buckets of water and fountains that spray water every so often.

11. Rent a Cabana on Barefoot Beach

While Nellies and adrenaline beach are full of fun the crowds can be quite a turn-off. For some privacy, escape to some of the private beaches on the island.

To start off there is Barefoot Beach which is right next to the pier on the opposite side of Nellies beach. This is a private beach accessed only by some suite guests and those who have rented Cabanas. As the name suggests, this beach features very soft white powdery sand devoid of rocks.

RCCL offers beautiful cabanas on Labadee. Splurge a little and enjoy a beautiful vacation like no other, in either one of the cabanas. There are oceanfront cabanas, beachfront, hillside and beach cabanas.

Waterfront cabanas are right in the water, you have to walk in the shallow waters and up a deck of stairs to access them.

Find all the beach accessories you need before you go on your cruise vacation.

Mountainside cabanas are the most private. They are located on a lush green forest side with a staircase to and from the beach. The only wheelchair accessible cabanas are the ones on the beach itself under the host of palm trees.

If planning to rent a cabana then expect to enjoy your day in these beautifully designed cabanas. Which come with AC, fit at least 4-5 people, have chairs and a table to accommodate 5. There is also a cooler, a shower, a private bathroom, a personal waiter, and an extended buffet and drinks menu.

For roughly $255 get a cabana for your group and enjoy your port day at Labadee, Haiti in style. The views from these cabanas are stunning and you will be glad you have an escape from the intense sun of the Caribbean.

12. Enjoy an Extra-Private Beach Day

Another private beach getaway located only 20 minutes away via boat from the main beach is Malfini beach. This beach is as private, as private gets, allowing access to only 25 people every 3-4hours. So, book early, if you want to enjoy your day here. What you can expect from this beach, is a perfect white sandy beach, with sun loungers, crystal clear blue waters, plenty of shade, very affordable drinks and beach mats to float lazily on the beautiful waters. Enjoy 3 hours of unlimited fun here, before the boat brings you back to the main area of the port.

Other beach getaways are accessed on sailing and boating trips to other private resorts in the island. Check with your ship, to find out if there is an excursion available.

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13. Food and Drinks

Lunch at the Royal Caribbean port is complimentary and served at any of the three buffet areas on the island. Enjoy grilled chicken, hotdogs and hamburger BBQs with fresh fruit desserts.

There are other restaurants and bars, even a swim up bar in the place as well. Carry cash if you want to enjoy some of the dishes at these places. For drinks, enjoy the number one drink in the island, a Labadoozie, a concoction of mixed fruits with added rum. There are plenty of other fruity drinks and beers to sample as well. Delight in your lunch as you listen to some island tunes.

The Best Ways to Enjoy Royal Caribbean’s Labadee, Haiti
Photo By: Dale Morton (Creative Commons)

14. Shop till You Drop

The market offers over 70 shops, filled with art pieces, jewelry, clothing, sculptures and other trinkets. You can visit the stores in the market area which sell fixed price items or visit the open-air market which features the artisan’s wares. Carry cash and bring your bargaining skills with you.

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Labadee Weather

Just like most Caribbean stops, Labadee experiences year-round warm weather. The temperature is usually around 80 degrees and varies slightly with a 10 degrees margin to the higher or lower side.

The dry period runs from December to March, which is also the cold season. However, it’s still warm enough for you to enjoy your vacation. The summer season is the rainiest, that is from August to October. The hottest month is July and the best time to visit is from December to May.

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Final Thoughts on Labadee, Haiti

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful hidden Caribbean gem, when the chance presents itself. There is so much to do here and so little time to do it in, that the place warranties several trips back.

To experience all its beauty and splendor. Remember to carry cash in small bills, to tip the locals who help set you up at the beaches and also for purchasing items at the flea market, as they don’t accept credit cards, or your sail card.

Your drinks package works on the island so hurray!! Carry a refillable water bottle, to refill on water at the buffet area instead of spending too much on water. Get beach towels the night before the port day to avoid the long lines on the port day at the towel station.

When all is said and done, just remember to relax and enjoy your day at the port. Happy Cruising.

We've got the best ways you can enjoy a visit in Labadee, Haiti during your Royal Caribbean cruise vacation.
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The Best Ways to Enjoy Royal Caribbean’s Labadee, Haiti

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The Best Ways to Enjoy Royal Caribbean’s Labadee, Haiti
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