Royal Caribbean Renames Signature Loyalty Venue Across Fleet

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Royal Caribbean International has reached out to loyal guests in the Crown & Anchor Society to let them know of an upcoming name change.

The cruise line’s signature “Diamond Lounge” will be renamed to “Crown Lounge” in homage of the cruise line’s logo and decades of history.

Signature Lounge to Be Renamed

The Diamond Lounge on Royal Caribbean International ships will soon be known as the Crown Lounge, a subtle but meaningful name change for the loyalty venue. The announcement was made via newsletter to Crown & Anchor Society members, past cruisers who have earned loyalty status with Royal Caribbean.

“I’m thrilled to announce that over the next few weeks, the Diamond Lounge – beloved by our Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle members – is being specially renamed as the Crown Lounge across our fleet,” said Courtney Brant, the cruise line’s Crown & Anchor Society Director.

Royal Caribbean Diamond Lounge
Royal Caribbean Diamond Lounge (Photo Credit: Joni Hanebutt / Shutterstock)

The exact timing of the name change has not been announced, but will likely vary on different ships as signage can be changed and appropriate supplies are made available onboard.

Who Can Access the Crown Lounge and What They Get

The new name is a tribute to the cruise line’s history and heritage, as well as an honor for the most loyal guests who have achieved the crowning glory of the top tiers of Royal Caribbean International’s loyalty program.

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The exclusive lounge is only available to guests at the Diamond, Diamond Plus, and Pinnacle Club levels of loyalty, which require 80, 175, and 700 cruise points, respectively.

Guests earn cruise points for each night sailed with the cruise line, with extra points for booking suites. Extra points can also occasionally be earned through promotional offers, though terms and conditions vary.

Brant does explain that the access requirements are not going to change for the renamed Crown Lounge, nor will the services offered.

Royal Caribbean Diamond Lounge
Royal Caribbean Diamond Lounge

“All members who have enjoyed the Diamond Lounge will continue to enjoy the exclusivity and comfort of your private space with delicious treats and top-notch service,” she explained.

Guests visiting the Crown Lounge will still receive benefits such as the complimentary continental breakfast, specialty coffees, evening appetizers, dedicated concierge service, and more in the exclusive space.

It should be noted, however, that the lounge is not available for China or Singapore sailings.

Not the Viking Crown Lounge

It is curious that the new name of the Diamond Lounge is strikingly similar to the Viking Crown Lounge, a signature venue that first appeared aboard Song of Norway, the first purpose-built ship for Royal Caribbean that debuted in 1970. That ship served the cruise line loyally until 1997, and afterward was sold to different cruise lines before being scrapped in 2014.

The Viking Crown Lounge, however, while a staple aboard most Royal Caribbean ships, is not an exclusive venue and is open to all passengers, regardless of loyalty status.

Royal Caribbean Diamond Lounge
Royal Caribbean Diamond Lounge

The Viking Crown Lounge offers floor-to-ceiling windows and panoramic views, and often features late-night music and dancing.

On some ships, the Diamond Lounge (soon to be the Crown Lounge) is a separate space inside the Viking Crown Lounge, while on other vessels it is its own dedicated venue.

It should also be noted that the Crown Lounge and Viking Crown Lounge are both separate from other exclusive lounges dedicated to suite guests, spaces which vary from ship to ship.

Recently, Celebrity Cruises – a sister line to Royal Caribbean International, as both cruise lines are owned by the Royal Caribbean Group – also adjusted its loyalty lounge benefits, reinstating access to the Retreat Lounges and Michael’s Clubs for Zenith loyalty members.

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