Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Society: What You Need to Know

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If you’re a frequent traveler, then you’re likely already familiar with travel brands’ loyalty programs — the often-free-to-join programs that allow you to earn points and/or miles as you spend with the brand and/or on a credit card.

However, these loyalty programs are most often associated with airlines and hotel chains. But did you know that you can earn points (and redeem points for free perks!) when you cruise, too? 

If you’re a frequent Royal Caribbean cruiser, you need to be a member of the line’s loyalty program, the Crown and Anchor Society. You could be missing out on amazing benefits!

Here’s everything you need to know about Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor, including how the loyalty program works, what benefits you can reap, added perks and the different points-earning and membership tiers.

The Basics

Unlike travel brand loyalty programs that require a credit card, the Crown and Anchor Society program is not connected to a credit card. It’s a true loyalty program in that you earn points from spending with Royal Caribbean directly — not using a Royal Caribbean credit card on your average, day-to-day purchases.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Deck
Photo: Emrys Thakkar

Joining the Crown and Anchor Society is incredibly easy, as all Royal Caribbean cruisers are automatically enrolled in the program with their first sailing (so, in other words, you could currently be a member and not even know it!). 

Earning Points

Earning points within the Crown and Anchor program is easy, too. You earn 1 point for every night that you spend on a Royal Caribbean cruise and 2 points for every night if you’re cruising within a suite. The more points you earn, the higher status you gain. The higher your status, the more benefits you enjoy.

Membership Tiers

As mentioned, the more points you earn, the higher your membership status within the society.

Once you first become a society member, you’re automatically enrolled as a Gold member. Gold members are anyone who’s sailed at least three nights (so everyone who’s ever sailed with Royal Caribbean) on the line, or who’ve earned three cruise points via a stay in a suite. 

To become a Platinum member, you need 30 cruise points. To become an Emerald member, you need 55 cruise points. To become a Diamond member, you need 80 cruise points. To become a Diamond Plus member, you need 175 cruise points. To become a Pinnacle Club member, you need at least 700 cruise points. 

Crown and Anchor Society Membership Tiers
Royal Caribbean Website

Do note that, for example, when you level up from Gold status to Platinum status, you don’t lose your prior 29 points and have to start from scratch again, accumulating a new 55 points to reach Emerald status. Your points accrue over time, so that you can keep working toward a higher and higher status the more you cruise.

Membership Benefits

As could be expected, the higher your status within the Crown and Anchor Society, the more benefits you enjoy. it is important to know that due to the global pandemic, Royal Caribbean has temporarily altered the benefits that can be found here.

Gold-status members, for example, receive…

  • Society-only on-board offers
  • SeaPass Card recognition
  • Priority cruise check in 
  • Access to a private departure lounge with a continental breakfast
  • Priority notice on special offers, new ships and new Royal Caribbean itineraries
  • Reduced rate upgrades as available
  • Exclusive email offers
  • Access to members-only cruises
  • Access to the members-only newsletter
  • Access to a members-only portion of the Royal Caribbean website 

Platinum members receive all of the above, plus…

  • Access to exclusive top-tier events
  • Robes for use during  your cruise
  • Matching status on Celebrity and Azamara Club cruises  
  • And a signature lapel pin to indicate your status

Emerald members receive all of the above, plus a selection of welcome waters and snacks.

Crown & Anchor Society Member Benefits

Diamond members receive all of the above, plus…

  • A milestone recognition
  • A Chef’s Choice gift or amenity during your cruise
  • Priority for the shore excursions and spa services wait list
  • Access to a Diamond Club on select ships (more on this in a few)
  • Priority departure
  • Access to exclusive nightly events during your cruise
  • A daily breakfast with specialty coffee
  • Priority waitlist seating in the main dining room
  • A commemorative gift for your child, if cruising with one
  • And access to entertainment tours

Diamond Plus members receive all this, but also…

  • Behind-the-scenes tours
  • Personalized gifts and amenities
  • Concierge Club access
  • Priority seating at theater shows, ice shows and AquaTheater shows
  • Meals with a cruise ship Officer (as eligible)
  • Upgraded bathroom amenities (as eligible)
  • Bonus gifts (as eligible)
  • Choice of additional gifts ordered pre-cruise
  • Exclusive access to call staff members
  • Single supplement cruise fare reductions (as eligible)
  • Priority access to stateroom upgrades

Pinnacle Club members receive this, plus exclusive privileges that come with a Pinnacle Club SeaPass Card, plus free cruise certificates. 

Whatever status that you hold as a Crown and Anchor member, your child will enjoy the same status, up to Pinnacle Club status. 

The Diamond Club Lounge

In addition to all of these benefits, Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club members all have access to the Diamond Club, as mentioned above. What exactly does that mean?

This VIP area of the ship is restricted to only these members, meaning fewer crowds when you enjoy the various amenities the clubs offer, such as concierge service, complimentary cocktails and complimentary breakfast.

Diamond Club Lounge
Diamond Club Lounge (Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean)

The Diamond Club even offers its own Happy Hour menu, which you can also request at other bars and lounges around a ship (if you have the proper membership level, of course). Just note that the Diamond Club is not available on all ships.

How to Earn a Higher Status Faster

While many points- and miles-earning fanatics are always looking for the easiest way to earn a higher status, faster, with Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Society, it’s not really possible.

The program is very cut and dry, simple and straightforward. You earn points and the more points you earn, the more perks you get. You don’t have to redeem your points for anything and there’s no fast-track to a higher membership tier.

The only way to get those coveted Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club membership benefits is by cruising often with Royal Caribbean, cruising on longer itineraries and opting to stay in a suite versus a regular stateroom. 


If you’re already a member of the M Life Rewards program, the loyalty program for MGM Resorts, you can enjoy additional benefits while sailing with Royal Caribbean. Benefits differ according to your M Life Rewards status.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship
Photo Credit: Darryl Brooks /

M Life Rewards Sapphire members automatically receive quarterly exclusive cruise offers. Pearl members additionally receive access to an entertainment tour and the departure lounge.

Gold members also receive priority check-in, a welcome amenity, a cash advance fee waiver and $125 of onboard credit. Platinum members receive $200 of onboard credit and an annual free cruise, while Noir members receive the annual free cruise plus $300 of onboard credit.

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Latest Updates

Just like Royal Caribbean continues to update its ships and amenities, so does the cruise line continue updating its offerings for its Crown and Anchor Society members. As of August 2021, the cruise line is offering some new, member tier-determined perks.

Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club members now receive daily beverage vouchers that can be applied to beverages of up to $13. Diamond members receive four vouchers per day; Diamond Plus members receive five vouchers per day; and Pinnacle members receive six vouchers per day.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship
Photo Credit: Philip Armitage /

Pinnacle Club members also receive flexible arrival exceptions, and are allowed to check in for their sailing no earlier than one hour before the 30-minute arrival window selected ahead of a sailing, or one hour after.

Pinnacle Club members also receive $25 dining vouchers per family member for use on Oasis and Quantum-class ships. 

Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club members now receive priority access to seating at entertainment venues, up to 45 minutes before a show starts.

The behind-the-scenes entertainment tour that members enjoy access to has also now been revamped. Lastly, a new Pinnacle Club lounge is now open for nightly gatherings for Pinnacle Club-members only. 

FAQ on Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Society

How to join Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor?

Joining Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Society is easy! Cruisers are automatically enrolled after their first sailing and you can check your Crown and Anchor status by logging in to your online Royal Caribbean account.

Do other cruise lines have a loyalty program?

Yes! Many other cruise lines have loyalty programs, including MSC Cruises, Carnival, Celebrity, Disney and Holland America.

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