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The Old Carnival Jubilee Cruise Ship To Be Scrapped

Cruise Hive is very sad to report the cruise ship which was formerly known as the Jubilee for Carnival Cruise Line is to be scrapped. The 30 year-old vessel which is more recently known as “Henna” was operated by China based HNA Cruises but the cruise line decided to stop operations in 2015.

Henna was purchased from P&O Cruises in 2012 and was the first ship for the newly formed HNA Cruises. The legendary ship sailed several different voyages and was deployed in Sanya and Tianjin, China. Due to HNA Cruises closing its doors the ship was put up for sale for $35 Million. With no interest in any purchases the Henna was sold for scrap this month.

Carnival Jubilee
Photo By: Jasperdo (Creative Commons)

The Henna was also known as the Pacific Sun for P&O Australia but its most famous name was Jubilee when part of the Carnival fleet. The ship was built for Carnival in Sweden and entered service in 1986, it sailed for the Miami based cruise line until it was transferred to Carnival owned P&O Australia in 2004. The Carnival Jubilee helped expand the cruise line into what it is today along with two other Holiday class ships, the Holiday which entered service in 1985 and the Celebration which entered service in 1987.

The Henna cruise ship is just over 42,000 gross tons and was classed as a huge cruise ship when it began sailing for Carnival. The ship can carry over 1,450 passengers and 670 crew members. The ship had many amazing memories for the crew and she’ll be missed a lot.

Do you have any memories from the ship? We would love you to share them in the comments below..

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