Norwegian Cruise Line Clarifies About Popular Prohibited Item

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Norwegian Cruise Line has made a further adjustment to its prohibited items list, clarifying its new policy about guests bringing fans onboard. Now, the policy will permit small fans, subject to inspection and approval by ship’s security if necessary.

Policy Defined, Small Fans Now Permitted

Norwegian Cruise Line has clarified its new prohibition on fans, which are now listed on the cruise line’s prohibited items list.

When fans were recently added to the prohibited list, the inclusion only read “All types of fans including handheld, battery operated, electric etc.” which indicated that every type of fan, no matter its size or power source, would not be permitted onboard.

Travel Fan
Small Travel Fan

Now, the list item has been clarified to read “All types of fans with the exception of small electrical and battery-operated fans.”

While there is no specific size listed as acceptable, the list does go on to state that “fans are subject to confiscation by the ship’s security team for inspection and approval.”

“Small” is a subjective measurement, and fans come in a range of sizes from very tiny handheld personal fans that may run on AA batteries and measure just a couple of inches in diameter, to large towers, box fans, and stand fans with oscillating heads.

It’s fair to consider that most fans labeled specifically as portable, personal, or travel may be acceptable, while larger models are more likely to be rejected and confiscated.

The fan’s power source, no matter what size the fan may be, will also be a consideration as to whether or not a particular fan will be allowed, and fans may be inspected to be sure their cords and casings are also secure and present no risk of fire or injury.

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Do You Need a Fan Onboard?

There was significant outcry when guests first learned of the outright ban on fans, as there are many reasons why cruise travelers often bring fans along.

For some, the white noise of a fan is necessary for more comfortable sleep, depending on overall noise levels, sounds of the ship, or whether or not a travel partner may snore.

Norwegian Gem Cruise Ship
Photo Credit: Darryl Brooks / Shutterstock

For other travelers, slow or poor air circulation in a stateroom can make it less comfortable for sleeping, especially on tropical itineraries where temperatures are naturally higher. While cruise ships are air conditioned, extra airflow can make the room seem much cooler.

Guests who may have health conditions that cause excess perspiration or body temperature irregularities may need fans available to stay comfortable as well.

Finally, some cruisers also use a small fan to help dry swimwear, wet shoes and socks, or other clothing after a day at the beach or pool, so damp items will be ready to wear for the next day’s adventure. Most cruise ships do have small clotheslines available in the bathroom, but lack of air circulation can mean it may take many hours for something to dry.

Bringing Your Fan Onboard

For guests who do want to bring a fan on a Norwegian cruise ship, it is best to bring the smallest possible fan that will meet your needs. Choose a travel-sized fan or small portable fan if possible.

If you have used the same small fan for several years, it may be a good idea to upgrade to a new model that might be a bit smaller but more energy efficient, with lower power requirements that will be less of a concern to ship officials.

Less complicated fan models may also be more readily acceptable, so choose a simple fan to pack for a cruise vacation. Just in case the fan is confiscated at embarkation, it will not be as much of a loss if you are unable to retrieve it after the cruise.

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