More Rental Price Hikes From Carnival Cruise Line

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Carnival Cruise Line recently increased the cost for private beachside rentals at Half Moon Cay in The Bahamas, and similar price hikes have now been noted at the cruise line’s other semi-private destination, Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic. The increases at Amber Cove are not quite as drastic, but are significant nonetheless.

Price Increases at Amber Cove

Amber Cove, which opened in 2015, has a gorgeous beach ready and waiting for cruise ship guests, and private beach retreats are a popular rental for visitors. Now, those retreats are coming with a much higher price tag than just a few months ago.

This comes right after significant price increases – roughly 50% more – have been noted at Half Moon Cay in The Bahamas. Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic has similar beach rentals, though the costs are different.

Amber Cove Cabanas
Amber Cove Cabanas (Photo Credit: Camera walk / Shutterstock)

Guests have four choices of private cabana rentals at Amber Cove, each one offering a unique and luxurious experience, but at high prices.

The “Hillside Cabana” is the least expensive, and the only option without direct water access. Tucked high on the hillside with exceptional views, these air-conditioned cabanas include private hot tubs, snacks, lounge chairs, water, soda, and other amenities, including an hour’s rental of two water sports (kayak, stand up paddle board, or aqua cycle). Up to 8 guests can enjoy the cabana for one excursion cost.

Both the “Poolside Cabana” and the “Ocean Cabana” can also accommodate up to 8 guests and offer similar amenities, snacks, and nearby servers for food and drink orders. Neither one has a hot tub, but the Poolside Cabanas are directly alongside Amber Cove’s 300,000-gallon pool, while the Ocean Cabanas are build directly over Maimon Bay.

The “Grand Cabana” is the most luxurious option, and can welcome up to 20 guests for a single excursion cost. These 1,000-square-foot bungalows are built over the ocean and include two water sport rentals for two full hours, as well as a personal hot tub and a dedicated server to take food and drink orders.

All four types of cabanas are all-day rentals and guests can come and go at their leisure throughout the day. The Hillside Cabana rents for $479.99, the Poolside and Ocean Cabanas for $499.99, and the Grand Cabanas commanding a grand price tag at $1,999.99.

Amber Cove Cabanas
Amber Cove Cabanas (Photo Credit: Camera walk / Shutterstock)

These prices are significantly higher than the costs in January 2022, when the Hillside Cabana rented for $309.99, the Poolside Cabana for $324.99, the Ocean Cabana for $344.99, and the Grand Cabana for $1,169.99.

The price differences between January 2022 and April 2023 – just 15 months – equate to increases of 35% for both the Hillside and Poolside Cabanas, 31% for the Ocean Cabana, and a whopping 42% for the Grand Cabana.

These increases are similar to the price hikes for beachside rentals at Half Moon Cay. While the destinations are different, the amenities offered at the private retreats are similar in both locations.

More Choices at Amber Cove

Guests who want to enjoy Amber Cove do not need to pay for the exclusive retreats – like all shore excursions, they are entirely optional and there are many other choices to enjoy.

Lounge chairs, hammocks, and beach access are free for all guests, and the crystal clear waters are always amazing for swimming, water sports, snorkeling, and other aquatastic fun. Pool access is also free, along with the waterslides and lazy river.

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If guests do want to try out other shore tours, popular options at Amber Cove include swimming with dolphins, exploring local waterfalls, catamaran sailing trips, deep sea fishing, horseback riding, ATV adventures, ziplines, and much more.

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