How to Make Each Cruise A Unique Experience: Tips for Frequent Cruisers

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Going on a cruise for the first time is a memorable experience in itself – whether it’s a dream vacation to a far-flung island or just a quick (but lavish) trip to a nearby destination. Tips are abundant for those who are set to have their first taste of an exciting journey on the high seas but we also got all you frequent cruisers covered!

Tips for Frequent Cruisers

But how about those who have been on a cruise, once, twice, many times before? How does the experience become unique and still equally memorable for them?

Here are a few suggestions on how repeat cruisers can transform an otherwise ‘been-there-done-that’ trip to one that still makes them giddy with excitement:

Surprise yourself – Go for a spur-of-the-moment booking

Those who are cruising for the first time usually take on some long-time planning for their most-awaited trip. For some, it takes a year or several months. If you have planned one (or more) before though, the process can easily become a ‘routine’ since you already know how to book, pack, and prepare for a trip.

How can this phase of the pre-cruise preps still be exciting for you and frequent cruisers? Book a cruise that’s set to sail in a short time – a few months, or even a few weeks. If you can grab one that leaves in a few days, go for it.

This may require some adjustments in terms of your personal schedule, but if you have the time flexibility to allow a spur-of-the moment trip – make the most of the opportunity!

Book a cruise you never saw yourself taking

Your first cruise was most probably to your dream destination, a place you’ve been wanting to visit for a long time. It was definitely one you’ve anticipated for weeks on end as it is not your usual weekend trip.

You may have booked succeeding cruises to other dream destinations, and of course, each one was just as exciting. But, how do you make the next one a truly unique experience? One way is to choose a destination that wasn’t exactly on your must-go-to list.

It can be an exotic island in Asia, a dreamy port in Europe, or an ‘extreme’ destination that’s not exactly a ‘vacationer’ location. This holds a one-of-a-kind promise – of unexpected wonders, unplanned adventures, and most likely – a new appreciation of a place you’ve never considered interesting before.

Going on a cruise to the same destination? Try a different onshore adventure this time!

Repeat cruises to the same port of call can happen. Maybe you’ve enjoyed the first time so much, you want to do it again. Or maybe you just didn’t feel like you’ve ‘seen it all’ during the time you went there. It’s also possible that you’re just accompanying someone who’s going on a first-time cruise to that place.

Whatever your reason may be, there’s always a way of still making it fun and memorable. One of which is by signing up for an onshore trip that you haven’t tried before.

You probably went to the ‘usual’ places the first time – explore a different area of the town this time around! You may have done the touristy things during your initial visit, immerse yourself more in the local culture for this cruise!

There’s always something new waiting for you, all you have to do is to try it.

Try a different cruise line. Each one offers a unique experience!

Sometimes, it’s not just about the destination – the journey to the port of call actually matters a lot! Each cruise line offers a different thrilling experience for its passengers, and they all ‘compete’ with amenities and entertainment options to provide you a cruise to remember.

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Sign up for a cruise with a different company this time, and brace yourself for the new, exciting memories you are about to make. Who knows, you just might find yourself a new ‘favorite’ cruise line – until you can move on to the next one. There are so many options out there, make the most of them!

Going on a cruise will always be an experience to look forward to – whether it’s your first, second, third, even tenth time to go on one. And it can still hold the same level of wonder and excitement as your first one – with a bit of conscious effort and a sense of adventure.

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