What to Do on the Last Sea Day of a Carnival Cruise

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For many passengers, a day at sea is the best day of a cruise vacation, with an entire ship to explore and no rush to join a shore tour or make the most of a few limited hours in a port of call.

On a Carnival cruise, these “Fun Days at Sea” are packed with great activities and plenty of things to do. But when it is the last sea day of a Carnival cruise, what should you make sure to do so you aren’t missing any of the great on board opportunities?

Sea Day Timing

Exactly what you ought to do on a sea day will depend on when that last sea day may be during your cruise. On 3- and 4- night cruises, there is usually only one Fun Day at Sea, and it may be the very first day or the last day of the cruise.

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On longer itineraries, there may be multiple sea days, and the last of those days could be early, late, or even in mid-cruise depending on the ports of call. You can check the itinerary of your ship on Carnival.com, or once you are on board, ask at the Guest Services desk for a complete itinerary.

Occasionally, an itinerary’s order may be changed and sea days could be shifted to accommodate weather patterns, port capacities, or ship limitations, but even if the day itself is changed, the sea day activities, options, and fun will still be part of the daily schedule.

Top 10 Things to Do on Your Last Carnival Cruise Sea Day

No matter when your sea day is scheduled, there are many great options you ought to take advantage of…

1. Sleep In or Take a Snooze

You’ll want to rest up for all the fun on a sea day, and sleeping in can help you do just that. There’s no need to rush to join a shore tour, catch an early tender boat, or quickly get involved, as most shipboard activities don’t start until after 9 a.m.

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If you are a naturally early riser and don’t want to miss a minute, you could visit the gym or join an early workout or stretch class, or just head to the Lido deck for an early riser’s breakfast. You can always take a nap later in the day to recharge!

Carnival Pride Hallway, Cruise Ship Cabins
Photo By: Melissa Mayntz

2. Taste the Sea Day Brunch

For a more unique dining experience, the last sea day is your last opportunity to take advantage of Carnival’s Sea Day Brunch. Held in the main dining room with open seating, this is a delicious option to fuel up for your Fun Day at Sea.

Carnival Lido Dining
Photo By: Russell Otway

The menu includes options not found at the Lido buffet breakfast, and you can also order omelettes, steak-n-eggs, grilled salmon, and other decadent entrees, not to mention desserts and morning cocktails.

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3. Test Your Skills at Mini Golf and Other Athletic Fun

While it may be a bit busier because no one is off the ship, the miniature golf course is usually open longer hours on a sea day, giving you plenty of time to show off your putting skills.

If you prefer other options, all of Carnival’s athletic fun, including the SkyCourse, SkyRide, basketball court, and ping pong tables (options vary by ship) are available for your sea day fun, typically also with longer hours to accommodate everyone on board.

4. Shop ‘Til You Drop

With the Fun Shops open all day, there will be plenty of great sales to take advantage of during your last sea day.

Carnival Cruise Line Passengers
Photo By: Russell Otway

The exact promotions may vary, but t-shirt sales, $10 flash sales, glassware sales, inch-of-gold custom necklace and bracelet sales, as well as great deals on Bella Perlina bracelets and other luxury jewelry and watches are always popular. The selection is best right when the sales begin, so don’t delay or you may not find the sizes or styles you prefer.

5. Win Your Ship on a Stick

The 24-karat-gold-ship-on-a-stick is Carnival’s ultimate souvenir, and the best way to get one is to win one of the many different games on board.

Photo By: Melissa Mayntz

Join in a trivia contest, get a team together for giant Jenga, participate in a scavenger hunt, grab a pen for Pictionary, stretch your brain for Scattergories, or try any of the other fun and games throughout the day. When the ship is in port there will be fewer chances to win and these souvenirs may slip through your fingers.

6. Slip Down the Waterslide

It’s going to get hot on deck during a sunny day at sea, and there’s no better time to take your turn on the Twister Waterslide or visit WaterWorks for multiple slides, fountains, and splish-splashy fun. Minimum height requirements apply for the larger slides, but there is plenty of aquatic fun even for younger cruisers.

5 Cruise Adventures You Don’t Want to Miss Out On
Photo By: Russell Otway

If you prefer more sedate water-going options, don’t miss the pools or whirlpools on board as great ways to get wet.

7. Be Proud of Your Pelt at the Hairy Chest Contest

The famous Hairy Chest Contest is always a sea day favorite and is usually scheduled for the early afternoon of the last sea day. It’s more about attitude than hair, and brave men willing to show off their manliness will complete in several tasks to win the honor of Hairy Chest Champion.

But ladies join in as well, as the all-female judging panel will determine just how worthy each competitor is. This event is always popular – get your lounge chairs or viewing spot by the Lido pool early so you don’t miss out.

8. Grab a Crazy Delicious Lunch

Your last day at sea may be your last opportunity to enjoy the delicious lunch offerings on board. You can always stick with the Lido buffet, deli, or pizza, but why not indulge in one more burger from Guy’s Burger Joint, or try a taco or burrito with fresh homemade salsa from the BlueIguana Cantina?

Guy's Burger Joint
Photo By: Carnival Cruise Line

For a smoky favorite, visit Guy’s Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse, and don’t forget to top off your lunch with soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt from Swirls.

9. Indulge in the Chocolate Extravaganza

Even while you’re enjoying lunch, save room for Carnival’s Chocolate Extravaganza – an all-chocolate, unlimited dessert buffet on the last sea day.

A wide variety of chocolate delights await you, including cakes, handmade ice cream swans, sugared almonds, chocolate dipped orange peel, rum truffles, chocolate mousse, rice pudding, cookies, and more, as well as a luxurious chocolate fountain. From white to milk to dark, all your chocolate fantasies will be fulfilled at this delicious event.

Carnival's Chocolate Extravaganza
Photo By: Melissa Mayntz

10. Go Behind the Fun

One of the best experiences you can have on your last sea day on a Carnival cruise is to join the Behind the Fun tour. This tour is limited to just a few passengers who sign up early, and takes this select group into crew areas as well as other restricted areas of the ship, including the galley, theater prep area, laundry services, engine room, and of course, the bridge.

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The exact length of the tour, areas visited, and per-passenger cost vary based on the ship class, and while cameras are not permitted for security reasons, complimentary photos are part of the tour as well as exclusive treats and souvenirs.

More to Do on an Early Sea Day

While there are plenty of great things to try no matter when your last sea day is scheduled, if the day at sea is early in the cruise, you may also want to take care of some other tasks.

Get acquainted with your ship, make dining reservations for any specialty restaurants, book spa treatments, buy a drink package, and take care of other beginning-cruise tasks to be sure your Carnival cruise vacation is smooth sailing.

More to Do on a Late Sea Day

When a final day at sea is actually the last day of the cruise, it can be a good time to take care of several essential tasks to be sure your debarkation morning is smooth and efficient.

Attend the debarkation talk or watch it on your in-cabin television, and settle your Sail and Sign account if you have a cash balance. Now is also the time to cash out at the casino, and offer extra tips to any crew members who have made your experience extraordinary.

Don’t forget to stop by the photo gallery to purchase any keepsake photos as well, since they may not be available the next morning.

Any day at sea is a great time on a Carnival cruise, with a wide array of activities and events on board. Don’t miss out, and make the most of your Fun Day at Sea by getting involved – it’s your cruise, make it a fun one!

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