Five Cruise Fails You Can Prepare For

We’ve come up with a quick list of those five common cruise fails and how to deal with them for your cruise vacation. Follow these cruise tips to be fully prepared.

A cruise costs way more than what you would usually spend on a little road trip, so it’s ok to have sky-high expectations. Truth is though, no matter how pricey your cruise bookings are, a cruise ‘fail’ can easily ruin the most-awaited trip for you!

We surely don’t want you to lose that precious chance to make good of your cruise, so we’ve come up with a quick list of those five common cruise ‘fails’ and how to deal with them:

Missing Your Ship at the Embarkation Point? No!

This may as well be the biggest ‘fail’ you don’t want to experience. Imagine getting all packed and ready for the ten-day cruise of your dreams. You even had a shot or two of tequila the night before to celebrate the happiness to come.

Ok, so maybe that’s where you went wrong – the shot of alcohol the night before may not be the best idea, especially if you do not live within minutes of the embarkation point.

Missing a cruise ship happens to be one of the most common ‘fails’ though, so making an effort to prevent it is definitely necessary.

If you have to travel or fly in to get to the port, then make the necessary adjustments to your schedule – make it a point to be in the location at least a day early. This way, you get to make allowances for flight delays, traffic jams, and other possible problems that may arise.

Leaving Behind Important Travel Documents. Don’t!

It happens to the best of us. To make sure you have all the travel documents you need, give the cruise line or your travel agent a call a few days before you leave for the embarkation point.

Here are all the packing tips you’ll ever need!

They will be able to give you specifics on what particular documents you need to prepare and bring for your trip. For ships leaving and returning to a US port, your passport may not be necessary. But, it may be a safer call to bring it, along with a government-issued photo ID.

Make sure to pack these travel documents in your carry-on bag, so you can easily get to them if you are requested to present them. You may want to use a durable, waterproof, and sealable envelope too to prevent any unwanted damage to those important papers.

Getting Terribly Seasick. Don’t Worry!

No one wants to hang out inside their cabin, hurling their stomachs out for the entire cruise. But, this is one cruise fail that happens more often than we all want to.

Can it be prevented? Definitely! Getting seasick is a natural reaction of the body in certain individuals, and can be abated with natural remedies too. One of the most popular are green apples and ginger. Pack an apple (or two!) and snack on it for the first hour of your trip. Have ginger tea prepared for you when you get into your cabin

You can also take prescription medicines that will help alleviate nausea and motion sickness. Make sure to check with your doctor about this (especially for kids!) and pack enough to last you for the entire trip.

It also helps to keep yourself in tip-top shape before the trip. Work out, eat healthy, and don’t forget to get enough rest before your ship sails.

A Member of the Crew Was So Rude. Oh No!

Cruise crew members are trained to be accommodating, helpful, and respectful to passengers. But, you may chance upon that occasional one who’s having a bad day (or a bad week) and he or she can easily ruin what is meant to be a blissful trip.

Maybe they totally ignore your requests, or maybe they scoffed at you when you sweetly asked for a refill of your drink.

Whatever ‘slighting’ or incidents of rudeness you encounter, make sure to report it to either the maitre d’ (if it happened in the ship’s restaurants) or the front desk officer as soon as possible.

This way, you resolve things without ruining the rest of your trip. Be firm, but stay agreeable. Accept apologies whenever applicable.

But how do you prepare for this kind of cruise fail? Simple – bring lots of patience, consideration, and respect too. It also helps to know beforehand what does come with your cruise package.

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So many cabin problems. Speak up!

Of course you won’t be staying in the entire cruise, but the wrong bed set-up, a leaky sink, or a faulty air-conditioning system can still spell epic fail for your trip.

How do you avoid all these cabin problems? When booking your cruise, make sure to provide your requests in clear, specific wording. Make sure these are properly documented via email, so any concerned party can easily refer to it.

Upon boarding, check all the nooks and crannies of your cabin. Don’t forget to test light switches, taps, and electronics. The moment you notice something is amiss or is malfunctioning, let your cabin steward know right away.

Your next-door neighbor can also cause a possible cruise fail when they’re too rowdy or loud. Talk to them calmly before things get out of hand. Sometimes, all they need is to be told.

If they simply won’t listen and you feel extremely bothered, take it up with reception. If necessary, they may move you to another cabin.

While you can’t really avoid cruise problems 100%, it helps to prepare and be ready for them. This way, you get your money’s worth, and enjoy the best cruise experience possible.

Christine Antoinette Guinto
Christine Antoinette Guinto
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