Where to Buy Disney Cruise Door Magnets

The online marketplace is a shopper’s heaven nowadays – and that’s good news for those wanting to buy Disney cruise door magnets.

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Decorating your cabin door on a cruise ship is a fun and exciting activity that can make your cruise even more unique, especially when you’re on a Disney Cruise Line ship with so many characters to choose from.

Not only will you get to look at your favorite character every time you return to your stateroom, but you can also take your door magnet home, stick it on your refrigerator, and remember your cruise every time you walk into the kitchen.

But why would you want to buy Disney cruise door magnets in the first place? Decorating your stateroom door helps you engage with the culture of the cities you’re visiting and identifies you and your interests.

Disney Dream in the Bahamas
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In the case of Disney, the fun magnets are really family-friendly and are an excellent way for your kids to bring their imaginations and interests to life. Plus, the Disney Universe is so vast there’s sure to be something for everyone. 

Buying Disney magnets for your cruise ship door lets your door stand out and cements your memories of your Disney cruise. There are many places to find a Disney cruise door magnet, including when you’re on the ship, but we recommend getting something before you go.

Some of Disney’s Favorite Door Magnets

There are many door magnet options when going on a Disney cruise. You can stick with the classics, like Mickey and Minnie magnets, or opt for a classic with a twist, like Pirate Mickey Mouse. You can’t go wrong picking a character from your favorite movie, whether it’s Aladdin, Lilo & Stitch, or The Lion King, or go with The Little Mermaid, Moana, or Frozen to stick with the water theme.

You can even go for a personalized magnet to make your door more special, like a personalized Disney Cruise Cast Member badge or a custom Disney Cruise Family magnet.

Disney Magnet on Door
Disney Door Magnet (Photo Credit: arctic_whirlwind / Shutterstock)

And don’t forget, the Disney Universe has expanded to include Star Wars and Marvel, so you can always add a magnet of Chewbacca, Grogu/Baby Yoda, Iron Man, or Captain America.

Something to keep in mind is that not all cruise ship doors are magnetic. It’s always a good idea to bring along extra adhesive, just in case you need an alternate way to hang up your magnet. Just make sure it won’t damage the surface of the door when you remove it.

Where to Buy Disney Cruise Ship Magnets on Your Disney Cruise

One of the most direct places to buy Disney cruise door decorations and fun magnets is on board your cruise in the gift shop! However, Disney advises that the magnets in the gift shop are pretty generic. 

The other option for your Disney cruise is Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island, where you might be able to find something special. 
Your best bet, though, is to find a Disney magnet for your door decoration before you go.

Disney Cruise Line Silver Anniversary at Sea
Image Courtesy: Disney Cruise Line

Amazon has a vast selection, but you’ll find many unique ideas on Etsy, and you’ll also be supporting a small business. Decorating your cabin door is a fun part of cruising that can make the experience even more special, and it’s better to come prepared than it is to hope you’ll find something special when you’re on the cruise and have limited options.


There are many places to find a Disney magnet to decorate your cruise ship stateroom door on your next Disney cruise. Etsy and Amazon are your best bets if you want to have something when you board, but if you haven’t found something you like, you can always check the Disney Cruise Line gift store or Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island.

Disney cruise door magnets are a fun way to make your family’s trip a little more unique, adding to the sense of togetherness you get while onboard the cruise of a lifetime. You can also take your magnet as a souvenir of your trip and solidify the memories you made onboard. 

Every time you pass by your Disney magnet, you’ll remember your cruise and all the fun times you had.

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