Carnival Cruise Line Reveals New Loyalty Pins

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Carnival Cruise Line has released the first images of the 2024 loyalty pins, collectible gifts given to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond level members of the cruise line’s “Very Important Fun Person” loyalty club.

The designs are quite a departure from the look of the pins in recent years, with a simpler style that evokes the ocean while highlighting the classic Carnival whale tail.

New Loyalty Pins Revealed

Carnival Cruise Line brand ambassador John Heald has announced the new “Very Important Fun Person” (VIFP) club loyalty pin design for 2024, a subtle but lovely style Carnival fans are sure to appreciate.

“Starting in January, all of the ships will be distributing the new Gold and Diamond and Platinum pins for 2024,” Heald said. “The VIFP pins (Diamond and Platinum) will be ship specific. The gold pin is generic, but beautiful still.”

The new design is a simple circle reminiscent of a ship’s porthole, with the year and “VIFP CLUB” on the outer circle. The gold pin just says “CARNIVAL” while the Diamond and Platinum pins will have each individual ship’s name.

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The center of each pin has the classic red, white, and blue Carnival whale tail funnel on the lower right, the instantly recognizable design found on every guest’s Sail-and-Sign card.

New Carnival Cruise Line Pins
New Carnival Cruise Line Pins

The Gold pins feature a stylized sunset (or sunrise) and waves in the background, while the Diamond and Platinum pins – they share the same design – have curving waves in different shades of blue. The Gold-level pins are appropriately gold in color, while the Diamond and Platinum pins are silver.

The pins are complimentary gifts to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond members of the VIFP club on every sailing. Guests can pick up their pins from the Pixels photo gallery onboard, and there is a limit of one per person. Names are checked off a list as guests pick up their pins.

Passengers who are not interested do not need to pick up the pin, but it should be noted that on sailings with a large number of loyalty guests, there have been cases where the supply runs out. This is rare, but travelers who collect the pins will want to be sure to visit the photo gallery early in their sailing to be sure they are able to collect their pin.

It should be noted that the collectible pins are in addition to other VIFP gifts, such as the trio of navy blue, red-trimmed bags that have been distributed in recent months.

Evolution of VIFP Pins

The new, classically simple design is a departure from the more colorful pins Carnival has given to VIFP guests in the past couple of years.

The 2023 Platinum and Diamond design, for example, still features the classic whale tail funnel, but also has a pink flamingo and a palm tree in the background, while the more generic Gold design has the funnel outlined as if in neon on a black background, with “VIFP CLUB” as a stylized neon sign in the background.

Carnival Cruise Line Pins
Carnival Cruise Line VIFP Pins (Photo Credit: Melissa Mayntz / Cruise Hive)

The 2022 design was similarly colorful, with hearts, stars, stripes, and polka dots all incorporated into the Platinum and Diamond pin. The 2022 Gold design was much simpler, with just the funnel and a large VIFP CLUB on the pin.

In past years, the pins have always included the funnel, but have varied with different nautical touches such as stylized waves, portholes, ropes, compasses, and ship’s wheels.

Many loyal Carnival cruisers collect the pins and show them off on every sailing. Popular options include stringing the pins along a lanyard or attaching them to a hat, vest, jacket, beach bag, or other travel gear. Pins can also be attached to luggage, worn on a scarf, or mounted in a display as great momentos of every cruise.

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