Carnival Cruise Line Responds to Concerns on Fans and Vaping

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Carnival Cruise Line has recently responded to passenger concerns regarding the availability of fans in cabins and the policies surrounding vaping on their ships. The issues were brought to light through social media interactions, where passengers voiced their experiences and suggestions.

One guest raised a question about the absence of fans in every cabin, highlighting the inconvenience for those who rely on fans for sleeping. The passenger described an experience from a previous cruise aboard Carnival Celebration where the provided box fan was too large for their interior cabin. They argued that a multi-million-dollar company like Carnival should be able to afford fans for every cabin.

“My wife is a light sleeper and sleeps with a fan every night,” said the guest. “Why can’t they be available on the ships? Having to carry one from home to the ship is not convenient. How about those passengers who fly?”

In response, Carnival explained that while they do have a limited number of fans available for medical and emergency use, providing fans for every cabin would be prohibitively expensive.

Passengers sailing on any one of the cruise line’s fleet of 27 ships are encouraged to bring their own fan. However, the policy states that fan can be no larger than 12 inches and must be packed in carry-on luggage.

Vaping Policies Addressed

Another significant concern was the cruise line’s policy on vaping. A passenger argued that placing vapers in smoking areas is unfair, as vaping is often used as a tool to quit smoking. They cited unsubstantiated evidence showing that vaping has contributed to a significant decline in smoking prevalence in the USA.

“Carnival passengers include hundreds of people who vape,” the letter stated. “Why are they punished by being forced into cigarette smoking areas? Is this the barbaric rule Carnival still has?”

Carnival Cruise Line confirmed that their policy restricts vaping to designated smoking areas. John Heald, brand ambassador for Carnival Cruise Line, said, “Anyone caught vaping in non-smoking areas would be subject to the same consequences as those smoking a cigarette or cigar or pipe.”

John Heald
John Heald

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The cruise line’s official stance on smoking applies to all forms of smoking, which includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and marijuana. 

Anyone smoking in undesignated areas, which includes staterooms and on balconies, may be fined $500 per violation of the policy. The reason behind the strict policy is smoking of any kind is considered a fire hazard.

Cruise ships are confined spaces with flammable materials found in furniture, carpets, and decor. While ships may be large, many enclosed areas, such as cabins, can cause a small fire to spread quickly and cause significant damage. Because ships do not have the benefit of external emergency services, any fire aboard a ship can become a catastrophic event.

Smoking areas can be found across each ship, including ship casinos and designated outdoor smoking areas. Some ships feature special outdoor areas specifically for cigar and tobacco pipes, but no ship offers a dedicated vape zone.

No smoking of any kind is allowed on embarkation and debarkation days, as the ships are refueling. Guests can find Carnival’s designated smoking areas by ship here.

Meanwhile, Heald’s Facebook page continues to be a good source of information. The witty brand ambassador reported he answered 10,000 questions within the last month alone, with fellow Carnival Cruise Line passengers weighing in by the thousands.

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