Carnival Cruise Line Provides Update on Reducing Single-Use Plastics

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Carnival Cruise Line has provided an update on reducing single-use plastics across the fleet, including plastic water bottles.

Carnival Single-Use Plastics Reduction Update

A new update was released from Carnival Cruise Line Ambassador John Heald on reducing single-use plastics across the fleet. This came in response to many asking what the cruise line was doing about ditching plastic water bottles. This was due to rival Norwegian Cruise Line recently announcing it will ditch plastic water bottles across the fleet by January 2020.

Carnival is also planning on ditching plastic water bottles and a further update on this will be released in the future. So here is the updated posted by Heald on single-use plastics:

  • Carnival has already eliminated individual servings of condiments, salad dressing and cereal boxes.
  • The cruise line has done away with single packets of white sugar in the coffee bar and Lido restaurant, and decorative items such as steak temperature markers, drink umbrellas and stir sticks.
  • Toothpicks are now available on a request basis only in the restaurants and soon wood coffee stirrers will be replaced with a metal alternative and bamboo olive picks will be gone.
  • Plastic cups have been replaced with paper cups.
  • Cups with hot beverages are served with a cardboard lid and cold beverages, like milkshakes, do not have a lid.
  • Already some changes have been made regarding plastic straws.
  • Drinks in souvenir glasses are now served with reusable, hard plastic, dishwasher safe straws.
  • Frozen drinks and milkshakes are served with edible straws.
    In the upcoming weeks, Carnival will stop serving plastic straws.
  • Carnival is phasing out single-use amenity bottles of shampoo and body wash as we have installed bulk dispensers in all stateroom bathrooms, including suites.
  • In all of our suites, we will be featuring wonderful Elemis products which will be fleetwide in a few days.
  • There will be no more balloon drops. Biodegradable streamers will be used inside the ship at certain events when the team can pick them up and dispose of them properly.

It’s great that cruise lines are pushing forward in protecting the environment and the reduction will continue. Carnival has appreciated guests for welcoming the changes which will not impact the fun passengers are having onboard.

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