Are Changes Coming to Carnival Cruise Line’s Signature Dessert?

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Carnival Cruise Line’s signature dessert, its exquisite warm melting chocolate cake, may be undergoing some changes. Guests onboard various ships in recent weeks have reported different sizes and shapes of the wildly popular dessert, which may indicate some testing for changes in the coming months.

Changes Spotted to Melting Chocolate Cake

Frequent Carnival Cruise Line guests know there is no more decadent dessert onboard than the cruise line’s signature Carnival Melting Chocolate Cake, a rich ramekin of molten lusciousness topped with a dusting of powdered sugar and served with a side of vanilla ice cream.

Traditionally served in white ceramic ramekins, the cake can range from a very fluid warm lava to more fully cooked, spongy cake. For most guests, the proverbial sweet spot is somewhere in between, with a bit of firmer cake on the outer edges, a slight crust to break through, and a center filled with oozing, ooey-gooey sweetness.

Onboard different ships recently, however, guests have been surprised to find their melting chocolate cakes dramatically reduced in size and now served in significantly smaller dishes, only slightly larger than the ice cream scoops that traditionally accompany the cake.

Another variation that has been spotted is the cake served in more of an oblong, oval-shaped dish, much shallower than the classic ramekin.

The different dishes have been spotted recently on Carnival Magic, Carnival Glory, Carnival Horizon, and Mardi Gras, and may also be in use on other ships across the fleet.

Why Does Size Matter?

Different dishes and dish sizes can make a significant difference in how these delicious cakes are baked. Smaller or flatter dishes, which contain less batter, could be more easily overcooked, losing the “melting” quality so key for the outstanding dessert. This can lead to great inconsistency in the cake’s texture, which can be disappointing to some guests.

At the same time, smaller dishes may be welcome to other passengers as a means to better help with portion control of a dessert that undoubtedly contains a frightening number of calories. These cakes include both semi-sweet chocolate and milk chocolate, as well as additional sugar, butter, eggs, and flour, not to mention the ice cream the dessert is served with.

Carnival Melting Chocolate Cake
Carnival Melting Chocolate Cake (Photo Credit: Carnival Cruise Line)

Depending on overall portion size and the exact ingredients used, one serving of Carnival Melting Chocolate Cake can have as many as 800 or more calories, according to the cruise line’s recipe.

With smaller servings, conscientious guests can still indulge in this phenomenal treat without going overboard, and there may be less food waste as a result, which can lead to savings for the cruise line.

Of course, it is also possible that the recent sightings of different dishes and dessert sizes are simply coincidence, with different ships having a variety of dishes on hand and using what is available to ensure all guests can enjoy this amazing treat. Carnival Melting Chocolate Cake is featured nightly on the Main Dining Room dessert menu on every vessel in the Carnival fleet.

The Perfect Carnival Melting Chocolate Cake

There are simple ways to ensure you get the perfect Carnival Melting Chocolate Cake whenever you set sail. First, if you have a preference for firmer or meltier cakes, simply let your server know with a polite request, and they will try to get you the perfectly cooked cake for your tastes.

Carnival's Chocolate Melting Cake
Video Footage By: John Heald

While the cake is traditionally served with vanilla ice cream, you can also request different sides. If you enjoy Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, for example, ask for a side of peanut butter with your melting cake for a gourmet take that will astound your taste buds. If you want a bit more chocolate (there’s no such thing as too much!), you can ask for chocolate ice cream on the side.

Want a bit more cake to enjoy? You can always order two as there is no charge for multiple desserts, unlike the surcharge for additional entrees. If one serving is a bit much, however, you can always share the treat with someone special.

Personally, I prefer a middle-of-the-road cake, firm on the outside but still wonderfully melty on the inside, with the classic vanilla ice cream as a flavor and temperature contrast. While one is enough for me each evening, I can’t help but enjoy several during every Carnival cruise!

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