10 Popular Cruise Activities for Kids of All Ages

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It’s time for you and your family to take that well-deserved vacation. Since you’ll be traveling with kids, and you value convenience, you’ve decided to book a trip on a cruise ship.

Perhaps you’ve yet to travel on a cruise ship before. Maybe you have, but you’ve never gone on a cruise ship with kids before. To start, make sure you get the best deal on your cruise vacation by checking out this article.

You might not know exactly how the kids will spend their time, and that’s okay. Both you and the kids deserve to make the most of the trip.

The good news is that you’ve come to the right place by reading this article. There are tons of cruise activities for passengers of all ages. Detailed below are ten cruise activities for the kids you’ll be bringing.

1. Check Out the Kids-Only Zones

When you book a cruise, the first thing you should do is research the kids-only zones onboard. There should be plenty of options – especially if you book a more family-oriented cruise like Disney offers.

These zones are truly kids-only. That’s because they’re basically huge playgrounds that only kids can navigate for purposes of safety. Letting your kids loose in these areas for a couple of hours will be a great way for them to spend some of their endless, youthful energy.

2. Some Cruises Have Mini Golf

Not every cruise has this convenience, but some do, which is perfect for families. It’s an activity that everyone in your family can enjoy, though sometimes there is an extra fee involved. Just make sure you research beforehand.

3. Let Them Loose in a Video Arcade

Going on vacation with kids can be difficult without the typical amount of “screen time” they’re used to these days. Fortunately, many family-oriented cruises have indoor video arcades for them to explore. Plus, it allows them to get their fix if they need one, allowing you guys to enjoy plenty of other non-digital activities throughout the rest of your trip.

4. Take Them To See a Movie Onboard

Some cruise ships are simply huge. They might even be overwhelming to behold sometimes. That’s because with the growth of the vacation industry, cruise ships have to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of entertainment Americans tend to expect.

Some of these larger ones have a built-in movie theater onboard that shows a variety of films throughout the duration of the cruises. A lot of the time, they’ll offer specific movies for kids and families to enjoy. Take a look at the schedule of movies played during your upcoming trip to see what might suit your family.

5. Explore the Water-Based Cruise Activities

It’s difficult to find a cruise ship these days without at least one large swimming pool. For family-oriented cruises, there are often even waterparks with slides and such. (Fortunately, there are hot tubs nearby a lot of the time for the parents to enjoy, too.)

Your kids will love splashing around in the pool areas onboard, even with the availability of beaches whenever the cruise goes to port. Make sure you pack your sunscreen, though!

6. Cruises Often Have Scheduled Events for Kids

If you’re booking a trip that already caters to families with young children, you should research the events the trip will be offering. There should be plenty of options for you all to choose from. Things like pajama parties or simple sports competitions might be fun for at least one of the kids you’ll be bringing!

7. Carnival Cruises Have a Build-A-Bear Workshop at Sea

Whatever you do, make sure you do plenty of research of your cruise ship’s amenities once you book it. Different cruise lines offer different activities entirely.

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For example, Carnival cruises have partnered with Build-A-Bear to offer workshops during your trip. Your kids might have been to one of these stores on land before, which means they’ll really get a kick out of one on the ocean.

8. Some Cruises Have Game Shows or Other Entertainment

You might be surprised to know that many cruise lines offer a variety of live entertainment your family can enjoy. Carnival, for example, has a regular game show that your kids will love. There might also be magic shows or other forms of live entertainment.

Cruises essentially have endless possibilities when it comes to activities for your kids. The industry as a whole generates around $39 billion in a single year. It’s clear that cruises have plenty of resources to keep you and your highly active kids engaged throughout your trip.

9. There Are Usually Family-Oriented Classes

Cruises are known for offering all kinds of events, programming, workshops, and classes onboard. Family-oriented cruise lines are no exception.

Check out the classes that your cruise trip will be offering, and see which ones your family might prefer. There are all kinds of crafting classes, from knitting to painting. It’ll be up to you to do the research, though.

10. Don’t Forget About Babysitting Programming

At the end of the day, you want to be able to make the most of your vacation. As much as you love your kids, you’ll likely want to spend some time separate from them. Check to see what kind of programming is available in the evenings for you and your partner to enjoy a date night to yourselves.

In fact, only around 24% of the United States have gone on a cruise, but they really are perfect for families for this reason and many others. Don’t miss out!

Continue To Stay Informed

By now, you should have a good idea of what cruise activities will suit the kids you’ll be traveling with. You should be ready and excited for this adventure you all have in store.

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We know how important it is to make the most of your cruise adventures. That’s why we do our best to bring you all of the relevant guidance about ships, ports, and activities. We encourage you to check out the rest of our articles to ensure you and your family are fully prepared to set off.

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