10 Items You Never Thought To Take on a Cruise

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We’ve all done those searches on help and suggestions for what to pack for a cruise vacation. What we haven’t done is take a look at things which can make a difference and we never thought about taking.

I was just doing some general browsing online and came across some inspiring products which really could come in handy during the cruise. So I decided to put together a list of 10 items which would be great to pack and what you may have never thought of.

Don’t expect your usual common items in the list below. We’ve gone a step further by digging out items which are easy to use recommended on Amazon and pretty cool to use. Let’s get started.

Foot Pads

This item was actually my inspiration for doing this list and they are even made of biodegradable material so have a limited impact on the environment. A foot Pad can be worn on the beach during a port of call to protect from the often sizzling hot sand and in the water too. They can be used for many situations including walking around the cruise ship lido deck as they are non-slippy.

I wouldn’t use these for other shore excursions away from the beach or walking too much around the ship in them but definitely worth packing as they take up hardly any space. You can get them from Amazon here.

Foldable Umbrella Cap

Everyone thinks a cruise vacation is all sun, sand, and sea but that isn’t true all the time! It does actually rain sometimes, even when your ship is docked in port for the day. What better reason to pack the Umbrella Cap right?

The Umbrella Cap which I’m suggesting today comes in yellow and blue. It feels like a regular rain hoody but actually protects the body from rain and it’s totally handsfree. It can be pushed down flat when not in use so can lay flat not taking up much room in the luggage. Go and take a look here.

Sneaker Raincoats

Not sure why I’m continuing with rain on a cruise! To be prepared for bad weather in port then you’ll appreciate these sneaker raincoats. The last thing you want is your shiny new shoes getting wet and dirty.

The raincoats for your shoes could also be used if on any Jungle adventure and you want to protect them from any potential mud or stains. These are the ones we suggest to buy.

Colorful LED Lanyard

Many cruise passengers use lanyards during the cruise because they keep the keycards safe along with any cash and some other things. A cruise line lanyard can easily be purchased at the onboard shops and will usually have a logo design.

Don’t follow the trend and be like your fellow guests, get some attention with a Colorful LED lanyard. The only downside is that everyone is going to ask you where you got it from! Get yours right here.

Waterproof Case

Probably one of the most essential items on the list, a waterproof case which can protect one of the most important gadgets a guest would ever take on a cruise – a cell phone! The pouch on this list can be used for any phone, you can actually get iPhone specific cases right here.

What’s good about these kind cases is that you can also put money and any important cards inside. Good for going in the water or even protected from the sand. You can find out more by clicking here.

Handheld Cool Air Fan

Let’s focus on this device which can keep us cool during those hot sea days at the pool and in port. There are many handheld fans out there and some even spray water. The issue with the water spraying is that it only lasts a few minutes and can leak, I bought one a couple of years so trust me on that! I think it’s been thrown out now.

With the air fan I’m including on this list it has three-speed settings which can be useful. I also really liked the wristband part so good for carrying out during the vacation. It can hang up easily in the cabin too. Do take a more detailed look here.

Wrinkle Releaser

Maybe not the most impressive item on the list but sure is one of the most important which cruisers wish they had packed. There have been many times when I’ve been on a cruise vacation a found my clothes to wrinkled, some pretty bad!

Some cruise lines do provide laundry rooms onboard which do include an iron but it can be an inconvenience. When you’ve just come back onboard from an epic day on the island and need to get ready for dinner there is never any time to get to the laundry room and let alone find it.

This is where the small travel sized Downy spray comes in. It takes up a small amount of space in the luggage and not just removes wrinkles but also freshens up clothes. Get your on Amazon here.

Travel Toiletry Organizer

If you’re a cruise addict then no doubt you’ve seen those hanging closet organizers for the cabin. What I haven’t seen before is something similar for toiletries and even cosmetics. Cruisers can use this organizer by hanging it up in the bathroom which is often small on cruise ships unless you’re lucky enough to be booked in a suite. Take a look at Amazon.

Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

Depending on the shore excursion and the region your are taking a cruise vacation mosquitos can be a bit of an issue. You can use mosquito spray and the general bug repellant but they can smell and be an inconvenience to use.

These bracelets fit in well during the cruise and can be worn all the time to make sure you’re always protected. The bands are also waterproof which is very important for the ship pool and the beach in port. Find more details over here.

Travel Zip Scarf

This isn’t just a fashionable scarf which can be worn around the ship, it’s also able to hold some essential items. The zipped pocket is large enough to hold an iPhone or passport and can be kept secret and safe while wearing it.

The scarf comes in many different designs and colors so is worth a look not just for yourself but for someone you know who likes to travel and cruise. Find out more here.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found the list useful and at least one of the items could benefit your cruise vacation experience. Just remember to make sure you don’t over pack and keep things limited.

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Most of them we featured will take up hardly any space and can be used again on not just a cruise but other types of travel too. If you want to check our full packing list to help you prepare then just head over here.

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