Cruise News Carnival Cruise Line Two Retired Carnival Cruise Ship Recycling and Dismantling Details

Two Retired Carnival Cruise Ship Recycling and Dismantling Details

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Carnival has announced details on Carnival Fantasy and Carnival Inspiration dismantling and recycling in Turkey.

Carnival Fantasy and Carnival Inspiration Recycling Details

Carnival has announced an agreement so that two of its retired Fantasy-class cruise ships can be dismantled and recycled responsibly. Specialists EGE CELIK and SIMSEKLER will take apart the two vessels at the ship-breaking facility in Aliaga, Turkey.

Carnival Corp has been working with Bellona Foundation which a lead partner in the NGO Shipbreaking Platform and SEA2Cradle to come up with an approach to safely and sustainably recycle both cruise ships.

Bill Burke, chief maritime officer for Carnival Corporation, said:

“Our highest responsibility and top priorities are compliance, environmental protection, and the health, safety and well-being of our guests, the communities we visit and our crew.”

“That commitment extends to our cruise ships, starting from the moment a ship becomes part of our fleet and continuing all the way through to its retirement. In addition to limiting our vessels’ impact on the environment throughout their service time in our fleet, recycling our retired ships following the European Ship Recycling Regulation ensures we are applying the highest global standards and contributing to a sustainable cruise industry.”

The recycling companies will formulate a Ship Recycle Plan for each vessel – Carnival Fantasy and Carnival Inspiration – that goes beyond what is required by consulting with Carnival Corporation’s advisor Sea2Cradle to ensure optimal compliance with key national and international environmental standards.

Each plan will include a complete inventory of hazardous and regulated materials and the procedures planned for safely removing and processing the materials in an environmentally friendly way. Once these materials are safely removed and processed, the companies will begin dismantling each ship.

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Ships will be stripped of machinery, electronic equipment, glass, wood and other materials that can be directly upcycled for reuse in new ships, used in ship repair or repurposed for other applications. Steel and metal scraps will be salvaged and recycled for direct use or be sent to the mill for producing other products and goods.

Working on behalf of Carnival Corporation and as an added assurance, Sea2Cradle will supervise ship dismantling and recycling at the demolition yards throughout the entire process to ensure the highest health, safety and environmental standards are maintained.

Sea2Cradle estimates that a significant percentage of the ship materials from both vessels will be reused, reclaimed or recycled.

Cruise Hive has already posted on the Carnival Fantasy recently being beached at Aliaga and as we write this, the Carnival Inspiration is just off the coast and will also soon be beached. Both ships have been sold for scrap due to the health crisis and the impact on the cruise industry.

Photo Via: Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Fantasy at Aliaga

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Carnival Fantasy at Aliaga
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