It Isn’t A Cruise Until You Do These 5 Things

These five things we're looking at have been part of cruising since the beginning, it isn't a cruise until you actually complete all of these!

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I’ve been on many cruises and worked on many ships and you might think that it’s just like taking a holiday at a resort on land. Well, you’re wrong. A cruise is something unique and special which can cater to any traveler and it isn’t a cruise until you experience these core aspects of cruising.

It Isn’t a Cruise Until You Do These

Today I’m going to look at some of those things which make cruising memorable and are part of the core cruising culture. No matter how much cruise lines are evolving the five things we’re looking at today have been part of cruising since the beginning minus the modern additions.

Watch A Sunset

Carnival Cruise Ship Sunset
Photo By: Russell Otway (For Cruise Hive Only)

Watching a sunset while onboard a ship takes it to an all new level. You can get a good sunset view on land but on the ocean, it’s a moment never to forget. I’m pretty sure when booking that cruise of a lifetime a sunset view was one of the things in your thoughts.

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There are several ways to really capture that iconic sunset at sea, one of the best ways is to sit back and relax on the cabin balcony with a glass of wine. Watch the vessel depart port as the sun sets or simply as the ship sails at sea. Another way is to take a stroll with your loved one or friends and watch as the sun sets while on the open deck.

Walk The Promenade

All the action usually takes place on most ships on the promenade. The area is where all the bars and restaurants are based. If you’ve never taken a walk along this active area then you really haven’t experienced the cruise. The promenade is where cruisers can get involved and take in the cruise atmosphere. For single cruisers, it’s a great way to meet other passengers.

Take A Swim

Photo By: Russell Otway

You can take a swim on land but taking a swim onboard is just something else! When swimming on the ship or even taking a dip in the jacuzzi cruisers will be met with bar staff offering drinks, a mingle with fellow guests and a chance to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Cruisers can even watch a movie on the big screen.

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Where the main swimming pool is located the cruise ship entertainment department will usually put on some fun in the sun games and then shows in the evening. Some of the games and activities offered onboard are in the pool so it’s a great way to keep active.

Watch A Show

Cruise ships are famous for grand Broadway, West End, and Las Vegas-style shows. These take place in the evening in the main show lounge and have been a part of cruise culture from the early days. Watching a show onboard is a must do, it wouldn’t be a cruise if you didn’t. There are usually several different types of shows throughout the voyage so it’s always best to check the schedule to see which one would suit you.

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Eat In The Dining Room

There are tons of different dining venues all around most ships, you’ll get to experience international cuisines like never before. Cruisers will also be able to dine by themselves or with friends and family at the ships dining room. The dining room onboard is usually included in the cruise fee but guests really should tip their waiters at the end of the voyage.

In the dining room, cruisers will get the chance to eat amazing steaks and lobsters in an amazing dining room venue. On some ships like Carnival Cruise Line, the dining staff will even put on a performance. Without experiencing the ships own dining room the cruise wouldn’t be complete.

The point of this article is to make sure you enjoy your next cruise vacation and don’t miss out on any of the five experiences above. Each of them will be so good no matter what ship you’re on and they are part of the cruise culture. Feel free to browse more cruise tips to make sure you have a spectacular cruise.

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