7 Unusual Things You Can Do On A Cruise Ship

New cruise ships are coming out with new features that you might not expect to see so here are some unusual things you can do on a cruise.

Cruising just about relaxing – right? Sitting by the pool sunning yourself, and drinking something cold appears to be the order of the day. Well, that’s not strictly true. Excitement’s yours for the taking if you’re after a thrill…

Even if you love gently toasting in the sun and thinking idle thoughts, you can’t deny the odd spot of adrenaline does wonders for your outlook. There’s a whole lot more to cruising than dressing for dinner and a quiet game of bowls; here are seven unusual ways to amuse yourself on your next voyage.


Well, not actual skydiving – that might be impossible. But if you’re traveling on one of Royal Caribbean’s innovative Quantum-class ships, you’re in luck. These state-of-the-art cruisers have skydiving simulators, so you can effectively free-fall at sea.

Ripcord By iFLY
Photo By: Royal Caribbean

After a quick briefing, you’ll be kitted out with a flight suit, goggles, and helmet. Then you screw your courage to the sticking place and leap into a glass-enclosed 23-foot high vertical wind tunnel.

The dive’s only a minute long – but it’s more than enough time to relish the sensation of falling without falling, and even catch some great ocean views. Here’s the best part. After your dive finishes, your instructor might be tempted to show you a few tricks, so it’s always worth asking if they’ll show you some aerial moves.

Drink In An Ice Bar

Heat getting too much for you? If you’re on the Norwegian Getaway cruise ship, you can cool off in their ice bar. It’s kept at a frosty -8C, but don’t be alarmed – you’ll be given thermal gear before you’re let in.

Ice Bar
The Ice Bar, first featured on Norwegian Epic

While you’re sipping on your beverage, take a look at the ice sculptures. There are plenty of Miami-themed pieces, inspired by the ship’s home port, including the Ocean Drive skyline. There are even palm trees etched on the walls and a life-size throne, styled to look like an alligator.

If you’ve tried other ice bars around the world, don’t be discouraged; this one is well worth a visit. Just make sure you take advantage of the colorful cocktails on offer – they’re absolutely delicious.

Make Dinnertime A Circus

If you’ve always wanted an interactive supper, book your space at Norwegian Epic’s Cirque Dreams & Dinner. After being seated in the intimate theatre with your dining companion, dinner is served, as skilled acrobats and contortionists entertain you.

MSC Cruises
(PRNewsFoto/MSC Cruises USA)

Their talents are diverse – as well as singing, acting and dancing, be prepared for hula hooping, aerial tricks and flamboyant costumes. It’s not just the acts who display considerable skill – watch your waiting staff carefully negotiate their way around the action.

Try A Strange Spa Treatment

Carnival’s cruise ships pride themselves on being ahead of the curve, and their beauty treatments are no exception. Passengers can treat themselves to facials, manicures and massages – but there are unconventional treatments on the menu, such as colon therapy and acupuncture.

Fancy something a little less taxing? Many guests plump for cellulite reduction – or teeth whitening.

Fly (on a zip-line)

If you’re lucky enough to be on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class ships, don’t bother walking – just fly from A to B. Their zip-lines are hugely popular and allow you to see the ship – and the surrounding views – from nine decks up.

Harmony of the Seas

After strapping on a harness and checking your shoes are on tightly tied, you can soar through the air 82 feet across the atrium. Try not to scream – it’s off-putting for everyone waiting behind you.

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Ride Bumper Cars And Roller-Skate

There’s no stopping Royal Caribbean – as well as zip lines and skydiving, they also offer bumper car rides. Its fun-filled indoor active space, SeaPlex, lets you zoom into your friends and family on their bumper cars. You can even roller-skate on their specially-built rink.

Bumper Cars
Photo By: Simon Brook-Webb Photography & Royal Caribbean

The soundtrack to your fun is provided by a DJ in a floating booth, and there’s even a food truck if you get peckish. Just don’t overdo it before trying something strenuous.

Walk The Plank

Avast, me hearties! If you’ve always been a fan of the pirate lifestyle, here’s your chance to get a real taste of life at sea. Passengers on Norwegian getaway can walk the plank – all eight feet of it.

The Plank
Photo By: NCL

Of course, it’s totally secure and you’re tied to a harness – but if you’re fearful of heights, this might not be for you. Your moment of bravery will be captured when you reach the end of the plank, and your photo will be taken. Well, it’s one way to show the folks back home your holiday pushed you to the limit.

Planning on showing the world you’re a daredevil at sea? If you accidentally lose your wallet overboard during a high-speed zip-lining session, you can carry on having a fabulous time. Columbus Direct’s cruise holiday insurance will be on hand to cover you. We’ll help you replace any lost cash, up to £2,500.

Haiyan Ma
Haiyan Ma
I absolutely love cruising with my favorite ports of call being in the Caribbean. As a former crew member for Disney Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival Cruise Line I can continue my passion by sharing my experiences with readers. Find out more about us here.


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