How to Get Your Photo on the Carnival Pixels Wall

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Photos are essential souvenirs for any cruise vacation, and the snapshots, panoramics, and selfies you take are perfect to share on social media, add to your personal albums, and document all the great cruise memories you’ve made.

If you want more professional photos, however, you’re in luck – cruise ships have a dedicated staff of experienced photographers and onboard photo labs to process and print every memorable moment. Carnival Cruise Line goes one step further, however, and your professional photo could turn you into a vacation celebrity if you make it on The Wall.

What Is the Photo Wall?

The Wall is a fun feature of the Pixels Gallery on every Carnival ship. Pixels is the onboard photo studio and is responsible for all professional photos on board, from embarkation and gangway photos to dining room photos, fun shots on deck, casual backdrops, and formal poses, including the elegant stairway poses and black-and-white photos. There are no sitting fees for any photos and no obligation to purchase any photos you have taken.

The only exception is for private sessions through the Dreams Studio, which include more unique around-the-ship photo locations and more detailed post-processing for the very best results. Dreams Studios sessions have only limited availability and prices vary.

Carnival Cruise Line Pixels Photo Wall
Photo Credit: Melissa Mayntz

The Wall is a fun showcase of Pixels Gallery photos, with 8-12 photos highlighted at once in the “Frame of Fame.” Different photo sizes and both landscape and portrait orientations are part of The Wall, and the ship’s photographers choose which photos make this exclusive display.

If your photo is showcased on The Wall, you get that photo print for free!

Making the Carnival Pixels Wall

Getting your photo on The Wall is all about fun. While the photographers select which photos make The Wall, you can make your photo stand out for recognition in several ways.

First, simply take a lot of photos. The more you are noticed, the more likely it is that your photo will appear in one of the coveted spots on The Wall. If you don’t take any, there is no chance your photo will be selected.

Get into the fun of each pose, using any available props and striking an appropriate pose. The more enthusiasm and enjoyment you show in your photo, the more likely you are to become a cruise celebrity.

Carnival Cruise Line Pixels Photo Wall
Photo Credit: Melissa Mayntz

If you have your own props, such as a sombrero for a Mexican backdrop, Hawaiian shirts on a Hawaiian cruise, or fun souvenirs from your latest shore tour, put them to good use with your photos.

Keep your poses, props, and photo fun family-friendly. Inappropriate photos will not make The Wall, and photos that could be considered grossly offensive may not be printed at all, or the ship’s photographers may refuse to take such a photo.

Finally, smile! You’re on vacation and having fun, and let that enjoyment show in your smiles. Fun, enthusiastic photos are the ones most likely to make The Wall.

Claiming Your Free Photo

Check The Wall each day to see what new photos have been added. As photos are claimed and more spots open up on The Wall, new photos will be available and you might find yourself cruise-famous.

Carnival Cruise Line Pixels Photo Wall
Photo Credit: Melissa Mayntz

If you do spot your photo on The Wall, rejoice! You can leave the photo on display if you like, or you can claim it right away. Simply ask one of the staff on duty when the Pixels Gallery is open, and let them know you’ve made The Wall. They will collect your photo and package it in a stiff envelope so it stays in good shape, and it’s yours to keep.

There is no charge for any photo of yours that has made The Wall, and you do not need to make any other purchases at the photo gallery before or after your moment in the spotlight.

It is polite if you claim your photo the same day, giving more people the opportunity to have their own chance at the Frame of Fame. While claimed spaces may remain blank until the next round of photos is processed, they will eventually be refilled.

Carnival Cruise Ship Sunset
Photo Credit: Russell Otway

There is no set schedule for refilling photos on The Wall, nor any minimum requirement for how many photos must be featured on any given cruise. In general, longer cruises with more photo opportunities will likely have more photos featured as earlier shots are claimed.

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If you know how best to take advantage of every photo opportunity and enjoy every click-worthy moment of your cruise, you just might see yourself on The Carnival Pixels Wall!

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