Everything You Need to Know About Crafts at Sea

Guide on doing arts and crafts during a cruise vacation. What might be needed when it comes to a project such as cross stitch and painting along with tips.

Crafts – beading, jewelry making, cross stitch, scrapbooking, crocheting, and more – don’t have to be just stay-at-home projects. If you enjoy crafts as a way to relax, why not enjoy them on your vacation? More and more cruise lines are offering craft projects on board as fun, engaging activities for all ages, and dedicated crafters can always bring their own projects along to relax during their cruise vacation.

Craft Activities at Sea

Many different cruise lines are offering craft activities on board, with different options available for all ages. While the exact projects will vary depending on the cruise line, sailing itinerary, and port destinations, different craft options are becoming more popular with passengers.

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Projects such as key chains, beaded bracelets, paracord bracelets, cross stitch pictures, custom door hangars, charm bracelets, decorated flip flops, scrapbook pages, seashell photo frames, and painting canvases are all fun activities.

Some activities may only be offered in children’s or teen programs, while others are available for all passengers to enjoy. Check the daily newsletter for the times and locations of craft projects, but be aware that most projects are only offered one time per cruise. Different activities on other days are likely to be completely different projects, so don’t miss all the fun opportunities to try new crafts throughout your cruise.

In general, projects can be completed in an hour or less, and before you know it you’ll have a hand-made souvenir to remember all the fun of your cruise vacation.

Most cruise activity craft projects are free of charge, with all materials and instructions provided, though some more complicated projects may have nominal fees that will be disclosed before you begin.

Craft-Themed Cruises

If you want even more craft-oriented fun on your cruise vacation, why not consider a specialized craft-themed cruise? These specialty sailings offer more detailed enjoyment of a popular craft, such as beading, knitting, scrapbooking, quilting, stamping, or cross stitch.

Craft-themed cruises can be found on all types of cruise ships, including both ocean liners and river cruises, and different lines offer may craft themes throughout the year while visiting a variety of destinations and ports of call.

On a themed cruise, crafting passengers can sharpen or expand their skills with expert lectures and personalized instruction, and there may be an exclusive project available for passengers to complete. Designers and retailers may be on board and offer talks and tips, and there may also be specialty excursions such as to a local craft museum, factory, or other craft-related attraction.

While all passengers are welcome on craft-themed sailings, guests interested in joining the craft activities may need to pay additional fees for that specialized access. Guests who do not want to join the crafting activities do not pay the theme-related fees.

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Bringing Your Own Crafts on a Cruise

You can easily make any cruise vacation a crafting voyage if you bring your own projects along when you set sail. While there are plenty of activities to do on board – including craft projects – passengers are always welcome to bring their own projects.

To safeguard your carefully crafted work, however, it is best to double-check lists of prohibited travel items on the ship, as well as on airlines if you will be flying before or after your cruise, to be sure no materials or supplies might be confiscated.

If you need large needles or hooks such as knitting needles or crochet hooks, for example, plastic or wooden tools are safer for travel and less likely to cause any confusion or difficulties with security precautions.

This travel sewing kit might come in handy for the cruise.

Bring along disposable supplies if possible, such as copies of charts or patterns rather than originals, and leave behind any supplies you won’t be needing during your cruise, such as finishing details when you’re only just starting the project.

If you have heirloom supplies, such as a pair of sewing scissors or snips passed down from a favorite relative, it may be best to leave them at home and bring along less expensive, more readily disposable options just in case.

All sharp parts of your project, such as needles and scissors, should be securely wrapped and kept safely fastened so they pose no risk to security inspectors or baggage handlers.

Similarly, any paints, glues, or other materials that might spill should be stored tightly closed and layered with protection so there is no risk for damage, and you should bring along the smallest quantities possible to save room in your luggage and be sure no supplies are wasted or over travel allowances.

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For more convenience, store your entire project in a clear bag or case that can be easily examined in case there are any questions or concerns.

With care and proper precautions, you can easily bring along your favorite craft projects on your cruise, turning any voyage into your very own craft-themed sailing.

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